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Solwezi, Zambia
+260 211 257642
PO Box 50628, Ridgeway Lusaka Province
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Mining enterprises

Lumwana Mining represents one of the largest copper reserve in Zambia and in the world having estimated reserves of 1.18 billion tonnes of ore grading 0.68% copper. The Lumwana area covers 1355 km2 and includes two major copper deposits including Malundwe and Chimiwungo.
Largest single open cut copper mine in Africa
Two major copper deposits, Malundwe and Chimiwungo
One of the most prospective copper regions in the world
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Mining enterprises - 3

Mining processing & refining

The Malundwe and Chimiwungo deposits are mined sequentially by open-pit methods. Apart from copper, Lumwana Mining also produces cobalt, gold, and uranium. Lumwana ore, which is predominantly sulfide, is treated through a conventional sulfide flotation plant, producing copper concentrate for smelting.
Eco-friendly mining and processing methods
Openpit mining method
Concentrates are smelted and refined into metal at smelters
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Drilling & Exploration

Lumwana Mining uses different drilling and exploration techniques for a wide range of materials – including explosives, processing reagents, and fuels – in their day-to-day operations. The company have a highly skilled team and fleet of surveying equipment to meet its target even with geological or environmental obstacles.
Operate in a safe and responsible manner
Uses different drilling and exploration techniques
Highly skilled team
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Mining engineering

Lumwana Mining cover a wide range of mining engineering services including technical feasibility considerations, general issues of mine planning, closure and restoration. The company ensures that they cover infrastructure and environmental services for mines and protecting resources, through to planning and risk management services.
Managing construction projects and underground excavations
Developing detailed designs for mineral extraction and processing
Ensuring the health and safety of mines
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Contact information

Solwezi, Zambia
+260 211 257642
PO Box 50628, Ridgeway Lusaka Province

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