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Royal Zambezi Lodge is an award-winning luxury safari lodge on the Zambezi River in Zambia. This is Zambian safari accommodation at its best, where you can drink in the unforgettable Zambezi sunrise and be lulled to sleep with memorable bush sounds. The lodge offers walking, driving and river safaris and is just 5 minutes from the Lower Zambezi National Park. Fly to the lodge from Lusaka or Livingstone using their airline, Royal Air Charters.

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The Lower Zambezi National Park offers a unique economic opportunity for Zambia and the rest of the region. With its vast array of wildlife, bird life, and stunning scenery along the river banks, it is an ideal destination for safari lovers from around the world. Visitors to the park can expect a truly magical experience, with many opportunities to get up close to the wildlife and take in some of Africa's most spectacular landscapes. It boasts one of the highest concentrations of big game, including elephants, buffalo and lion, as well as an extensive variety of bird species. The park is also home to a thriving population of hippos and crocodiles that can be seen up close in the river. In recent years, conservation efforts have been made to preserve the park's delicate ecology and ensure that its natural resources remain intact for generations to come. The park provides a lucrative source of income through tourism, allowing Zambia to benefit economically without disturbing its natural resources. It is an essential part of Zambia's economy and its protection is paramount for ensuring the future prosperity of the country. The Lower Zambezi National Park is a true symbol of Zambia's natural beauty and its importance to the country's economic well-being should not be underestimated. As more people come to appreciate what this area has to offer, it is likely that the number of visitors will continue to rise, bringing with it further benefits for local communities and the wider economy. With the right support, it has the potential to become an even greater source of economic opportunity for Zambia.

Safari lodge

Royal Zambezi Lodge is on the edge of the Lower Zambezi National Park, just across the river from Mana Pools National Park in Zimbabwe. It combines outstanding hospitality with nature's most amazing creations. With their thatch roofs, the buildings boast natural but sophisticated furnishings and luxurious details.
Luxury presidential suites with a lounge and lots of living space
Deluxe suites at one with the surrounding private wilderness areas
Deluxe family suites nestle under mature trees
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 Lower Zambezi National Park Entry Fee - $85 image
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Take a trip down to the Lower Zambezi National park and experience Zambia's unique variety of wildlife, flora and landscape that's unlike any other place.
Deluxe Suites image
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Deluxe Suites
Book today and stay in a comfortable en-suite deluxe suite that offers a private plunge pool, wi-fi and a veranda that overlooks the mighty zambezi river.
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Family Suites
Enjoy your holiday in this dedicated family unit consisting of 2 deluxe suites which offer a shared seating area & a private pool for the whole family.


Royal Zambezi Lodge is home to large herds of elephant and buffalo. It also offers frequent lion and leopard sightings. The qualified guides come with over 50 years of experience in the Lower Zambezi valley. There are various activities offered on safari to satisfy different interests, including birding safaris, photographic safaris, and game drives.
Home to large herds of elephant and buffalo
Guides with over 50 years of experience in the Lower Zambezi valley
Frequent lion and leopard sightings
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Safaris - 3
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Conservation Support image
At Royal Zambezi Lodge, we believe it is essential to support conservation and actively ensure the preservation of the Lower Zambezi ecosystem.
A Royal Day image
A Royal Day
Plan your safari excursion for early, late afternoon, or even night game drives so you are able to receive a chance of seeing animals at their most active.
D.N.A  Do Nothing at All image
DNA stands for Doing Nothing at All. This concept is to basically stay in camp and spend time relaxing by the main pool or bar, catching up with others.


The Royal Zambezi award-winning luxury bush spa, situated close to the Lower Zambezi National Park, is built on top of a high anthill overlooking the mighty Zambezi River. Treatments take place on the deck, or inside the minimalist (but air-conditioned) treatment room. The Royal Zambezi is the only safari lodge on the river with a spa.
Uses Dermalogica as its chosen product brand
Frequently uses local indigenous ingredients from the African bush
An attentive team of qualified therapists on hand
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Royal Zambezi Message Treatments image
Take a day and select the best spa treatment for you. The Royal Bush Spa offers a variety of massages that provide the ultimate relaxation expeirence.
Body & Facial Treatment image
Relax and refresh at the Royal Bush Spa. The spa offers unique body and facial treatments that rejuvenate the body and relieve the mind of stress.
Special Spa Treatment Packages image
Revitalise yourself and select one of Royal Bush Spa's special spa treatments that reinvigorate the mind and also relive stress.

Fishing & River Activities

At the Royal Zambezi Lodge expert guides lead fishing excursions on new, fully-fitted aluminum boats. Guests new to fishing or fly fishing have the chance to receive instruction and assistance. Rods, tackle, and flies are provided although fishing enthusiasts are welcome to bring their own. All fishing is on a catch and release basis.
Offers one of the finest freshwater angling experiences in the world
Refreshments and meals organised for guests on fishing excursions
Tiger fishing season: September - March
Fishing & River Activities - 0
Fishing & River Activities - 1
Fishing & River Activities - 2
Fishing & River Activities - 3
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River Cruise image
River Cruise
Finish your day at the Lower Zambezi National park with a cruise in an outboard-powered boat for a rewarding experience in the early morning or evening.
Angling image
Immerse yourself in the wilderness and let experienced guides will take you to all the best fishing spots and guide you through the whole process.
Canoeing image
Spend your day paddling, being paddled or just drifting downstream off of the main Zambezi River as you view the wonderful wildlife and flora in Zambia.


Royal Zambezi Lodge offers seat-in-plane charter flights to connect all travellers from Lusaka and Livingstone to any destination in the Lower Zambezi National Park, and Royal Zambezi Lodge itself. Land at the tarred Royal Airstrip. Royal Zambezi Lodge guests will be met by guides for the short drive to the lodge and other passengers will need to make their own transfer arrangements.
Scheduled flights between Lower Zambezi National Park, Lusaka and Livingstone
Providing easy access to Lower Zambezi National Park
Travel comfortably and efficiently to Lower Zambezi National Park
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Flights - 1
Flights - 2
Flights - 3
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Lusaka - Royal Airstrip Flights image
Visit The Royal Zambezi Lodge and the park by simply booking this quick 30-minute flight that offers transport between Lusaka and the Royal Airstrip.
Lusaka - Livingstone Flights image
The Royal Zambian Lodge offers safe and quick 2-hour flights between Lusaka and Livingstone that feature gorgeous aerial views of Zambia.
Livingstone - Royal Airstrip Flights image
Start and finish our holiday with a comfortable 2-hour flight that travels between Livingstone and the Royal Airstrip located near the Royal Zambezi lodge.

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+260979486618, +260966748249, +260970010124
PB CH 42, Lusaka

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