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Television, radio, print and digital media, with one supporting the other. Advertise
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Radio Christian Voice (RCV) image
Radio Christian Voice (RCV)
Multimedia and Advertising
Advertising on the radio provides a more intimate approach than many other mediums and can reach target consumers at key times during the day. With a wide reach, organizations, business owners and individuals can advertise on Radio Christian Voice (RCV) to promote their products and services.
Imagine Printing & Advertising Ltd image
Designed to exhibit a message, billboards are an effective means of advertising as well as informing people. They will help you get maximum exposure and brand recognition – reaching a large number of people in the smallest amount of time. Imagine Printing & Advertising specialises in the design, printing and installation of PVC and vinyl billboards.
Solwezi Today Magazine image
Solwezi Today Magazine
Multimedia and Advertising
Solwezi Today Magazine design and produce a variety of publications. All the covers for Solwezi Today magazine are printed on 300gsm art glossy and inside text on 170gsm art glossy. Their team have experience that spans all of the skills necessary for producing fine publications.
This is Zambia Magazine image
This is Zambia Magazine
Multimedia and Advertising
This is Zambia Magazine offers professional high standards of writing and editing, graphic design, photography as well as production. Advertising materials shall be supplied in PDF format with all fonts and high-resolution images embedded, with a minimum resolution of 300dpi.
Suma Systems image
Suma Systems
Multimedia and Advertising
As publishers of two monthly magazines (This Is Zambia and Solwezi Today), Suma Systems provides result-oriented advertising services in its publications. Their magazines cut across the Zambian business readership at 50,000 persons per month, giving advertising clients optimal visibility and exposure.
Money FM 93.7FM image
Money FM 93.7FM
Multimedia and Advertising
Are you an entrepreneur or business owner? You can advertise your products or services on Money FM 93.7FM at affordable rates. With most businesses taking up social media as an advertising option, you can also engage this company to set up and professionally manage your social media platforms.
Hot FM Zambia image
Hot FM Zambia
Multimedia and Advertising
Currently broadcasting in Lusaka, Kapiri Mposhi and the Copperbelt, companies as well as individuals can advertise their products or services at amazing rates. This is a very effective and highly targeted way to advertise because millions of listeners tune into Hot FM for news and entertainment.
Kwithu FM Zambia image
Kwithu FM Zambia
Multimedia and Advertising
Advertising on radio has proven to be a very versatile and effective platform for companies to communicate with their target audience. As a business owner, you can advertise your products or services on Kwithu FM Zambia. Their team will help get your company, brand, products or services noticed.
Your Anthem Radio Ltd (YAR 89.7FM) image
Your Anthem Radio Ltd (YAR 89.7FM)
Multimedia and Advertising
Your Anthem Radio has entered the commercial radio market in the region with a marketing opportunity that seeks to differentiate itself from the rest. The radio station has created a wide variety of marketing packages with options and rates that cater for both the premium and low budget advertiser.
Alliance Media Zambia image
Alliance Media Zambia
Multimedia & Advertising
Owning prime advertising locations across the country, Alliance Media Zambia offers eye catching outdoor advertising spaces on billboards and street furniture. Operating since 1999, Alliance Media is the leading provider of outdoor advertising space in Zambia.
Riggers Access Services image
Riggers Access Services
Billboard Advertising
Outdoor advertising offers great potential for revenue earning and to showcase your services to the widest audience possible. Riggers Access provides imaginative billboard solutions that create eye-catching advertisements. Call this company to find out what they can do for you.
InfoBwana Ltd image
InfoBwana Ltd
Multimedia & Advertising
Not only is Infobwana attracting socially conscious business owners, employees and consumers in Zambia, but it is also striving to make a real difference to the Zambian economy, with a desire to play a key role in the country’s growth and sustainability. Thus, the growth we want to achieve is inextricably linked to our firm commitment to be an active force for good in the communities we serve.
Event Solutions
Event technology, exhibitions and design
Under the umbrella of Event Solutions, Event Tech provide leading shell schemes, stands and booths for exhibitions, conferences and corporate events. The company uses 'Octanorm Exhibition Systems' to provide highly professional designer stands. All associated equipment is also available including PA systems and AV hire.
