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Media 365 are storytellers, designers and scientists. They are an award-winning creative consultancy that combines strategy and design. Their team focus on solutions that deliver impact. Media 365 creates brands, products, services, experiences and spaces that people love by applying strategy, creativity, and insights.

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Pundwe Close, Lusaka
17 Pundwe Close, Kalundu, Lusaka, Zambia
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Multimedia & Advertising

Media 365 projects aim to generate social change and development through cause-related campaigns, specialising in the public health sector, youth and children. Media 365 offers the following services: communication strategy, brand development, content development and production for print, TV and radio.
2010 Best multi-channel for One Love Kwasila
2009 Best drama series for Club Risky Business 2014
Africa Magic Viewers Choice Award – Best TV series for Love Games
Multimedia & Advertising - 0
Multimedia & Advertising - 1
Multimedia & Advertising - 2
Multimedia & Advertising - 3

Marketing & PR

Media 365 offers a number of services to clients through public relations, marketing, social media management, branding and more. This company works closely with its clients to help establish a business strategy tailored to their needs with one eye on the prevailing trading conditions in their sector.
Brand development
Creative design and development
All services offered are focused on their clients' success
Marketing & PR - 0
Marketing & PR - 1
Marketing & PR - 2
Marketing & PR - 3

Media production

Media 365 produce content across various multi-media channels including radio, print, digital and video. The company have a skilled in-house video and audio capability that has generated some of its clients’ most well-used and iconic videos highlighting their work and reinforcing messages in a clear and creative way.
High-quality print, video and online content
Planning, filming, editing, voice-overs and the final cut
Professional and creative team of staff
Media production - 0
Media production - 1
Media production - 2
Media production - 3

Contact information

Pundwe Close, Lusaka
17 Pundwe Close, Kalundu, Lusaka, Zambia

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