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Safari adventures in 19 parks include birding, canoeing, mobile walking, game drives and photography.
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Kasanka Trust image
Kasanka Trust
Kasanka National Park
Kasanka National Park is open all year. Book directly with Kasanka at, or through Wildman Safaris at A new route for independent travellers interested in traditional culture and nature alike has recently been launched. It covers Kasanka National Park, Bangweulu Wetlands and Northern Zambia.
Chikunto Safari Lodge image
Chikunto safaris are unforgettable, largely because of where they take place - in the stunning South Luangwa National Park. This park is recognised as one of the best wildlife sanctuaries in the world. Chikunto offers a range of outstanding safari experiences and activities tailored to suit each client's time and interests. Whether you're looking for game drives or walking safaris, you'll have a memorable experience, with well trained safari guides to ensure you get the most out of every excursion.
Kafue River Lodge image
Kafue River Lodge
Experience thrilling game drives through some of Zambia's most iconic wilderness areas! Buckle up and prepare to explore the breathtaking landscapes of Lunga Luswishi, Kafue National Park, and Mushingashi Conservancy in search of those elusive special sightings. One of the biggest advantages of Kafue River Lodge game drives is the ability to cover vast distances, maximizing your chances of encountering incredible wildlife moments. With well-maintained road networks that crisscross the area, together with your experienced guide, you have the freedom to venture far and wide, traversing diverse vegetation and terrain in pursuit of unforgettable safari experiences.
The Zambia Safari Company image
The Zambia Safari Company
Tailor-made Safaris
The Zambia Safari Company, an experienced mobile safari team in Zambia, specializes in crafting personalized adventures that showcase the best of Zambia's popular National Parks and hidden corners. So if you're ready to design your own Zambian safari, let The Zambia Safari Company help you bring your vision to life. With their expertise and dedication, they will create a dream safari that exceeds your expectations and leaves you with memories to last a lifetime. They offer three types of mobile safaris in Zambia for you to choose from. For example, with a tailor made safari, you create your own unique experience, with your own chosen destinations and activity preferences. These safaris are exclusive and private.
Kasonso Busanga Camp image
Get ready for the ultimate safari adventure at Kasonso Busanga – our bushcamp nestled right in the heart of the prime game viewing area of the Busanga Plains, the crown jewel of Kafue National Park. Here, amidst the untamed wilderness, you'll embark on thrilling safari drives, captivating walking safaris, and immersive birdwatching expeditions that promise to ignite your sense of wonder and adventure. Set against the backdrop of sweeping plains and lush vegetation, the Busanga Plains are a haven for wildlife enthusiasts, offering unparalleled opportunities to witness nature's wonders up close. From the graceful movements of large herds of red lechwe to the majestic presence of big lions, buffalo, and elephant, every safari drive promises an unforgettable encounter with Africa's iconic wildlife.
West Lunga National Park image
West Lunga National Park
Experience nature in all its glory at the West Lunga National Park in Zambia. Home to a variety of wildlife and lush evergreen forests, this park promises an adventure like nothing else. With experienced safari guides to assist you on your journey, explore the wilds of West Lunga safely and in style. Witness the wild animals that roam the park, including herds of antelopes and prides of lions. Keep an eye out for the colorful birdlife too. Visit West Lunga Park with a professional safari guide to ensure you get to experience the best of what this incredible park has to offer. Whether you’re driving, walking or boating, you’ll be sure to have wild and exciting adventures here.
Nyika National Park image
If you're looking for a thrilling adventure, then Nyika National Park is the place to go. Straddling Zambia and Malawi, this park offers tourists an experience like none other. Visitors can enjoy an exciting driving safari, take a leisurely walking safari or even go on a cycling safari, to spot wildlife and explore the park's bird life, flora and different wildlife habitats. For the more daring adventurer, there are night safaris when you can explore the area beyond sunset. Nyika National Park also offers daytime game drives. With the opportunity to spot different kinds of animals in their natural habitats, these tours provide visitors with an incredible insight into African wildlife and the secret lives of the creatures that inhabit this incredible space.
Mweru Wantipa National Park image
Mweru Wantipa National Park in Zambia offers a myriad of safari experiences that are sure to give you an adventure like no other. Whether you decide to take a driving safari, walking safari, canoe safari, or fishing safari, you'll be sure to have the time of your life. The lush and varied landscapes of the park will keep you enthralled, and the pace of life in Mweru Wantipa National Park is sure to be welcome. You'll make lasting memories and have stories to tell for years to come after your visit. Enjoy the magic of Mweru Wantipa, from the sky-high trees to the shimmering lakes.
