Specialist transport businesses in Zambia

Animal and secured transport, rescue and fire fighting, out of gauge and dangerous cargo.
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Glencoe Farming & Veterinary image
Glencoe Farming & Veterinary
Pet import and export
Are you relocating to another country and looking for a company that can safely export your pet? Or are you coming to live in Zambia and want to import your pet? Glencoe Farming and Veterinary Services provides safe and reliable animal transport services for household pets and exotic animals. Get in touch with Glencoe for answers to your animal transport requirements.
PetMedic Veterinary Services
Pet transport
Lusaka +2
PetMedic Veterinary Services offers safe and comfortable travel of pets by road or air, accompanied or unaccompanied. The company handles all your import and export permits and is able to book flights and pre-clear pets on your behalf. PetMedic can facilitate travel of animals and liaise with pet travel agents from other countries.
Baldys Mechanical Services
Vehicle recovery
Baldys offers breakdown recovery, motor vehicle transportation, and storage services. The company has easy access to major high ways, meaning they are able to respond quickly and efficiently. Baldys operates a fleet of vehicles and trailers, purpose-designed to carry cars, vans, and other machinery or equipment.
If you're planning a big national or international move, Bayhealth Veterinary Services are on hand to help move your four legged family members with ease and care. Their pet travel packages and services include logistics support, health services, documentation and advice. The team will ensure that all processes are carried out in a timely manner.
Lusaka Consolidators
Heavy duty vehicle recovery
This company delivers premium towing services for heavy duty vehicles throughout Zambia, SADC and COMESA regions. Lusaka Consolidators has invested in a fleet of up-to-date towing vehicles and equipment to efficiently carry out its services. The company takes pride in its quick, affordable and professional service.
Mega Earth Movers
Abnormal load transportation
Mega Earth Movers offers world class abnormal load transportation services within Zambia and neighbouring countries. The company makes sure that all equipment is delivered on time and without damages. During transportation, Mega Earth Movers regularly keeps its clients informed on the status of their cargo.

Specialist transport

Animal and secured transport, rescue and fire fighting, out of gauge and dangerous cargo.
Transporting fit for travel livestock - cattle, sheep, goats, horses, pigs and poultry
Cash and valuables in transit transporting, storing, sorting cash and other valuables, for retail

Details are listed here for all companies specialising in providing different modes of transport in Zambia. Find companies specialised in animal transport and secured transport in this section. Cash-in-transit is an example of specialist transport - the physical transfer of banknotes, coins and items of value from one location to another. The locations include cash centres and bank branches, ATM points, large retailers and other premises holding large amounts of cash. Many cash in transit companies is private security companies that offer cash handling as part of their services by providing secured transport. Animal transport is another specialist transport service that is regulated to ensure the animals are humanely handled and transported, livestock ownership is certified and disease is not spread in the process.

Specialist transportation includes transportation of unusual load types that goes way beyond just a simple process of load transportation. It provides over-the-road transportation of freight, which due to its unusual size, shape and weight require the use of specialised equipment such as flatbeds, refrigerated trailers and tankers.

In this section, we have profiled various companies that offer a comprehensive range of specialist transport solutions that are tailored to your industry-specific needs. They can organise delivery using almost any kind of specialised transport, in compliance with the required rules and regulations. These transportation solutions and expertise are complemented by their cross-dock and storage services as well as client activities such as loading operations.

Service providers here strive to be flexible and reliable partners for your transport needs. Whether you need refrigerated shipping, hazardous materials or expedited services, they can help.

These companies have experienced teams of professional drivers and office staff who are critical to their goal of delivering outstanding service. The industries whom they service include, but are not limited to food and beverage, consumer goods, raw and finished materials and the meat industries.

Some of the types of transport you will find here include:

  • Dangerous goods
  • Temperature-controlled transport
  • Steel products transportation
  • Hanging garments
  • Odd size/out of gauge
  • High-value goods
  • Bulk cargo

When it comes to specialist transport, it is crucial to find a reliable and experienced transportation partner. Transporting specialised freight comes with many challenges, such as complicated handling, proper equipment, strict safety compliance, and accurate shipment planning. Specialised shipping services allow companies with specialised freight and equipment to move freight safely and efficiently.

Companies listed here know how to provide you with the best and the most optimal solution for all types of cargo. They take the approach to each challenge with precision and planning, integrated and with a positive attitude. This strategy helps them eliminate risks on the road to the very minimum.