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Davis and Shirtliff image
Davis and Shirtliff
Water treatment and Sanitation
Lusaka +6
Davis & Shirtliff offers cost-effective water treatment solutions for domestic and commercial purposes, dealing with suspended solids, salinity, hardness, trace elements and bacteria. It works with world-renowned suppliers including Dow and So-Safe. It also supplies specialized chemicals for use in water treatment systems.
Zulu Burrow Consulting Ltd image
The civil engineering department of Zulu Burrow Consulting has also been involved in water and infrastructure projects comprising feasibility studies, designs, documentation and supervision. The company has recently undertaken a number of Institutional reviews of schools, colleges, health centres, hospitals and municipal premises to assess the state of civil installations and to recommend rehabilitation or reconstruction of the various amenities.
Chemical and Engineering Supplies Ltd (Saro) image
Chemical and Engineering Supplies offer a range of products for the treatment of drinking water and swimming pools, specifically water treatment chemicals and dosing pumps. The team at Chemical and Engineering Supplies offers advice to guide clients on what particular chemicals they need. The company carries high stock levels.
Simply Red Industrial & Agro Ltd image
Simply Red Industrial & Agro Ltd
Water reticulation
Simply Red offers a wide range of Roto moulded tanks and other water storage solutions - vertical and horizontal cylindrical water tanks, underground water storage tanks, booster pumps, septic tanks, pressure boosting sets and tank stands. The company can design and develop custom water reticulation systems for clients.
MM Integrated Steel Ltd image
MM Integrated Steel Ltd
Water storage
MM Integrated Steel is one of the leading suppliers in Zambia of 100% FDA-approved water tanks. Located in Lusaka, off Mumbwa Road, the company manufactures good quality affordable water tanks for various sectors of the economy – domestic, rural, agricultural, commercial, construction and industrial.
ETG Cure Chem Zambia Ltd image
ETG Cure Chem Zambia Ltd
Water treatment & Sanitation
ETG Cure Chem Zambia has partnered with M/S Thermax of India to provide chemicals for domestic, industrial, commercial and municipal water treatment. Thermax is among the biggest names in the water treatment business and is technically geared to design solutions that meet any water treatment requirements.
Aquaquest Ltd image
Aquaquest Ltd
Borehole Siting & Water Resources Assessments
Any new development, be it a small or large commercial farm, an industrial development or a residential property, generally starts with the identification of a suitable water source. Aquaquest can assist with this by assessing the groundwater and surface water potential of an area.
Greywater Recycling
Rainwater harvesting
During the rainy season, rainwater is collected from the roof of the Mama Betty building, which has a surface area of 600sqm, collecting approximately 30 cubic meters of water per minute during a heavy storm. The rainwater is collected through a gutter and downpipes, located along the rear of the Mama Betty building. The water is stored in eight 12,000-liter tanks in our rainwater harvesting tank bank. The water is used in the toilets of the Mama Betty building and in the garden irrigation system.
Nemchem International
Water treatment chemicals and services
Lusaka +6
Nemchem International supplies water treatment chemicals and equipment, and consultancy services to domestic and commercial users - for drinking water and water used in industrial processes. Clients include Mopani Copper Mines and University Teaching Hospital.
Village Water
Water and sanitation consultants
Village Water provides water and sanitation consultancy services to individuals, as well as private and public institutions. This organisation is committed to developing integrated systems adapted to each water project. Village Water possess immense expertise in managing various water and sanitation projects from start to finish.
Conmach Machinery Pty Ltd
Water and sewage pipe making machinary
Conmach Machinery supply an extensive range of concrete pipe making machines and concrete man hole making machines. This company is able to supply special designs and productions according to customers demands. They also provide improved after sales services and spare part support.
Kawanaki Investments Ltd
Water treatment and Sanitation
Kawanaki Investments is dedicated to providing pool service maintenance to commercial and residential pools. The company also offers water testing and balancing treatment and complete waste water treatment solutions. It recommends and stocks trusted brands of pool chemicals.
Metmin Ltd
Water treatment
Metmin Ltd works with Ion Exchange Ltd, one of Asia's largest water and environment solutions provider, to offer high quality water treatment products and equipment, suitable for homes, communities and industry. The company has professional capability in process technologies, design, engineering and project management.
Lamasat International Ltd
Water reticulation
Lamasat is committed to the design and production of world class products which have made it one of the market leaders for PVC piping in the country. They also offer packaging materials, interior design and construction services. Lamasat manufactures pipes and water tanks in PVC-U.
Avensis Solutions Ltd
Standard and VIP toilet hire
As a leading mobile sanitation provider, you can trust Avensis Solutions to provide standard and VIP outdoor toilets for all occasions - weddings, corporate events, funerals, field days, concerts, campsites, movie sets, construction sites, farms, informal settlements and everything in between.
Steel Valley Ltd
Water tanks and reservoirs
The Water Tank is a product designed to meet clients requirements. It is a combination of pressed plates configured to offer a range of storage capacities for water for domestic, industrial and commercial use. The strength and robustness are key aspects of the design and fabrication of the tank. All steel tanks are protected against rust by galvanisation and applying paint on both the inside and outside, prior to dispatch.
Water and waste water chemistry testing
It is a basic human right to have access to safe and clean water to drink. Vetlab offers a wide selection of water testing and analysis services for ground water, surface water, drinking water, processed water and waste water. With state-of-art testing equipment, this company is able to achieve very accurate results. Their testing methods require the collection of smaller sample volumes, reducing the cost of field sampling and transportation, while still delivering superior results. Get in touch with Vetlab today to learn more about its water quality testing service.
Waterman Ltd
Water storage
Waterman manufactures plastic jumbo water tanks that range from 1000 litres to 5000 litres. The company provides the water management tanks and accessories you want, from irrigation solutions to drinking water storage tanks. The tanks are designed for strength, erosion resistance, and safety.

