Mobile toilet hire businesses in Zambia

Standalone, no-frills unit with a toilet, urinal, and hand sanitiser pump that is for hire.
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Avensis Solutions Ltd
Standard and VIP toilet hire
As a leading mobile sanitation provider, you can trust Avensis Solutions to provide standard and VIP outdoor toilets for all occasions - weddings, corporate events, funerals, field days, concerts, campsites, movie sets, construction sites, farms, informal settlements and everything in between.

Mobile toilet hire

Standalone, no-frills unit with a toilet, urinal, and hand sanitiser pump that is for hire.

For all kinds of events, gatherings and functions, temporary sanitation facilities are essential. Mobile toilet hires companies to meet this need with a variety of options, as well as delivery and collection services. They can also supply mobile toilets when there is a long term requirement for large building projects and similar.

Toilet hire, sanitation is a hygiene solution when at a site with no toilets in Zambia. You can use the services of a portable toilet and sanitation company. That also provides professional washroom hygiene services with the introduction of integrated facilities solutions, providing solutions across industries - mining, construction and government - as well as special events.

Here is the most basic stand-alone portable toilet. The pump contains a spray opening and is connected to an inlet tube which is, in turn, connected to a chemical supply container. When the seat is raised, the piston will activate the pump. The toilet opening is fitted with a pair of flat, plastic doors secured by hinges to bosses fastened to the bottom of the tank. Find a company that hires out toilets for rental. The rental company will bring it to your site, set it up and at the end of the day come and dispose of the waste.

Some rentals offer portable toilets that are fitted with basic amenities to smooth out the entire process. Lights will illuminate the toilet space at all times – especially important for the most dedicated of guests who plan to party through the night.