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A wildlife charity based in Zambia, the UK and the Netherlands that offers various accommodation options, safaris and tours. Kasanka Trust's income from tourism revenue and charitable funding goes towards conservation work in and around Kasanka National Park. This is Zambia’s first national park management through a public-private partnership with Department of National Parks and Wildlife - a beautiful wilderness of wildlife, woodland, plains, lakes, rivers and swamps that form a valuable protected area for many endangered and vulnerable species. These include the straw coloured fruit bat, puku, sitatunga, elephant, blue monkey, wattled crane, Ross's lourie and narina trogon. For Bookings – Local reservations localres@kasanka.com, international reservations internationalres@kasanka.com.

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Kasanka National Park is an ideal destination for travelers seeking a wildlife safari experience in Zambia. The park has many attractions, including abundant wildlife, lush landscapes and peaceful atmosphere. Visitors can enjoy birdwatching, fishing, canoeing or just explore the diverse habitats of this unique ecosystem. Kasanka is also famous for its annual bat migration event which takes place every year from October to December. During this period, millions of straw-colored fruit bats descend upon the park and create a stunning spectacle. This event is considered one of the world’s largest mammals migrations and draws visitors from all around the world. Kasanka also offers a variety of tours and activities for visitors to enjoy, such as forest walks, game drives and boat trips. If you’re looking for a unique wildlife experience, then Kasanka National Park is definitely worth visiting. With its lush landscapes and vibrant wildlife, it’s sure to provide an unforgettable safari experience. So come and visit Kasanka to witness the incredible spectacle of one of nature’s most remarkable migrations, as well as explore the diverse habitats and abundant wildlife of this special park. Kasanka National Park is a natural treasure that offers something for everyone—from birdwatchers to adventure seekers. Along with wildlife viewing, Kasanka is also a great spot for birding enthusiasts. With its rich wetlands and dense forests, the park is full of rare and exotic species, making it ideal for anyone looking to observe some of Zambia's most impressive avian life.

Charities, Trusts & Societies

Kasanka Trust operates with minimal expenditure, relying on trustees and volunteers wherever possible. Funds raised are spent directly on conservation and community development. The Trust offers great volunteering opportunities for research, conservation work and education in a real wilderness.
A beautiful wilderness of woodland, plains, lakes, rivers and swamps
Arranges full tours Northern Zambia and beyond
Non-profit charitable institution with tax exemption
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Safari lodge

The Trust hosts visitors and volunteers in two safari lodges and two campsites in Kasanka National Park. This is a beautiful wilderness of wildlife, woodland, plains, lakes, rivers and swamps. Wasa Lodge lies on the edge of Lake Wasa in the eastern half of the park just 12 km from the park entrance.
The lodge has a bar and dining room
Luwombwa Lodge is located on the banks of the Luwombwa River
All proceeds from tourism go directly towards conservation work
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Other tourism opportunities

Within reach of the Kasanka National Park are a number of other extraordinary tourism opportunities such as the Bangweulu Wetlands, Shiwa Ng'andu, North and South Luangwa National Parks and Mutinondo Wilderness to create a perfect vacation with a range of rich safari experiences. Charter flights operated by Sky Trails are available between all destinations in Zambia and beyond.
50 Kilometers north of Kasanka are the vast Bangweulu Wetlands
Visit a real, traditional Zambian village
Tours arranged throughout Zambia
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Kasanka National Park is open all year. Book directly with Kasanka at localres@kasankanationalpark.com, internationalres@kasanka.com or through Wildman Safaris at res@kasankanationalpark.com. A new route for independent travellers interested in traditional culture and nature alike has recently been launched. It covers Kasanka National Park, Bangweulu Wetlands and Northern Zambia.
Guided game drives and safaris are arranged
The list of birds seen in Kasanka now stands at 478 species
Drives can also be arranged at night
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Contact information

Mansa Road
Mansa Road, Serenge
PO Box 850073, Serenje

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