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Marketing - demand, product and increase sales. PR - customers, employees, investors and media.
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Suma Systems image
Suma Systems
Marketing & PR
Suma Systems offers a full range of marketing and public relations services that are tailored to help companies create relationships and effectively engage with their clients. Suma is committed to providing the best in communications strategy to its clients so they can achieve their business and communication objectives.
Africast Conferences and Exhibitions (ACE) image
Africast Conferences and Exhibitions (ACE)
Event Branding and Marketing
The impact of a conference or exhibition will, to a large extent, be proportionate to the success of its pre-event marketing. For professional branding and marketing, come to Africast, who have decades of experience in this field. Each event is difference and Africast will suggest the most appropriate marketing tools as well as effective post-event publicity. The Africast team will identify and carefully curate your event's unique proposition, publicising it so that it is discoverable, consumable, relevant and stands out from the rest.
Zamstock Photos image
Zamstock Photos
Stock photography market place
Calling all aspiring photographers in Zambia. Zamstock aims to provide you with the rewards you deserve. Prioritising transparency and fairness, the organisation offers a 70% commission to the creative on every photo sold, while retaining 30% for administrative purposes. Unlike other libraries that may pay as little as 15% to the creative, their commitment is to provide reasonable and sustainable prices to its photographers.
IPSOS Zambia
Social research
Ipsos is the world leader in Public Affairs research. This gives them the scale and reach to ensure that the best combination of global expertise and local knowledge is applied to all their work to help clients come to better decisions.
Young & Rubicam (Y&R) Lusaka
Creative – Resist the usual
Young & Rubicam (Y&R) Lusaka is a full service creative team that produces strategically sound, cut-through work that can be applied to any medium. They company taps into real cultural and consumer insights to produce work that rewards your customers with emotional brand engagement.
MyZambia MyAfrica
Marketing & PR
Is your corporate brand outdated and struggling to keep up with the most innovative competition in Zambia? Are you ready to demonstrate to your loyal customers and shareholders that your business has taken its Corporate Social Responsibility to a brand new level?
Arctic Webs
Social media management
Arctic Webs provides professional social media management services that are tailored to help companies increase their brand awareness and build the relationships that will increase sales. As a leading social media management company in the country, Arctic Web recognises the importance social media marketing has for businesses.
Magna Branding Ltd
Promotional products
Promotional products are a popular choice for building brand recognition during marketing campaigns. Quality logo products and promotions go together like cookies and milk. Magna Branding is here to complement advertising with high-quality items, taking its customers' advertising needs extremely seriously.
Kempella Consultancy Zambia
Brand management
Kempella Consultancy Zambia understands that good written communication is a commercial necessity in today's global markets. The company is committed to enabling businesses to improve their corporate brands by applying simple techniques that engage, involve, inspire, influence and call for action.
KPR Consulting Ltd
Public relations
KPR Consulting has a strong reputation for media relations, reputation and stakeholder management as well as execution of strategic communications strategies. The company manages successful national and regional PR campaigns for a range of clients, from respected multinationals to local startups.
Cutting Edge PR
Marketing & PR
Cutting Edge PR is a full service strategic communications and public relations consultancy. Since 2005 it has been instrumental in helping companies, institutions and individuals manage issues of perception and reputation in diverse markets by applying communications and PR tools and strategies to create winning campaigns.
Black Dot Media
Marketing & PR
Black Dot Media will partner with your company to design targeted marketing and public relations solutions that are tailored to your marketing strategies. Services offered are brand development, competitor audits, digital marketing planning, account handling and management, marketing campaign development, search engine marketing, programmatic media buying, online reputation management, communications strategy development, and strategy formulation, execution and coordination.
Media 365
Marketing & PR
Media 365 offers a number of services to clients through public relations, marketing, social media management, branding and more. This company works closely with its clients to help establish a business strategy tailored to their needs with one eye on the prevailing trading conditions in their sector.

Marketing & PR

Marketing - demand, product and increase sales. PR - customers, employees, investors and media.

Get help in bringing your products and services to the attention of the public. If an objective third party - magazine, newspaper or radio reporter - features your company, maybe you're doing something worthwhile! Paid advertising also has its place. Find companies who will market your brand, increasing public awareness of your company. Find companies in Zambia that use the news or business press to carry positive stories about your company and products or services.

Marketing is a much broader concept than public relations. It focuses directly on the market, demand, and product. Its main goal is to promote the company, and as a result, increase sales.

Marketing refers to the set of actions targeted at potential and existing customers for a specific purpose, usually actions that lead to a purchase.

Marketing comprises four core pillars, product, price, place, and promotion. Essentially, it is a set of strategies that marketers use, optimize, and adapt to influence the market.

The key to successful PR and marketing in a company is: first, the ability to distinguish between the objectives of these two areas, and second, cooperating between them as much as possible.

Public relations, known as PR, is a long-term process of building and maintaining positive relations between the company and its closest environments, i.e., customers, employees, investors, media.

PR is focused on image-oriented, strategic activities that are planned for the long term. It’s extremely important to keep these activities aligned with the company’s goals, so they need to be reconsidered and reworked constantly.

The biggest challenge with PR is in its unpredictability – solving the current company’s problems. False accusations, product failures, and a host of other unexpected fires must be put out before they do any damage.

Having a good marketing and public relations team is essential for the growth and development of the company. Find such a company in Zambia by looking at the list in this category.

Advertising, marketing and PR is a developing sector in Zambia which offers traditional tactics to reach customers as well as more modern internet and social media.

The Zambia Institute of Marketing (ZIM) was established in 2003 under the Institute of Marketing Act and the Ministry of Commerce, Trade and Industry. The Institute is a statutory body that requires all professionals wishing to practice marketing in the country to register with ZIM. The Institute also acts as an educational and examining body offering the ZIM professional diploma in marketing which automatically qualifies successful candidates for entry into the international Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) Professional Diploma in Marketing. A ZIM diploma goes some way towards achieving the status of Chartered Marketer.

Zambian universities offer some marketing courses although it is not widespread and the ZIM remains the principal examining body in the area. For example, the University of Zambia offers marketing and PR diplomas in its Department of Adult Education and Extension Studies but does not offer full-time undergraduate or postgraduate courses at present.

The moderate level of sophistication of advertising techniques is reflected in demand in the Zambian market; buyers place almost equal emphasis on price and product performance.