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Madison General Insurance has been the insurer of preferred choice since 1992. With a rich portfolio of satisfied clients and a growing list, they boast a presence in 6 out of 10 provinces in Zambia and plans are underway to increase our customer touch-points through more branches and mobile offices. Madison's claims payment period is comparable to none in the industry coupled with unprecedented quality customer service. You do not just buy insurance with Madison, you earn the right to a peace of mind.

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Independence Avenue, Lusaka
Plot 318 Independence Avenue, Lusaka, Zambia
+260 211 378700
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Business general Insurance

Madison General has an excellent management and underwriting team that is well respected in the insurance market. Their combined skills in insurance company management and insurance underwriting, coupled with the company's high standard of service and excellent reputation have given the company a lead Zambia.
A motor insurance package is all inclusive
Designed to meet the different needs that you have.
Can be purchased online
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Business general Insurance - 1
Business general Insurance - 2
Business general Insurance - 3

Personal general insurance

Buy your house and motor insurance online by logging onto Madison portal. and have your documents delivered to your doorstep. Madison General deliver countrywide. Madison General provides comprehensive cover at a favorable rate for home and car insurance.
Motor and home insurance on the go
Door-step documents delivery
Door-step property inspections
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Personal general insurance - 1
Personal general insurance - 2
Personal general insurance - 3

Casualty insurance

Casualty insurances are generally designed to cover rights and interests rather than assets. The various policies under the casualty department include the protection of your business and your employee, the public, burglary, fraud, accident, directors' and officers liability, professional indemnity
Designed to cover rights and interests rather than assets
Directors' and officers liability
Customer protection
Casualty insurance - 0
Casualty insurance - 1
Casualty insurance - 2
Casualty insurance - 3

Agriculture insurance

Madison General Insurance Company offers an agriculture package that is comprehensive in it cover. Specialist farm insurance cover across the agricultural industry. that can cover buildings and contents, large and small farms with a wide range of options for farm, household, livestock, employers public and product liability.
Crop insurance
Livestock insurance
Agripack comprehensive insurance package
Agriculture insurance - 0
Agriculture insurance - 1
Agriculture insurance - 2
Agriculture insurance - 3

Marine insurance

Having peace of mind while your goods travel from point of origin to your customers and partners is quite cardinal. Madison General Insurance Company presents you with a wide range of solutions that you need, to ensure your cargo is covered; shielding you from potential large financial losses to your business.
Have the skills and solutions to offer your business.
Goods in transit and single in-land transit
Marine open cover and marine specific
Marine insurance - 0
Marine insurance - 1
Marine insurance - 2
Marine insurance - 3

Property insurance

Property insurance protects your tangible assets and equipment against most risks to property, such as fire, theft and some weather damage. This includes specialized forms of insurance such as fire insurance, flood insurance, earthquake insurance, home insurance, or boiler insurance.
Fire and allied perils and fire business interruption
Office, house owners and householders
Contractors plant and erection all risks
Property insurance - 0
Property insurance - 1
Property insurance - 2
Property insurance - 3

Engineering insurance

The term 'engineering insurance' can describe any type of insurance related to the erection of buildings and construction projects, including the building and operation of machinery. This policy safeguards engineering businesses to the risks faced by the ongoing construction and installation projects.
Comprehensive liability insurance
Insurance for your plant and machinery
Personal accident insurance
Engineering insurance - 0
Engineering insurance - 1
Engineering insurance - 2
Engineering insurance - 3

Contact information

Independence Avenue, Lusaka
Plot 318 Independence Avenue, Lusaka, Zambia
+260 211 378700

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