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Access Bank Zambia is a member of the Access Bank Group, a leading multinational financial services franchise made up of seven African banking subsidiaries and one in the United Kingdom. It delivers full-scope commercial banking products and services to the Zambian banking populace and provides efficient cash management services within the various regional blocs where the group's subsidiaries operate. It is in the forefront of innovation in the banking sector.

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Thabo Mbeki Road, Lusaka
22768 Thabo Mbeki Road, Acacia Park, Lusaka, Zambia
+260 211 227941, +260 978 779976, +260 968 777555
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Personal banking

Personal banking at Access Bank offers for retail customers a variety of current accounts to help customers manage their unique financial needs. Access Bank will help you save through our different savings options. Access Bank has a variety of card products suitable for individuals.
Savings account, Access premium - interest at competitive rates
Standard current account - transactional account
MPower salary account - investment and current account features
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Personal banking - 1

Business banking

Access Bank offers a business account for any registered business. Access Bank target market includes business owners, small and medium scale enterprises, sole traders, professional firms, joint ventures, NGOs, schools, and churches. They offer transfer services both locally and internationally to all banks registered in Zambia.
Current account: active account with frequent transactions
Investment services: deployment of financial assets under various forms
Payment services for payroll management
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Business banking - 1

Corporate finance

Access Bank corporate financing focuses on multinationals, large local and foreign owned companies in various sectors including telecommunications, cement and construction, food and beverages, transportation, household utilities, manufacturing and financial institutions.
Overdrafts for working capital finance used to finance a company’s operations
Term finance for the acquisition of fixed assets
Discount receivables for customers for services rendered by them to their clients
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Access Bank offers customers who have investable funds a low risk investment option at market driven yields. The bank assists customers with investible funds to invest in treasury bills which a risk-free investment with high returns and offer medium term investment with a fixed rate of return.
High yield interest on account savings
Internet and mobile banking
24/7 access to cash and account information
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Investment - 1


At Access Bank, personal loans provide you with dependable financial solutions that help you reach your goals. The bank offers customized and competitive personal loan products to buy a new car, pay school fees, make home improvements or purchase a new home and take the holiday you have always wanted, all within 48 hours.
Personal loan offers up to 36 months repayment plan
Payday advance gives you quick access to cash up to 90% of your net monthly salary
Salary advance gives you access to 50% of your net monthly salary
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MoneyGram is the second largest money transfer company with market-leading growth. The service offers is affordable and faster as it offers same day service. This service is provided by Access Bank. Access Bank cards have multi-channel usage functionality which allows cardholders transact globally.
Send and receive money through Moneygram available at all branches
Money transfer between virtual accounts usually takes a few minutes
Transfers can be performed at any time, anywhere
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Contact information

Thabo Mbeki Road, Lusaka
22768 Thabo Mbeki Road, Acacia Park, Lusaka, Zambia
+260 211 227941, +260 978 779976, +260 968 777555

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