Event infrastructure businesses in Zambia

Things like marquees, tables, chairs, as well as air conditioning, lighting and carpeting.
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Africast is specialised in bringing together all aspects of an event, conference or exhibition. The Africast team can arrange for the fabrication of custom-made exhibition stands. They can liaise on behalf of exhibitors for all design, workshop and graphic production. In addition, they will make any necessary arrangements with equipment suppliers. Africast can organise suitable registration and ticketing facilities, health and safety cover for medical emergencies and security concerns, and anything else relevant to your particular needs.
Rooney's Hire Zambia supply high quality marquees for corporate, government and private events. Their experienced staff are on hand to assist with planning, set-up and management. Rooney's Hire aims to achieve outstanding results and consistency from concept brief to final event experience.

Event infrastructure

Things like marquees, tables, chairs, as well as air conditioning, lighting and carpeting.

Whether you're organising a private function or a corporate event, you'll need the right infrastructure in place to ensure everything goes brilliantly on the day. When we speak of event infrastructure, we mean the obvious things like marquees, tables and chairs, as well as items that might just be overlooked like air conditioning, lighting and carpeting.

Event Infrastructure means the equipment, goods and chattel necessary for the conduct of the festival and includes items such as fencing, washrooms, handwashing stations, tents and stages.

The infrastructure depends on the type of event as listed below

  • Seminars
  • Internal company meetings
  • Periodic business gathering
  • Trade shows
  • Expose
  • Thought leadership and networking events
  • Ceremonies
  • Galas
  • Product launches
  • VIP events
  • Job fairs
  • Recruiting events