Water & sanitation consultants businesses in Zambia

Focus on hygiene of water, public health issues in the private or public sector
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Zulu Burrow Consulting Ltd image
The civil engineering department of Zulu Burrow Consulting has also been involved in water and infrastructure projects comprising feasibility studies, designs, documentation and supervision. The company has recently undertaken a number of Institutional reviews of schools, colleges, health centres, hospitals and municipal premises to assess the state of civil installations and to recommend rehabilitation or reconstruction of the various amenities.
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Aquaquest Ltd
Borehole Siting & Water Resources Assessments
Any new development, be it a small or large commercial farm, an industrial development or a residential property, generally starts with the identification of a suitable water source. Aquaquest can assist with this by assessing the groundwater and surface water potential of an area.
Village Water
Water and sanitation consultants
Village Water provides water and sanitation consultancy services to individuals, as well as private and public institutions. This organisation is committed to developing integrated systems adapted to each water project. Village Water possess immense expertise in managing various water and sanitation projects from start to finish.
Water and waste water chemistry testing
It is a basic human right to have access to safe and clean water to drink. Vetlab offers a wide selection of water testing and analysis services for ground water, surface water, drinking water, processed water and waste water. With state-of-art testing equipment, this company is able to achieve very accurate results. Their testing methods require the collection of smaller sample volumes, reducing the cost of field sampling and transportation, while still delivering superior results. Get in touch with Vetlab today to learn more about its water quality testing service.

Water & sanitation consultants

Focus on hygiene of water, public health issues in the private or public sector

Water and sanitation consultants are hired to support projects and programmes. Consulting firms that specialise in the economic, financial and institutional aspects of infrastructure, with a focus on water and sanitation, providing advisory, research and training services to international organisations, development agencies and banks, governments, non-governmental organisations and the private sector are found here. The challenges in towns to address are chronic water shortages and in some areas going without water for a week when repairs are undertaken.

Find consulting companies that can help in Zambia in the design and supervision of water and sewer systems, from large rehabilitation projects in major cities, to complete design and construction of new infrastructure for new mixed-use developments, as well as for peri-urban areas.

Experience in the hydrogeological sector, including groundwater investigations and supervision of drilling, works in projects to upgrade the water and sewer systems in many of the major towns and cities of Zambia, including several phases of rehabilitation works in Lusaka.

Partnering with several firms in this area provides technical expertise in design and supervision works. Donor funded projects to institute water supply and sewer network systems in peri-urban areas in the major cities has been an area of significant focus, having successfully worked on projects in Zambia.

Another area of focus has been the design and construction supervision of completely new water and sewer reticulation areas in private mixed-use developments in the capital, as well as in new townships created for large infrastructure projects Water and sewer reticulation systems is carried out using the latest design software packages, with topographic survey data compiled in the field by in-house engineering teams.

Find also companies involved in geophysical investigations, pilot and production hole drilling supervision, and design and supervision of borehole equipment. Works for large agricultural developments, as well as commercial utility companies. Significant works have also been done for the installation of boreholes with handpumps as a means of improving access to clean water in rural areas of Zambia including experience in the installation of windmills.

Focus areas

  • Hydraulic analysis
  • Feasibility studies
  • Geophysical investigation
  • Water reticulation design
  • Treatment plant design
  • Procurement
  • Sewer systems design
  • Windmills & accessories
  • Asset valuation
  • Leak detection
  • River water quality
  • Water audit
  • Design & supervision
  • Sewer treatment design