Engineering insurance businesses in Zambia

Safeguard against risks involved in ongoing installation projects and machinery operation
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African Grey Insurance Company
Engineering insurance
Insurance services that are dependant on the industry/business and risks encountered during operations. With vast expertise and experience, African Grey Insurance Company offers a wide range of engineering covers to suit the needs of all manufacturing, distribution and construction businesses.
The term 'engineering insurance' can describe any type of insurance related to the erection of buildings and construction projects, including the building and operation of machinery. This policy safeguards engineering businesses to the risks faced by the ongoing construction and installation projects.

Engineering insurance

Safeguard against risks involved in ongoing installation projects and machinery operation

On Infobwana you will find insurance companies offering engineering insurance in Zambia. This covers risks encountered during engineering contract implementation and execution, such as machine and equipment cover, machinery breakdown insurance, and loss compensation. Real estate enterprises, production and processing enterprises, and electrical power, gas and water production and supply enterprises, are among the types of companies that may require engineering insurance.

Engineering insurance offers economic protection during installations and while operating specialist equipment and machinery, designing systems and even working with computer software and hardware. Tailored to the industry and the type of work undertaken, whether that’s in the power and energy industry, biomedical or signal processing – just making sure the quote specifies exactly what is covered by the insurance.

Without the right insurance, some contracts and projects could be deemed too risky to attract investment. In that sense, companies offering engineering insurance are giving an extremely valuable service.