Construction insurance businesses in Zambia

Insurance companies that provide construction projects with cover or protection from loss
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African Grey Insurance Company
Construction insurance
Construction insurance helps contractors to manage risk effectively, earning higher profits and having lower operating costs. African Grey offers advance payment, tender, performance, retention and customs bonds. The company has an experienced team that is exclusively dedicated to the construction industry.
Property insurance protects your tangible assets and equipment against most risks to property, such as fire, theft and some weather damage. This includes specialized forms of insurance such as fire insurance, flood insurance, earthquake insurance, home insurance, or boiler insurance.

Construction insurance

Insurance companies that provide construction projects with cover or protection from loss

Construction insurance covers damage to property and/or third-party injury or damage claims. Construction insurance is required on all construction projects, providing coverage for material, risks, natural disasters, employees and even your own business. Property owners or project developers may require building companies to have construction insurance in order to qualify to participate in their bidding processes. On Infobwana you will find insurance companies offering construction insurance cover to the construction industry in Zambia.

There are insurance companies in Zambia that provide the construction sector with all risk insurance as a comprehensive insurance policy that covers various civil engineering projects, like buildings, water tanks, sewage treatment plans, flyovers, airports, etc. There are many types of construction insurance cover:

General liability insurance

Professional liability insurance

Pollution liability insurance

Business vehicle and commercial auto insurance

Inland marine insurance

Contractor license bonds or surety bonds

Workers' compensation insurance

Cyber insurance

A good builder liability insurance coverage can protect against injuries or accidents that may happen on the job. In addition construction workers can accidentally damage property by mishandling materials and tools, or while the remodelling process is underway.

Construction insurance is usuall required for all construction projects. In many instances, it is a requirement to have some sort of specific coverage in order to be awarded a contract. Insurance companies, working hand in hand with the construction industry, is always on the lookout to cover every unique situation. On Infobwana find the insurance companies and brokers in Zambia that can insure your project.