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Visit Victoria Falls and Zambia’s 20 national parks, enjoy the Zambian safari experience.
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Kalimba Reptile Park image
Kalimba Reptile Park
Tourist attraction
At Kalimba Reptile Park you'll experience giant Nile crocodiles, as well as indigenous snakes, tortoises and other reptiles. It's also one of the few places left in the world where you can see the rare and shy African slender-snouted crocodile. There are also plenty of other activities to fill your time, or to entertain the kids if you'd rather relax by the pool.
Dutch Reformed Church Craft Market
Tourist attraction
Set in a quiet and safe neighbourhood, the Dutch Reformed Church Craft Market is a place where you can buy a wide variety of craft items, locally manufactured furniture, locally produced foods, second hand books, fruits and veg, and plants for your garden. A fund raising activity for the church.
Siavonga - Lake Kariba
Tourist attraction
There are several comfortable hotels, lodges and guesthouses that cater for a variety of needs and a range of budgets. These include: Eagles Rest Resort, Lake Kariba Inn, Lake Safari Lodge and more. There are also various events that take place throughout the year like the tiger challenge which takes place early December.
Gwembe Reptile Park and Safaris
Tourist attraction
Gwembe Reptile Park and Safaris has a collection of Zambia's most notorious reptiles. The reptiles include crocodiles and snakes that have been captured because they were posing a danger to humans and themselves. Watching these reptiles never cease to invoke feelings of fascination, respect and fear in visitors.
Arcades Shopping Mall
Tourist attraction
Sundays are set aside as market day and the grounds of Arcades come alive for the main weekend attraction. There's a hive of activity, a blaze of vibrant colour and a plethora of beautiful handmade Zambian arts and crafts on show. The famous Pakati Market is open every Sunday from 09.00 to 17.00.
Kilimanjaro Country Lodge & Cafe
Tourist attraction
During your stay at Kilimanjaro Country Lodge & Café or while enjoying a meal, guests ought to take time out to admire the arts and craft work on display. The café hosts a crafts shop that offers a wide variety of traditional paintings, key holders, duvet covers, handmade bags, beaded creations, wire sculptures and much more.
Livingstone Performing Arts Foundation
Tourist attraction
Offering cultural dance groups, live music and handicrafts workshops, the Livingstone Performing Arts Foundation is your ideal place to arrange cultural entertainment in Livingstone. The Arts Café has a bar and restaurant, an art gallery, artisan workshops, and a theatre where the shows takes place.
Chimfunshi Wildlife Orphanage and Trust
Tourist attraction
This is a not for profit organization dedicated to the care and well being of 120 chimpanzees, most of which were rescued from poachers, dilapidated zoos, circuses, and the bush meat trade. Chimfunshi Wildlife Orphanage and Trust operates entirely on donations and sponsorship provided by valued donors, volunteers and visitors.
Funky Frogs Zambia
Indoor play centre
Funky Frogs Zambia is a fun and safe play venue with a huge jumping castle, doll house, dress up corner, scooter track, swings, slides and jungle gyms. There are holiday clubs for those kids who want to join them over school holidays doing experiments, making crafts, singing and having loads of fun.
Kuomboka Ceremony
Tourist attraction
With a rich cultural background, exciting tales of magic and mystery and the colourful eventfulness of it all, the Kuomboka ceremony is definitely a must see. Visitors are welcome to the ceremony and Kuomboka cultural tours can be arranged by the Zambian tour operators.
Kabwata Cultural Village
Tourist attraction
Kabwata Cultural Village is actually home to 72 woodcarvers and artists who showcase their products. Besides being close to the first home of Dr Kenneth Kaunda, Zambia's first President, Kabwata Cultural Village is a great place to see various indigenous artworks.

Tourist attractions

Visit Victoria Falls and Zambia’s 20 national parks, enjoy the Zambian safari experience.

Zambian attractions include places to visit for a few hours or for the whole day. There are many popular tourist places and attractions in Zambia with main places to visit like Victoria Falls and Zambia’s 20 national parks where you can enjoy the Zambian safari experience. This range of Zambia attractions and activities are destinations that offer something of interest to see or do and are often great places for family entertainment. While in Zambia take time with friends or family to explore Zambia's popular tourist attractions and activities for an experience of a lifetime, creating amazing memories. There is so much to explore, you will definitely fall in love with Zambia's beautiful tourist attractions!

Regarded as one of the most beautiful, friendly, diverse and unspoilt countries on the entire African continent, Zambia has more natural water resources than any other Southern African country, including a myriad of other falls dotted across the country, not to mention the famous Zambezi River. The many national parks offer great opportunities for observing Africa’s plains game and their attendant predators, whilst bustling urban areas offer a taste of eclectic Zambian culture.


Zambia is one of the most water rich countries in Africa with over sixteen (16) rivers.

Three top rivers in Zambia:

  • Kafue River
  • Luangwa
  • Zambezi River


Zambia has two types of lakes; man-made lakes and natural lakes. The man-made lakes are Kariba and Itezhi - tezhi, and the rest are natural lakes like Bangweulu, Tanganyika, Mweru-Wantipa, Mweru-Luapula and Lukanga. Lake Tanganyika is the longest lake in the world, while Lake Kariba is Africa’s largest man-made dam.

Others include:

  • Lake Kashiba
  • Lake Ishiba Ng'andu
  • Mofwe Lagoon
  • Lake Mweru


The most spectacular is of course the not-to-be-missed Victoria Falls, but there are 17 other beautiful falls dotted around the country. Waterfall tours are becoming a popular trip providing access to these out of the way delights. Major waterfalls include:

  • Ngonye Falls
  • Kalambo Falls
  • Kundalila Falls
  • Lumangwe Falls

National Parks

National parks are used for conservation purposes, it is a reserve of natural, semi-natural or developed land that the state owns. National parks are great places filled with lots of natural wonders for you to explore and have an amazing experience observing wildlife. In Zambia there are about 20 national parks and 34 game management areas in Zambia, South Luangwa, Kafue and Lower Zambezi rank among the finest game parks in the world. Some of Zambia's national parks include; Luangwa National Park, Mosi oa Tunya Park, Lower Zambezi National Park, South Luangwa National Park, Lochnivar National Park and Kasanka National Park.

Arts and Craft markets

Zambia’s largest open-air market takes place every last Saturday of the month at the Dutch Reformed Church in the Kabulonga area of Lusaka. Artisans from Zambia and neighboring countries bring their arts and crafts to you. It’s one of the few places where you can find Zimbabwean soap stone sold next to Zambian copper plates. You can also taste a variety of ethnic dishes and buy produce. If you miss this market, try the smaller Sunday Market at the Arcades Shopping Centre in Lusaka that happens every week.

Cultural ceremonies

With a rich cultural background, exciting tales of magic and mystery and the colourful eventfulness of it all, the Kuomboka Ceremony is definitely a must-see. The Kuomboka Ceremony is amongst Zambia's popular traditional ceremonies. The Kuomboka Ceremony is held annually to mark the movement of the king to higher ground at the beginning of the rains. It's a time of great celebration, and the ceremony is conducted to the pounding of drums, while the paddlers, resplendent in animal skins, dance and sing.