Conferencing systems businesses in Zambia

Systems facilitating remote one-on-one, internal or business meetings, and larger gatherings
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Africast offers event organisers a technical tool kit that includes event apps, translation equipment and audio-visual services. Using GLUE UP technology, you will get a mobile app that enables participants to connect and network at every event, conference or exhibition, wherever they are. Translation equipment ensures no-one is left out. And state of the art audio-visual equipment is also available, with the support to keep it all running smoothly.
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Skywave Technologies
Video & Audio Conferencing Systems
Skywave Technologies supplies a comprehensive range of industry leading brands of video and audio conferencing equipment and accessories. Products available include conference cameras, webcams, microphones, headsets and collaboration tools. With this wide portfolio of products, this company is committed to helping its clients quickly and effectively host conference meetings.

Conferencing systems

Systems facilitating remote one-on-one, internal or business meetings, and larger gatherings

Our post-pandemic world is relying on conferencing systems more than ever before. Many of these systems are free, or based on a fremium model. But larger corporations rely on more robust software with additional features to better meet their needs. Zambia is benefitting from the rise in popularity of virtual meetings, connecting itself to the rest of the world at all levels. Businesses in Zambia also use conferencing systems for connecting with other businesses as well as their own branches within the country.

Most types of meetings can shift successfully from a physical meeting to a virtual one - whether for training, information-sharing or general discussion and decision-making.

Conferencing systems may offer video conferencing or audio conferencing, often both, with quality levels and maximum number of participants dependent on the particular brand and model. Other features that may be included are mobile device support, whiteboard, PowerPoint upload etc. Most conferencing software offer a screen sharing option for giving presentations.

An essential element of remote working is of course the availability of good internet. According to, "With an average download speed of 6.2 Mbit/second for fixed-network broadband internet, Zambia ranked 165th in an international comparison. The upload rate was 7.1 Mbit/second (130th place). The quality of the Internet, consisting of signal fluctuations (jitter) and latency, is very far ahead at 5th place."