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Clinical and preventive services, treatment of animals, avoiding the outbreak of diseases
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Glencoe Farming & Veterinary image
Glencoe Farming & Veterinary
Horse veterinary services
Glencoe Farming and Veterinary Services can take care of all of your horse's medical needs. Focused on providing first-rate veterinary care, Glencoe takes every possible measure to give your horse the care it deserves for best health and well-being. Their veterinarians will recommend a wellness programme for your horse, including routine tests.
PetMedic Veterinary Services
Veterinary services
PetMedic Veterinary Services offers boarding (cats and dogs), a microchip identification service, dog grooming, emergency care of animals, animal ophthalmology. As well as animal preventive medicine, radiology, computerised blood analysis, biochemistry blood tests and ultrasonography for animals.
Wellfind Vet Clinic
Farm animal vet services
This clinic understands that veterinary services are an important part to keeping livestock healthy. Wellfind Vet Clinic (WVC) is a full service clinic that offers medical services and surgeries for your farm animals. It is Wellfind Vet Clinic's commitment to provide quality care throughout the life of your animals.
Bayhealth Veterinary Services
Veterinary services
Bayhealth's comprehensive services ensure that your animals enjoy good health. The Healthy Pet Club gives members preventive health care services for their pets, at discounted prices on products and services. Bayhealth also has a herd health programme to help farmers keep their livestock productive and in good health.
Bimeda Zambia Ltd
Veterinary pharmaceuticals
Bimeda Zambia is renowned for its high quality veterinary pharmaceuticals. It is a global operation, with seven manufacturing facilities and five R&D facilities across four continents. Zambian animal health professionals can therefore be assured that these products have been developed to the highest international quality standards.
Animal diagnostic testing
Vetlab professionally isolates and identifies viruses and bacteria from sick animals using microbiological methods as well as molecular techniques, thus aiding veterinarians in diagnosis and treatment. Screening can be done on your animal or from samples collected at your facility and submitted to them. Vetlab's testing services are available at affordable rates, ideal for a wide range of clientele including livestock farmers, animal breeders and veterinarians.

Veterinary services

Clinical and preventive services, treatment of animals, avoiding the outbreak of diseases

Professional veterinary services include care of both domestic and farm animals including horses. Vets offer advise on the health of your animals, including pets, and also supply the medicine your animals may need. Find comprehensive and dedicated services for farmers and smallholders across Zambia who raise dairy cattle, beef cattle, sheep, goats, pigs and poultry, to improve the health and welfare of Zambia’s animal herds. Vet services are often mobile and can assist with importing and exporting of pets, with cages for pet travel, microchip identification and collars for easy identification.

Clinical health services and the provision of veterinary drugs are the closest to being pure private goods. The economic and institutional framework of the livestock industry is quite different in several respects in developed and developing countries.

The subsistence nature of the livestock industry in developing countries, and the threat of serious outbreaks of contagious diseases are all problems that need to be confronted in designing reforms. Reforms need to recognize the need to develop the private veterinary service and to phase-in cost recovery measures. Para-veterinary technicians can play an important role in the privatization process in developing countries.

Veterinary services fall into four main categories:

  • Clinical services - treatment of diseased animals and control of production limiting disorders
  • Preventive services - avoiding the outbreak of diseases
  • Provision of drugs, vaccines and other products such as artificial insemination
  • Human health protection inspection of marketed animal products

In most developed countries, where private veterinary practitioners provide by far the largest share of services to livestock owners, governments retain special services connected with the:

  • Control of epidemic diseases
  • Control of the import and the certification of export of animals
  • Certification of the quality and of true labelling of drugs and vaccines
  • Inspection of meat and other livestock products
  • Operation of an adequate laboratory capacity
  • Supervision of breeding centres and quarantine premises.

Veterinary Services also play a central role in ensuring the responsible and prudent use of veterinary medicinal products, including antimicrobial agents. This helps to minimise the likelihood of non-compliance regarding veterinary drug residues in food of animal origin and the development of antimicrobial resistance.

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