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The Zambia Safari Company specialises in mobile safaris, enabling you to embark on an adventure unlike any other! Picture yourself immersed in the heart of the wild, guided by experts who know every inch of the land. But here's the thrilling twist: you're on a mobile safari, meaning you'll journey far and wide, exploring the hidden gems and remote corners that most travelers never get an opportunity to experience. And the best part? You'll enjoy all the luxuries of a traditional safari – top-notch guiding, mouthwatering meals, and impeccable service – but with the added thrill of boundless exploration. Get ready to chase sunsets, encounter wildlife up close, and create memories that will last a lifetime.

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Palabana Rd, Lusaka
Plot 5, Farm 380a Palabana Rd, Chongwe, Lusaka, Zambia
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Pre-set Safaris

Embark on a thrilling mobile safari with an experienced safari company specialising in Zambia! Guided by experts, you'll journey far and wide, exploring hidden gems and remote corners of the country. Experience untouched beauty, from vast savannahs to secluded oases, all while enjoying top-notch guiding, delicious meals, and impeccable service. Plus, with unbeatable value, every detail is taken care of, letting you focus on the adventure of a lifetime!
Iconic national parks. Unbelievable wildlife. Well planned itineraries
For a diverse, immersive safari experience in Zambia
Five of the most popular and well reviewed safaris in Zambia
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Tailor-made Safaris

The Zambia Safari Company, an experienced mobile safari team in Zambia, specializes in crafting personalized adventures that showcase the best of Zambia's popular National Parks and hidden corners. So if you're ready to design your own Zambian safari, let The Zambia Safari Company help you bring your vision to life. With their expertise and dedication, they will create a dream safari that exceeds your expectations and leaves you with memories to last a lifetime. They offer three types of mobile safaris in Zambia for you to choose from. For example, with a tailor made safari, you create your own unique experience, with your own chosen destinations and activity preferences. These safaris are exclusive and private.
Tailor-made to exactly what you want - so your budget goes further
Access more remote and hidden corners of Zambia
Camp setups, meals, showers and ice cold drinks all taken care of
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Bush Camps

Every year, the Zambia Safari Company meticulously handpicks and selects extraordinary natural phenomena that wildlife lovers can't afford to miss. Whether it's Africa's second-largest wildebeest migration (one of the largest mammal migrations in the world), the famour Kasanka fruit bat migration, or the breathtaking arrival of the carmine bee-eaters, they know where and when these events occur. The team secures spectacular locations for mobile bush camps over the best possible season to witness these occurrences. From these comfortable and strategically placed bush camps, guests can enjoy unparalleled access to natural wonders, immersing themselves in the sights and sounds of the wilderness. The Zambia Safari Company team understands that choosing the right safari bush camp can make all the difference in creating an extraordinary wildlife experience. That's why they go above and beyond to get the logistics right, ensuring guests have an opportunity to witness some of the most amazing natural events Zambia has to offer.
Bushcamps set up around natural events that only happen for a few weeks a year
Offering a unique oportunity be near the action
Bushcamps limited to unique natural events or unusual patterns of wildlife behaviour
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Contact information

Palabana Rd, Lusaka
Plot 5, Farm 380a Palabana Rd, Chongwe, Lusaka, Zambia

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