Media production businesses in Zambia

Film, sound, shooting, producing, editing video, as well as the lighting and sound production.
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A to Z Solutions image
A to Z Solutions
Media production
A to Z Solutions assists with the sourcing of appropriate equipment and bringing it into the country with Temporary Importation Permits. Although the filming industry is relatively young in Zambia, there are some local equipment hire options. However, they can be highly priced so A to Z Solutions does encourage self-sufficiency wherever possible.
Scotty Zepplin Photography
Media production
Xanthe Cooke Photography
Product photography
Xanthe Cooke Photography offers product photography services that are customisable, and cost effective for clients. Products are photographed professionally in a controlled studio environment that will give a professional and commercial appeal that you and your customers seek. Photos can be used for marketing, web promotions and more.
Mojo New Media
Media production
At Mojo New Media they are storytellers, their in studio and on-location photo-shoots, documentaries, TV ads and other video products are informative, memorable and compelling. Their team of experts camera operators, cinematographers and editors will capture every story and deliver it effectively.
Thorn Tree Safaris
Film fixing
Thorn Tree Safaris take the stress out of your Zambian and Central African location film work, having worked with many top class film crews in the past, they are able to help your project succeed. Many years of 'film fixing' experience ability to speak the languages and in depth local knowledge, have gained Thorn Tree local trust.
Media 365
Media production
Media 365 produce content across various multi-media channels including radio, print, digital and video. The company have a skilled in-house video and audio capability that has generated some of its clients’ most well-used and iconic videos highlighting their work and reinforcing messages in a clear and creative way.

Media production

Film, sound, shooting, producing, editing video, as well as the lighting and sound production.

The production process refers to all the steps in creating a media product, be that a video, film or piece of audio. It is the process from the idea to the final piece. Media production is the art of visual storytelling through film and sound. Media production students learn the foundational skills of shooting, producing, and editing video, as well as the basics of lighting and sound production. Media production means television programs and broadcasts, radio programs and broadcasts, television or radio series, newscasts, documentaries, video productions, videotapes, videodiscs, soundtracks, motion picture productions, and any other form of media production that has been, or may in the future be, conceived.

A media company in Zambia will create visual media that is broadcast on television, posted on blogs, shared on podcasts, and/or posted on social media.

The profile of a successful media production company is that within the company they have strong skills in using computers, cameras, and other technical equipment, writing and speaking proficiency, keen ethical insight, analytical and creative competence, and management abilities.

Types of media productions

  • Film
  • Television
  • Internet video
  • Radio
  • Music

Typically in Zambia, a Media Production Manager runs the show. Coordinates and supervises media production activities, schedules, and budgets. Manages advertising writing and videos, including obtaining approval and ensuring fit to brand image. Oversees the studio, technical, and promotions aspects of media.

You will find a media production company in Zambia that is industry-focused which provides you with the technical foundations and practical skills you need to help your media production needs. To find leading in digital broadcast or social media production team with a range of video, image-making, photography, audio and web skills look at the list in this category.