JP-Tech Solutions Ltd
JP-Tech Solutions is a full-service advertising company that creates, plans and handles all forms of promotions and marketing for its clients. JP-Tech Solutions has put together a team of creative professionals that have the expertise to effectively market various products and services to generate demand.
IPSOS Zambia
Media and brand
IPSOS Zambia helps clients understand how media, brands and consumers connect through compelling content and great communications. Services include brand health tracking, brand and campaign tracking, content and communications development, and media monitoring.
Young & Rubicam (Y&R) Lusaka
Strategy and planning: Measure twice. Cut once
Young & Rubicam (Y&R) Lusaka regards this as the foundation of every project that they work on. From the onset, they agree on measurable objectives that focus their thinking on positive business results.
Magna Branding Ltd
Signage and branding
Magna Branding offers a broad range of signage and branding solutions. The company does vehicle branding, 3D signage, cut outs on pins, light boxes, pylons, steel and street signs, as well as billboard frames. The company uses the best products to ensure that their customer's brand looks outstanding and great for years.
For promotional point of sale, fleet signage, wheel covers, architectural signs, banners, billboards, stickers, road advertising, bus shelter ads and more, Associated Printers’ signage department can create any sign, shape, size, material, or application. If you can imagine it, they can make it and if you cannot they can help with that too.
Venture Marketing
Mobile bicycle and backpack advertising
Ndola +2
Venture Marketing offers these services to both private and public organisations. The company has several designs of bicycle advert trailers and backpacks that carry their customers' adverts as moving billboards. Venture Marketing goes wherever, whenever, and promises direct contact with the target market.
OneLife Communications and Events Company
Broadcast monitoring of advertising
OneLife Communications and Events Company is a full service-advertising agency that provides full scale marketing and advertising services. The company has the ability and skill to consistently deliver successful outcomes for clients through compelling creative and aggressive marketing strategies.
Power Media
Multimedia and Advertising
Power Media is strongly positioned to make courageous and positive contribution in raising the level of excellence and professionalism in the advertising, PR, events management and marketing consulting services sector that is offered to the corporate, government and non-governmental entities in Zambia and beyond.
Vibriant Trading Ltd
Multimedia and Advertising
Vibriant Trading develops efficient and effective marketing communications programs for companies to maximize the return on investments in marketing and promotion. The company is recognized both locally and internationally as one of the leading printers, marketing and communications firm.
Zee Music
Music development and promotion
Zee Music Ltd, a UK based company that works with Zambian upcoming musicians, has sourced ways in which they can build their musicians and equipped them in developing their talents within the industry. Run by a Zambian, Mulenga Jasmine Kasoma, who has extensive knowledge in music industry management.

Multimedia & Advertising

Television, radio, print and digital media, with one supporting the other. Advertise

Multimedia and advertising businesses promote a company's product or service to increase brand awareness and ultimately sales. These companies may produce content for print, radio, television or the internet - a single advertisement, a full advertising campaign over multiple media outlets, or anything in between. To find professionals who will help you grow your business to new heights, choose one that best suits your specific requirements.

Multimedia advertising is the process of using animation and graphic design to market and sell a product or service. Companies are likely to appeal to a broader audience and increase sales through search engine optimization, extensive keyword research, and strategic linking.

Multimedia plays a vital role in advertising. The more forms of multimedia used, the higher the exposure of the product to the market thereby increasing sales, creating a huge influence in the market and gaining popularity. Television, radio and print ads are the most common medium used, with one supporting the other.

As an example of multimedia advertising, imagine a Zambian car company that is starting a new promotion offering low sales prices in a particular month. Using a multimedia advertising company The car company can starts with national or local television commercials, depending upon the size and breadth of the company, and accentuate those commercials with radio ads and offers digital ads on Google.

Types of marketing

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  • Guerilla marketing