Lusenga Plains National Park image
Lusenga Plains National Park in Zambia is the ultimate adventure! Experience unique driving and walking safaris, spot incredible wildlife, take part in some boating, explore nature and perfect your photography skills. It's the perfect place for bird lovers and nature explorers. All year round you can visit the park, for an all-round wilderness experience - an African safari like no other. Discover the true beauty of Zambia's wilderness and let your inner adventurer run free. This park offers miles of unspoiled savannas, lush wetlands and woodlands, and is home to hundreds of different bird species.
Lusaka National Park image
Visiting Lusaka National Park in Zambia is like embarking on a journey of discovery. From walking safaris to game viewing and boating – there are endless ways to explore the park. If you're looking for an adventure, consider a guided bicycle trail or join a photographic safari to make sure you capture all the best sights. And for those with a special interest in birds, a bird-watching tour is an ideal way to experience the park. If you're just looking for a day out, why not pack up your picnic and head down to the park? Get ready to explore – and treat yourself to a truly unforgettable visit.
Lukusuzi National Park image
Lukusuzi National Park is an exciting and adventurous place to visit and explore. It offers driving and walking safaris where visitors can get close to wildlife in a more secluded environment than other parts of the Luangwa Valley, allowing for memorable experiences that will remain with you forever. You can take game drives through some of Zambia's most untouched plains, allowing you to discover the beauty and diversity of this region. Get right up close to the animals, or take some time out of your safari to bird watch in one of the most spectacular areas in Zambia. Lukusuzi National Park promises a truly unique safari experience that is sure to leave an impression on all who visit!
Lavushi Manda National Park image
Lavushi National Park is the perfect destination for an exciting safari experience. Located in Zambia, this fantastic park offers a variety of activities to suit the most discerning explorer. From bird watching and canoeing to fishing, safari drives and walking safaris, Lavushi National Park has something for everyone. Visitors should be sure to prepare for their visit to the park with an eye for adventure. From wildlife sightings to amazing rivers, a stay in Lavushi National Park promises a once-in-a-lifetime experience that you won't soon forget. Pack your tent and get ready to explore this incredible place. With so much to do, Lavushi National Park is an ideal destination for any safari enthusiast.
Blue Lagoon National Park image
Visitors to Blue Lagoon National Park in Zambia can experience a safari like no other. As the park is home to vast plains of lechwe, sitatunga and other mammals, it presents an amazing opportunity for visitors to observe wildlife from close quarters. For those looking for a driving safari, the game-rich landscape offers an unforgettable experience, as well as a chance to take excellent photographs. For those looking for something a little more adventurous, the park also provides walking safaris with experienced guides who will help you get up close and personal with some of Africa's most majestic wildlife.
Sioma Ngwezi National Park image
Sioma Ngwezi National Park has a range of exciting safaris for tourists to enjoy. From the thrilling game-viewing safari drives through the spectacular landscapes, to walking and fishing safaris, there's something here for everyone. One of the park's most popular activities is tiger fishing in the Zambezi River - an unforgettable experience! There are also fantastic boating safaris, allowing you to explore the many waterways and lagoons in Sioma Ngwezi. And of course no visit to the park would be complete without seeing the awe-inspiring Sioma Falls, one of Zambia's most iconic natural attractions. With its stunning landscapes, diverse wildlife and wide range of safari experiences, you're guaranteed to have an unforgettable stay.
Nsumbu National Park image
Nsumbu National Park is a fantastic destination for safari lovers. It offers an amazing range of activities such as driving, walking and bird watching safaris. You can also take a canoe or boat safari to explore the lake and its surrounding islands. Fishing trips are available too, while cultural safaris let you discover the fascinating history of this beautiful region. You can also visit the park for a day trip to explore its stunning landscapes and observe its wildlife. Head out on one of the guided game drives for a chance to spot elephants, antelopes, zebras and more. Visit the local villages to learn about their traditional customs and cultures. Why not come and explore Nsumbu National Park – an unforgettable adventure awaits you!
Kasanka National Park image
Kasanka National Park is the perfect destination for an unforgettable safari experience! Offering a variety of different activities, from scenic safari drives to peaceful walking safaris and even fishing – you’ll be sure to find something to suit your tastes in this wondrous wildlife oasis. The park also provides the opportunity for extraordinary photographic safaris; here you will get to observe a host of majestic species such as elephants, hippo, antelope and more! Not only that, Kasanka is home to an incredible annual event – the bat migration. Every year around 10 million straw-coloured fruit bats descend on this park from October to December, making it one of the most spectacular sights in Zambia.
