Mining engineering businesses in Zambia

Companies doing mine design, planning and engineering engaged in light and heavy industry
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Chibuluma Mines Plc
Mining engineering
Chibuluma Mines possesses extensive experience in mining copper ore, processing it into concentrate. The company combines geological, planning, mine selection, infrastructure, environmental management, operational requirements and financial aspects of mining to address various conflicting objectives in mine development.
First Quantum Minerals Ltd
Mining engineering
First Quantum has the engineering discipline to apply science and technology to the extraction of minerals from the earth. They provide mining engineering that is associated with many other disciplines, such as geology, mineral processing and metallurgy, geotechnical engineering and surveying.
Lumwana Mining cover a wide range of mining engineering services including technical feasibility considerations, general issues of mine planning, closure and restoration. The company ensures that they cover infrastructure and environmental services for mines and protecting resources, through to planning and risk management services.
Amerex Engineering Zambia
Mining engineering
Amerex Engineering Zambia represents international light engineering supply companies. It has set up a specialised workshop to provide a quality back-up service that includes manufacture, installation and maintenance. Amerex Engineering Zambia are currently establishing a training school.

Mining engineering

Companies doing mine design, planning and engineering engaged in light and heavy industry

If you are looking for companies that offer mining engineering services you will find in this section a number of Zambian or international companies engaged in light or heavy engineering specialised in supporting Zambia’s prominent mining industry. Underground mine design, planning and engineering of Zambia’s minerals come from underground mines require efficient and accurate operations to keep unit production costs low. Open-pit mine design, planning and engineering Zambia’s minerals come from open-pit mines which depend on moving large volumes of rock. It is vital to run an efficient operation based on an optimal mine design and scheduling.

Mining engineering is an engineering discipline that involves the practice, theory, science, technology, and application of extracting and processing minerals from their natural environments. In a world of competing technologies and scarce mineral resources, the mining industry continues to have an obligation of making available these resources to the world community while at the same time ensuring that our earthly resources are efficiently extracted from the ground in a sustainable way. In order to arise to this challenge, mining engineering continues to provide opportunities to develop the industry.

Because mining engineering is so predominately and intimately associated with one industry, it is instructive to discuss briefly the industry itself.

The first and most visible distinction is the one between surface mining and underground mining. In surface mining, the mineral of interest is removed in the open air, frequently after the preliminary removal of sterile overburden. In underground mining, access to a subsurface mineral is developed and the mineral of interest is removed underneath overlying ground.

A second important distinction is the one between hard-rock and soft-rock mining. The type of rock strongly affects the mining methods and equipment used. A classification based on the type of resources recovered is between metal and nonmetal mining. The latter category usually is divided into coal, or more broadly fuels, and industrial minerals. Nonmetal mining is, by far, the dominant branch of the industry. It moves much larger rock volumes, its total production has a considerably larger value, it employs many more people, at a larger number of mines, and it has the bulk of the invested capital.