Personal banking businesses in Zambia

Services like savings, current accounts, personal loans to consumers through commercial banks
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Ecobank Zambia
Personal banking
Lusaka +6
Convenient banking solutions to help you manage and simplify your day-to-day finances. Ecobank Zambia provides you with everyday banking options designed to equip you with the right account for the life you lead. Whether you want essentials or extras, current accounts are right for every moment or discover a selection of savings accounts to help you and your family grow your money.
United Bank for Africa Zambia Ltd (UBA) image
United Bank for Africa provides a wide selection of banking services to individuals. The bank has a team of expert advisers who are always ready to listen and discuss their customers' wishes and plans. United Bank for Africa strives to offer services designed to meet its customers' individual needs.
Citibank Zambia Ltd
Personal banking
Citibank offers clients a full range of consumer banking needs and services including savings and transactional accounts, mortgages, personal loans, debit cards, and credit cards. The bank has the expertise to make your banking experience easier and your financial goals for the future more attainable.
Indo-Zambia Bank
Personal banking
Choose from their range of savings accounts that are tailored for different needs and lifestyles. Indo-Zambia Bank offers competitive interest rates on savings accounts. The personal banking solutions includes personal accounts, electronic banking and loans. This bank provides the right tools to help you reach your financial goals.
From day-to-day needs, savings accounts to help reach your goals and term deposits for certainty of investment return. NATSAVE's personal banking products include educational savings account, minor account, easy saver account, growth savers account, pensioners account and investment account.
First Capital Bank Zambia provides an extensive range of convenient, easy and secure personal banking solutions that individuals will need to manage their finances. The bank's services include, but not limited to, accounts and cards. All services are tailored to meet the daily needs of individuals.
First National Bank Zambia Ltd (FNB)
Personal banking
Lusaka +21
First National Bank Zambia offers a range of personal banking products and solutions designed to meet your unique financial needs and help you reach your goals. They offer a wide product range which includes cheque accounts, transaction accounts, investment accounts, loans, and home loans.
Standard Chartered Bank Zambia offers a wide range of banking solutions tailored to meet the needs of individuals including savings and current accounts, express banking, online banking, mobile banking and loans. The bank ensures that it makes its clients banking experience easier in order for them to achieve their financial goals.
Stanbic Bank Zambia Ltd
Personal banking
Whether you want to transact, save or borrow, Stanbic Bank Zambia offers the financial solution for you. With innovative products and services designed to evolve with your changing needs. The bank offers convenient services and products with online banking services for easy access to your account.
Access Bank Zambia Ltd
Personal banking
Lusaka +5
Personal banking at Access Bank offers for retail customers a variety of current accounts to help customers manage their unique financial needs. Access Bank will help you save through our different savings options. Access Bank has a variety of card products suitable for individuals.
Investrust Bank Plc
Personal banking
With a wide selection of personal banking solutions, Investrust Bank focuses on understanding its customer's banking needs to tailor effective, comprehensive solutions that help them achieve their financial goals. Customers can always count on quick responses, hands-on problem resolution and an exceptional customer service.
First Alliance Bank Zambia Ltd
Personal banking
Lusaka +3
First Alliance Bank Zambia offers current, premium, fixed deposit and foreign currency accounts to individuals. Premium accounts earn interest on daily balances with no restrictions on the operations of the account. Attractive fixed and short term deposits and the bank also offers various forex products with personal banking.
AB Bank Zambia Ltd
Personal banking
AB Bank Zambia provides a diverse range of personal banking, wealth management and banking products and services to individuals. The services offered include savings accounts, current accounts, and loans to suit their customers' lifestyle and help then make the most of life's opportunities.
Cavmont Bank Ltd
Personal banking
Cavmont Banks provides personal banking services and products to retail customers with many choices for personal accounts, the bank helps you find an account that works best for you. The accounts are designed to meet your everyday banking needs, allowing you to manage your finances easily at any time of the day.
Bank of China Zambia Ltd
Personal banking
Bank of China (BOC) offers a selection of personal banking solutions including term and current deposit accounts, outward and inward remittance, as well as foreign currency exchange services. The bank provides a perfect balance of personal banking services that are tailored to meet its clients' needs.
FINCA Zambia
Savings products
FINCA Zambia savings products have been designed to help clients to build wealth and security for their future through sustainable savings. These accounts have attractive interest rates and flexible terms to suit your needs and help you achieve your goals.
Barclays Bank Zambia Plc
Personal banking
Whether you are a salaried employee, a trader or craftsperson or run your own company, Barclays can offer you a comprehensive choice of products and services that will give you personal control of your finances. Accounts include the Prestige current, the Tonse bank and bonus savings accounts.
Zanaco provides a wide range of personal banking services to meet the specific lifestyles of customers. The personal banking solutions include personal accounts, electronic banking and loans. This service allows clients to access money from any Zanaco account using the card and PIN identification.