Lochinvar National Park image
Lochinvar National Park is the ultimate destination for bird-watchers, offering a unique combination of diverse habitats that attract more than 428 species of birds. It's also home to an abundance of wildlife, including lechwe, elephants, lions, giraffes and zebras. With 428 sq. kms of land to explore, there are plenty of opportunities for camping, walking safaris, game drives and more. For those interested in history, Lochinvar National Park also offers a selection of ancient sites such as the ruins of an old fort, hunting lodges, and colonial trading posts that are sure to delight visitors with their fascinating stories. So if you're looking for a unique adventure in Zambia, a visit to Lochinvar National Park is definitely worth considering.
Lower Zambezi National Park image
The Lower Zambezi National Park provides the perfect adventure for travellers and nature lovers alike. With its stunning landscapes, diverse wildlife and vibrant culture, it offers something to suit every taste. There is no better way to explore this beautiful park than by taking part in one of the many safaris available. From game drives and walking safaris to canoeing and fishing trips, there is an excursion to suit every visitor. And with plenty of time to relax and recover in between, you can take a break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and visit the park in your own time. Whether you're looking for an exciting adventure or a relaxing getaway, Lower Zambezi National Park has something for everyone! So go ahead and explore - you won't regret it.
South Luangwa National Park image
If you are looking for an adventure that will truly take your breath away, a safari in South Luangwa National Park should be high on your list of places to visit. The park is home to an abundance of wildlife, including lions, leopards and elephants, making it the perfect destination for game drives. There is also the chance to explore the wilderness on foot on a walking safari. Bird-watching enthusiasts will love the array of avian species found in the park, including bee-eaters and kingfishers. Photographers will be amazed by stunning views and landscapes to capture. Cultural tours are also available, offering visitors the opportunity to gain insight into the lives of local communities living in this breath-taking region of Zambia. So why not experience the exciting safaris on offer at South Luangwa National Park and visit Zambia for a holiday of a lifetime? There's something for everyone.
Mosi-Oa-Tunya National Park image
Experience the thrill of the 'safari drive' through Mosi-Oa-Tunya National Park, where every turn brings a new spectacle of Africa's majestic wildlife. From the comfort of your vehicle, you'll have the opportunity to see elephants, giraffes, zebras, and a myriad of bird species in their natural environment. But the adventure doesn't stop there. You will also have the opportunity to step out of the vehicle and immerse yourself in the raw beauty of the African wilderness through a 'walking safari' with a professional guide.
Isangano National Park image
The Isangano National Park in Zambia is a safari lover's paradise. Whether you're looking for an unforgettable driving safari, a thrilling walking safari to get up close and personal with the animals or just want to enjoy bird watching and photograph opportunities, Isangano National Park will not disappoint. If you're visiting this incredible park, you'll get to experience the true wonder of nature on safari. Enjoy a thrilling drive with the park's experienced rangers, and witness wild animals in their natural habitat. Get closer to nature than ever before with a walking safari – you can observe the behaviour of the animals without disturbing them.
North Luangwa National Park image
Visiting the North Luangwa National Park is an experience that you won't soon forget. The wildlife here is abundant and the park's remote, unspoiled natural beauty ensures that each safari drive feels like a journey into unexplored territory. Whether you're looking for walking safaris, birdwatching or photographic opportunities, there's something for everyone to enjoy. Not only will you witness some of the most amazing creatures on the planet, but you'll also be supporting a vital cause: conservation efforts to protect this incredible space for future generations. So make plans to visit North Luangwa National Park and experience it for yourself – you definitely won't regret it.
Kafue National Park image
Kafue National Park offers an irresistible invitation to those with a thirst for the wild! As you tread the trails of this untouched wilderness, the walking safaris offer an intimate communion with nature, bringing you a step closer to understanding the eloquent silence of the wilderness. The park, a veritable paradise for birdwatchers, is teeming with a mesmerising variety of avian species, each contributing its own melody to the symphony that is Kafue. For those who find solace by the water, the experience of fishing in its tranquil rivers is as much about the catch as it is about the serene moments spent in quiet reflection. Experience a brush with the raw and untamed beauty of nature, by visiting Kafue - an adventure to cherish forever.