Water & Sanitation

Find companies that provide clean water, mobile toilets and sanitation delivery services here
Storage of both potable water in tanks for consumption, and non-potable water for agriculture.
Safe household water and safe storage water, sanitation and hygiene programmes
Standalone, no-frills unit with a toilet, urinal, and hand sanitiser pump that is for hire.
Operation and maintenance of water distribution, stormwater and wastewater collection systems
Focus on hygiene of water, public health issues in the private or public sector

A significant percentage of the population of Zambia has unsafe drinking water and poor sanitation. Climate change patterns as well as the cost of infrastructure limit the delivery of water, leading to diseases like diarrhoea. In rural and peri-urban areas, girls and women may have to trek long distances to fetch water, compromising the girl child’s access to education and limiting the time women can spend on economic endeavours.

In Zambia, the lack of safe and reliable water supplies affects millions of people; many also lack adequate sanitation services. Countrywide, this has a major negative impact on human health, environmental sustainability and economic development. High population growth, urbanisation, climate change, pollution and inadequate financing together present unprecedented challenges to the provision of water and sanitation services.

Addressing these issues, there are many water and sanitation businesses working in Zambia to ensure the safe, reliable, equitable and efficient supply and service delivery of water and sanitation. Their customer base is made up of Government and development agencies, as well as individual homeowners and farmers.

As Infobwana, we have profiled a number of companies that provide a wide selection of water and sanitation services in Zambia.


Mobile toilets

Mobile toilets, also referred to as portable toilets, are usually hired out rather than purchased as their use is temporary - from a small intimate outdoor party to a large scale music festival. Construction companies and public facilities may also hire mobile toilets for their sites. Whatever the occasion, mobile toilet businesses supply according to individual requirements.

On request, companies may provide site toilet attendants to make sure toilets are kept spotless.

Please contact your company of choice for the best quote.

Water and sanitation consultants

Companies that plan and design the most adaptable water supply and sanitation solutions offer a range of consultancy services including:

  • Advice on operation and maintenance of individual unit processes
  • Advice on selection of appropriate water/wastewater process treatment techniques
  • Scoping, technical evaluation and outline costing of water and wastewater technology options
  • Co-authorship of papers, proposals and bids, or advice and guidance in their preparation
  • Writing/presentation of technical reports
  • Trouble-shooting of technical problems
  • Site visits
  • Training and teaching

Water reticulation

The whole process of getting water from source to its point of use requires planning, design and precise implementation, whether for a home, a factory or anything in between. Various companies in Zambia are available to design and develop full water reticulation systems. They may also repair both plumbing and electrical aspects of existing systems.

Water storage

In Zambia water tends to be stored, as supply lines may be erratic. Household water use, commercial food and beverage preparation, agriculture and irrigation, fire suppression, and industrial manufacturing may all utilise water storage tanks to streamline water delivery.

Water storage tanks and containers come in all shapes, sizes, and configurations, and are usually plumbed into the water reticulation system. The size and specifications of the tank will vary based on the application the tank is being used for and the daily water demand of the home or business.

Water treatment and sanitation

Institutions responsible for delivering water treatment and sanitation services can be public, private, or cooperatively owned and managed entities. They can also be a collaborations between these sectors. Service providers here establish, maintain, and upgrade the water supply system, which typically involves: collection, treatment, distribution, quality control, waste water handling, and sewage.