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Samfya, Zambia

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Lavushi Manda National Park is a protected natural resource that sits in the Lukulu and Lulimala river catchment area, covering an area of 1,500 sq. km. The park provides economic value to Zambia as well as a place of great interest for tourists looking for adventure. Safaris are offered throughout the park, with guests able to explore its vast upland area from the comfort of a 4x4 vehicle. The park is managed by The Kasanka Trust, which works to ensure that the local environment is conserved and protected for generations to come. As well as offering safaris, the Trust also works with local communities to help protect precious wildlife and habitats through conservation initiatives. Lavushi Manda National Park is an important asset for Zambia, both economically and environmentally, and its conservation is essential. Tourism brings money into the local economy that can be reinvested into the maintenance of the park, benefiting all those who live nearby. With its unique biodiversity and stunning landscapes, this national park is an ideal destination for those looking to experience the wonders of Zambia's wildlife.

Natural resource

This park is a great example of how nature and people can coexist harmoniously. The Kasanka Trust oversees the park, dedicated to safeguarding and preserving the local environment for future generations. Its continued protection will ensure that the area remains an important asset. With its rich wildlife and stunning landscapes, Lavushi Manda National Park provides visitors with an unforgettable experience. Whether you’re looking for a holiday safari or an educational trip, this national park is the perfect destination.
Partnering with the Kasanka Trust for sustainable growth
Rich wildlife and stunning landscapes
Nearby villages providing a deeper insight into Zambian culture
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Place of interest

The Lavushi Manda camping experience is like no other, in terms of giving an authentic African experience while still providing a comfortable environment. It's easy to become completely immersed in the park's natural beauty. From the breathtakingly clear waters of the lake to the rugged landscape that surrounds it, you can truly experience nature up close and personal. The campsites here are a great way to experience Lavushi Manda without breaking the bank. Not only will you get to enjoy all of its beauty, but also get to take part in some truly unique activities. Whether it's fishing in the lake or exploring the nearby villages, there is something here for everyone!
An authentic African experience, enjoy a comfortable and economical stay
Breathtaking views, friendly locals, and amazing activities, an unforgettable stay
Wake up to the melodic symphony of birdsong greeting the dawn
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Tourist attraction

Lavushi Manda National Park in Zambia is a must-visit for any tourist looking for a unique wilderness experience. Rolling hills, rich riparian forests, and striking rocky outcrops are just some of the highlights of this picturesque park. There is also magnificent wildlife and bird life to be found here, as well as a variety of rivers ideal for boat safaris. You can also join one of the park's guided safaris. Photographers will have plenty to capture, with the park's array of stunning landscapes and diverse wildlife. So don't miss out on the chance to explore Lavushi Manda National Park - it's certainly an experience you won't forget.
Rolling hills, lush riparian vegetation and dramatic rocky outcrops
Guides with an immense knowledge of the park, its habitats and wildlife
Nearby Bangweulu floodplains for lush scenery and interesting wildlife
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Lavushi National Park is the perfect destination for an exciting safari experience. Located in Zambia, this fantastic park offers a variety of activities to suit the most discerning explorer. From bird watching and canoeing to fishing, safari drives and walking safaris, Lavushi National Park has something for everyone. Visitors should be sure to prepare for their visit to the park with an eye for adventure. From wildlife sightings to amazing rivers, a stay in Lavushi National Park promises a once-in-a-lifetime experience that you won't soon forget. Pack your tent and get ready to explore this incredible place. With so much to do, Lavushi National Park is an ideal destination for any safari enthusiast.
Verdant woodlands, along serene river banks
Rolling hills with breathtaking views of the African wilderness
From bird watching and canoeing to fishing, safari drives and walking safaris
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