Safari adventures in 19 parks include birding, canoeing, mobile walking, game drives and photography.

The Zambia safari experience is rich and rewarding with excellent wildlife populations. Zambia has 19 national parks in which you can experience what is probably the best wildlife viewing in the world. When it comes to safaris in Zambia, you are really spoilt for choice. Some Zambia national parks are more developed for explorers than others. However, even the developed parks like South Luangwa National Park have only a smattering of accommodation and safaris.

Safaris in Zambia

Zambia offers a wide selection of personalised safari adventures including birding, canoeing, mobile walking, game drives and photography. All operators are committed to providing friendly and professional service at affordable rates. Guides are very knowledgeable and will help you make well-informed decisions for the best possible trip of your life.

Walking safaris

Zambia was the first country to offer walking safaris and is best known for this amazing safari. Walking safaris in Zambia provides you with an opportunity to have amazing intimate experiences in the bush with wildlife such as a close-up view of a family of elephants enjoying a mud bath, lions drinking in a riverbed and a whole menagerie of antelope. You will definitely appreciate the bush in a way that is impossible in a vehicle. You will be walking in a single file from six to eight hours in a group with some walking guides by your side who are very conversant with the language of the bush. Some of the safari companies in Zambia offering walking safaris include Robin Pope Safaris, Chamilandu Bushcamp and Anabezi Luxury Tented Camp.

Guided safaris

Guided safaris in Zambia allow you to experience some spectacular game viewing from the comfort of an open vehicle in the early mornings and late afternoons. Your professional guide will take you around to see Zambia’s beautiful wildlife and nature, as well as give you lots of fascinating insights. Guided safaris in Zambia are offered by a number of companies including Bundu Adventures and South Luangwa Safaris

Canoeing safaris

Canoeing safaris in Zambia are most popular on the upper and lower Zambezi River. Canoeing safari on the upper Zambezi River is a great relaxing way to enjoy the breathtaking scenery that lines the river before it takes its plunge over Victoria Falls. The Lower Zambezi canoeing safari is by far the most exciting, as you canoe through the section of the Zambezi flanked by national parks on both sides. Your armed river guide will take you, to explore the river close up, hopefully giving you an opportunity to spot some wildlife, as you sit comfortably in the canoe. Some of the companies that offer canoeing safaris in Zambia include Mawimbi Bush Camp and Kabompo River Lodge and Campsite.

Mobile safaris

Zambia is one of the few countries left in Africa that is able to offer the unique experience of mobile safaris. When it comes to mobile safaris, there is no telling what you will see but it will change your perception of nature as you experience it in its purest state. Mobile safaris in Zambia allow you to move camp from one location to another allowing you to have an amazing close-up experience with Zambia’s spectacular nature and wildlife. These safaris can be structured to suit your time availability. Mobile safaris in Zambia are offered by companies such as Baines River Camp and Livingstone Rhino Walking Safaris.

Birding safaris

Zambia is known to have some of the most beautiful and wild birding destinations such as Lochinvar National Park. Birding safaris in Zambia allow you to feast your eyes with the help of an expert guide by your side, who is a skilled bird spotter that will ensure you're safe and help you explore and spot all kinds of beautiful birds, just ensure you carry your binoculars with you! There are a number of companies that offer birding safaris such as Nsobe Game Camp and Livingstone Rhino Walking Safaris.

Photographic safaris

All of Zambia’s safaris and game lodges offer great photographic opportunities, either from a walking safari, photographic hide or an open vehicle. There are operators available that specialise in assisting photographers throughout their photographic safari. Some of the companies that offer photographic safaris include Authentic Safaris Zambia, Royal Zambezi Lodge and Mfuwe Lodge.