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Lusaka, Zambia

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Africast Conferences and Exhibitions is a Zambian enterprise that specialises in the planning and execution of customised exhibitions, conferences, and events tailored to specific industries. Africast has an in-depth understanding of the substantial returns on investment associated with industry-focused exhibitions. Such events not only offer financial rewards, but also a range of intangibles such as heightened visibility and expanded networking opportunities. Committed to establishing the Africast brand as a frontrunner in all aspects of its operations, this company strives to exceed its clients'expectations and help them achieve their goals. Africast is a founder member of the Event Professionals Association of Zambia (EPAZ).

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Martin Luther King Rd, Lusaka
1 Martin Luther King Rd, Kabulonga, Lusaka, Zambia
+260955920084, +260211267296, +260211267299
PBag E891, Manda Hill, Lusaka
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Event & hospitality management

Planning an event can be extremely demanding. However the team at Africast can help, by taking care of every aspect of your event. Africast use their own products and services as well as those of trusted suppliers whom they have reliably done business with for more than a decade. This covers selection of a suitable venue, branding & marketing, and audio visuals, right through final event reports. It's called the Africast turnkey solution.
Established event management with a high reputation
Regional and international status
A comprehensive range of services using trusted suppliers
Event & hospitality management - 0
Event & hospitality management - 1
Event & hospitality management - 2
Event & hospitality management - 3

Decor & Lighting

If your event requires special lighting effects, such as a platform with spotlights, then Africast can source these and organise the setting up. Whether you want to create a calm or vibrant atmosphere, it all comes down to the lighting and decor, which needs to complement the overall design and theme of the space being used. The Africast team will take into account these factors when designing your conference or exhibition. The team can also handle your destination management needs and incentive group of up to 200 people. Check with the Africast team for more information.
An experienced event planning team
Decor and lighting to suit your event theme
Flexible approach for different venues - indoor or outdoor
Decor & Lighting - 0
Decor & Lighting - 1
Decor & Lighting - 2
Decor & Lighting - 3

Event Technology

Africast offers event organisers a technical tool kit that includes event apps, translation equipment and audio-visual services. Using GLUE UP technology, you will get a mobile app that enables participants to connect and network at every event, conference or exhibition, wherever they are. Translation equipment ensures no-one is left out. And state of the art audio-visual equipment is also available, with the support to keep it all running smoothly.
GLUE UP mobile technology - for virtual and hybrid events
Projectors, screens, sound systems and more - all your AV needs catered for
Effective communication among participants who may not share a common language
Event Technology - 0
Event Technology - 1
Event Technology - 2
Event Technology - 3

Event Infrastructure

Africast is specialised in bringing together all aspects of an event, conference or exhibition. The Africast team can arrange for the fabrication of custom-made exhibition stands. They can liaise on behalf of exhibitors for all design, workshop and graphic production. In addition, they will make any necessary arrangements with equipment suppliers. Africast can organise suitable registration and ticketing facilities, health and safety cover for medical emergencies and security concerns, and anything else relevant to your particular needs.
Planning and bringing together your event seamlessly
Exhibition stands and any other physical equipment needed
Ticketing, health and safety, and more
Event Infrastructure - 0
Event Infrastructure - 1
Event Infrastructure - 2
Event Infrastructure - 3

Event Branding and Marketing

The impact of a conference or exhibition will, to a large extent, be proportionate to the success of its pre-event marketing. For professional branding and marketing, come to Africast, who have decades of experience in this field. Each event is difference and Africast will suggest the most appropriate marketing tools as well as effective post-event publicity. The Africast team will identify and carefully curate your event's unique proposition, publicising it so that it is discoverable, consumable, relevant and stands out from the rest.
A professional event branding and marketing service
Innovative marketing ideas for maximum traction
High quality publications for pre- and post-event impact
Event Branding and Marketing - 0
Event Branding and Marketing - 1
Event Branding and Marketing - 2
Event Branding and Marketing - 3

Contact information

Martin Luther King Rd, Lusaka
1 Martin Luther King Rd, Kabulonga, Lusaka, Zambia
+260955920084, +260211267296, +260211267299
PBag E891, Manda Hill, Lusaka

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