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North Luangwa National Park lies in the remote north-eastern corner of Zambia, spanning an impressive 3,050 square kilometres. It is one of the most untouched areas in Africa, and home to a variety of wildlife including lions, elephants, buffalo, leopards and many more species. This park also boasts an incredibly diverse ecosystem, harbouring an abundance of plants and bird species found nowhere else in the world! The combination of its spectacular biodiversity and unique wildlife has made North Luangwa a popular safari destination for travellers across the globe. Bird watchers and photographers have the opportunity to observe one of the richest bird populations in the whole of Africa. North Luangwa is a powerful reminder of why it is so important to protect and preserve our natural resources. Its beautiful landscape is home to some of the most precious life forms in the world and it serves as a reminder that we must always strive to support the conservation of our planet's ecology. As one of Zambia's premier tourist attractions, North Luangwa offers visitors an unforgettable experience that showcases a unique piece of Africa's wildlife.

Natural resource

North Luangwa National Park is a unique natural resource that benefits the economy and people of Zambia, especially the local community. The park holds a rich biodiversity with its various ecosystems - grasslands, floodplains and woodlands. This diversity attracts visitors to the park from around the world. Here they are able to experience nature in its purest form. In addition, tourism associated with the park has provided employment to people in the country and generated revenue from its various safari operators. The local communities living near North Luangwa benefit from this resource through increased access to livelihoods, education and healthcare.
Home to various ecosystems - grassland, floodplain and woodland
Aims to reduce human-wildlife conflict through education programs
Stunning wildlife and scenery
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Place of interest

North Luangwa is truly a unique place to visit. Untouched by development, its remoteness from other popular tourist destinations makes it the perfect spot for those who are looking for an immersive wilderness experience. With no lodges or hotels available, you'll have to settle for one of the many campsites that offer accommodation – but this is a small price to pay for the opportunity to observe wildlife in such an unspoiled environment. Abundant animal and bird wildlife populations make North Luangwa one of the premier game viewing destinations in Africa, with elephant, leopard, buffalo and antelope all making frequent appearances in the area. Birdwatchers are also well catered for here, with more than 450 species of birds having been recorded in the park.
Many campsites with accommodation options
An unbeatable wildlife experience
One of Africa's untouched gems
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Tourist attraction

North Luangwa National Park is one of the most remote and unspoiled places in Africa. The park is home to an amazing variety of wildlife and birdlife, and its pristine environment has attracted tourists from all over the world. Every sunset brings with it a unique experience as you take in the majestic beauty of this serene place. It's easy to see why North Luangwa National Park is such a popular destination for those seeking to experience the wild and untouched beauty of nature. Whether you're looking for an amazing safari adventure or simply wish to take in the majestic views, North Luangwa National Park is the perfect destination.
Offers some of the best safari opportunities in Africa.
Amazing wildlife spotting opportunities and stunning views,
Game-viewing in an untouched wilderness
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Visiting the North Luangwa National Park is an experience that you won't soon forget. The wildlife here is abundant and the park's remote, unspoiled natural beauty ensures that each safari drive feels like a journey into unexplored territory. Whether you're looking for walking safaris, birdwatching or photographic opportunities, there's something for everyone to enjoy. Not only will you witness some of the most amazing creatures on the planet, but you'll also be supporting a vital cause: conservation efforts to protect this incredible space for future generations. So make plans to visit North Luangwa National Park and experience it for yourself – you definitely won't regret it.
Opportunities to help preserve the park for future generations
Great game-viewing and bird-watching safaris
Amazing visuals to catch on camera
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