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A full service veterinary company that provides professional horse veterinary care as well as pet transport and pet care services, such as boarding facilities. With a highly skilled team, Glencoe Farming and Veterinary Services strives to provide each animal at their facility with the highest quality care, in a relaxed and friendly environment. If it is a challenge to take your animal to a clinic, Glencoe is always happy to come to you with their house call service. They can perform a range of services including examinations, vaccinations, diagnostics and much more without you having to leave the house.

Pet import and export

Are you relocating to another country and looking for a company that can safely export your pet? Or are you coming to live in Zambia and want to import your pet? Glencoe Farming and Veterinary Services provides safe and reliable animal transport services for household pets and exotic animals. Get in touch with Glencoe for answers to your animal transport requirements.
Animal transport services for household pets and exotic animals
Company stays abreast with up-to-date animal travel requirements
Strong partnerships with airlines and pet travel agents
Pet import and export - 0
Pet import and export - 1
Pet import and export - 2
Pet import and export - 3

Horse veterinary services

Glencoe Farming and Veterinary Services can take care of all of your horse's medical needs. Focused on providing first-rate veterinary care, Glencoe takes every possible measure to give your horse the care it deserves for best health and well-being. Their veterinarians will recommend a wellness programme for your horse, including routine tests.
A modern and progressive full service veterinary clinic
On site and off-site services and treatments
Committed to improving the health and well-being of horses
Horse veterinary services - 0
Horse veterinary services - 1
Horse veterinary services - 2
Horse veterinary services - 3

Clinic & Kennels

Glencoe Farming and Veterinary Services offers an extensive range of pet care services including emergency care, preventive medicine, ophthalmology, radiology, ultrasonography, dentistry and grooming. The company also provides kennels and a cattery for boarding animals at their farm. Glencoe pride themselves in offering loving, dependable and affordable pet care services.
Loving, dependable and affordable pet care services
Kennels and cattery at the Glencoe farm, for boarding animals
Keep your pet healthy and happy
Clinic & Kennels - 0
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Clinic & Kennels - 3

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Chilanga, Lusaka, Zambia

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