Personal banking

Services like savings, current accounts, personal loans to consumers through commercial banks

Personal Banking refers to all the services like savings account operations, current account operations, and provision of personal loans. These services are offered to individuals or directly to consumers through commercial banks. Personal banking is also known as retail banking. Banks aim to satisfy the needs of a customer. All banks now offer debit cards that give you access to your cash in a safe and convenient way to conduct your day to day banking through and a wide ATM network. You can find affordable, personal loans, savings and current accounts and with online banking, you can stay updated even on your mobile.

A personal bank account is not for business use, but rather for an individual to keep and manage their own personal funds and other assets. This would be your personal banking account rather than a shared corporate account or a joint account.

The commercial banking sector in Zambia comprises 19 international and local banks. Zambia Banking Industry Survey, domestic banks in Zambia expressed reduced optimism in the short to medium term, due to concerns about the stability of monetary policy, expectations of GDP growth, fiscal discipline.


Barclays Zambia started its operations as one of the banks in Zambia in 1918. The bank is a member of Absa Group, formerly Barclays Africa Group. It currently employs around 588 staff and maintains 70 offices, which consist of full branches and sales centres located across the country.

Zambia National Commercial Bank (Zanaco)

In terms of assets, Zambia National Commercial Bank (Zanaco) is the largest financial services provider in Zambia. Founded in 1969, the bank serves more than one million customers in the personal, government, corporate, SME, and agriculture sectors.

Standard Chartered Bank Zambia

Standard Chartered Bank Zambia opened its first branch in Zambia in 1906. The bank offers a wide range of banking products and services to upscale retail customers, SMEs, and large corporate clients in the country.

Stanbic Bank (Zambia)

Founded in 1956, Stanbic Bank (Zambia) is a member of the Standard Bank Group, which is present in 20 African countries. The bank offers a comprehensive range of consumer, corporate, business, and investment banking services in the country.

Cavmont Bank Limited (CBL)

Cavmont Bank (CBL) was the product of the merger between New Capital Bank and Cavmont Merchant Bank in 2004. CBL is fully owned by financial services provider Cavmont Capital Holdings Zambia.

Ecobank Zambia

Ecobank Zambia, or Ecobank Transnational Inc., commenced banking operations in the country in 2009. The bank offers financial solutions to individual customers, businesses, and governments.

Incorporated in 1984 as one of the banks in Zambia,

Indo Zambia Bank

Indo Zambia Bank provides retail and corporate banking products and services across the country. The bank is a joint venture between the Government of India and the Government of the Republic of Zambia.

Investrust Bank

Investrust obtained its banking license and commenced banking operations in Zambia in 1996. Formerly known as Investrust Merchant Bank Zambia Limited, the bank adopted its current name in 2002.

First Alliance Bank

Founded in 1994, First Alliance Bank is a locally owned, registered commercial bank in Zambia. The bank offers diversified financial solutions to individual and corporate banking clients in the country.