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Established in 1979, Citibank is a leading financial institution with an aim to provide unequalled customer experience and deliver products tailored to meet your specific requirements and needs. The bank offers a full range of banking products and services in retail, business and corporate banking segments. The bank has a team of professional and creative minds focused on providing innovative customer-centric solutions. Citibank currently operates two branches in Lusaka and Ndola.

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Chikwa Road, Lusaka
Citibank House Chikwa Road, Lusaka, Zambia
+260 212 651434, +260 211 229025
PO Box 30037, Lusaka
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Business banking

At Citibank, the commercial bankers have the expertise to take your company to the next level, the bank provides services such as accepting deposits, providing business loans and basic investment products. The bank also has dedicated international specialists to help support your business overseas as well as growth plans.
The bank supports small to medium sized businesses
Provides an array of tailored and unique solutions delivered with proven executional expertise
Help clients address their financial needs by providing expertise and insights
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Business banking - 1

Personal banking

Citibank offers clients a full range of consumer banking needs and services including savings and transactional accounts, mortgages, personal loans, debit cards, and credit cards. The bank has the expertise to make your banking experience easier and your financial goals for the future more attainable.
Savings accounts with competitive interest rates
Help you choose the right mortgage plan for you
Expert staff provides the highest quality service
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Personal banking - 1

Corporate finance

Citibank provides a full array of corporate banking solutions, from cash management, foreign exchange, trade finance, custody, clearing and loans, to capital markets, derivatives, and structured products. The bank aims to deliver corporate banking and finance services to global, regional and local clients.
Dedicated team that ensures clients meet their strategic objectives
Offer advice to clients seeking new partnership
Can create the right structured solutions for your business needs
Corporate finance - 0
Corporate finance - 1


Clients receive tailored financial solutions and strategic advisory services including mergers, acquisitions, divestitures, financial restructurings, underwriting and distributing equity, debt, and derivative securities. The bank has in depth knowledge that allows them to offer the most innovative and comprehensive ideas and solutions.
Comprehensive ideas and solutions in all market conditions
Effectively deliver innovative solutions to clients
Can invest over the medium to long term typically for at least 5 years
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Investment - 1

Contact information

Chikwa Road, Lusaka
Citibank House Chikwa Road, Lusaka, Zambia
+260 212 651434, +260 211 229025
PO Box 30037, Lusaka

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