Secured transport businesses in Zambia

Cash and valuables in transit transporting, storing, sorting cash and other valuables, for retail
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Baldys Mechanical Services
Vehicle recovery
Baldys offers breakdown recovery, motor vehicle transportation, and storage services. The company has easy access to major high ways, meaning they are able to respond quickly and efficiently. Baldys operates a fleet of vehicles and trailers, purpose-designed to carry cars, vans, and other machinery or equipment.
Lusaka Consolidators
Heavy duty vehicle recovery
This company delivers premium towing services for heavy duty vehicles throughout Zambia, SADC and COMESA regions. Lusaka Consolidators has invested in a fleet of up-to-date towing vehicles and equipment to efficiently carry out its services. The company takes pride in its quick, affordable and professional service.
Mega Earth Movers
Abnormal load transportation
Mega Earth Movers offers world class abnormal load transportation services within Zambia and neighbouring countries. The company makes sure that all equipment is delivered on time and without damages. During transportation, Mega Earth Movers regularly keeps its clients informed on the status of their cargo.

Secured transport

Cash and valuables in transit transporting, storing, sorting cash and other valuables, for retail

Secured transport is the specialized transportation of security-sensitive cargo (arms, ammunition and explosives), high-value commercial freight, low level radioactive and other hazardous materials. The goal is to provide the customers with the highest level of security, safety and on-time delivery. Securing, tracking, and delivering the shipment safely and on time is the priority. Cash and valuables in transit companies are involved in transporting, storing and sorting cash and other valuables, typically for retail and financial organisations. They play a vital role in replenishing and protecting cash supplies for the business. A range of services is available to suit the different needs of small, medium and large companies.

Due to the nature of the service unfortunately crime is a real challenge a huge amount of security measures to combat robbery and new technologies are constantly being explored and liaison with the police to ensure effective intelligence gathering, collation of up-to-date statistics and valuable joint initiatives.

Most carriers in the armoured car industry provide a total cash management solution for their customers. Customers consist largely of financial and retail businesses but also include government agencies and any business requiring the protection, storage, distribution and management of valuables.

In Zambia companies that provide secured transport are mainly security firms that provide a service to move money from bank to bank and or from banks to ATMs. Armed police provide protection as they move from location to location. These are listed here.

Other secured transport companies provide the security for trucks carrying valuable goods like copper passing through high-risk areas. Other companies provide forward and rear vehicles to warn the oncoming traffic of trucks carrying abnormal wide loads.

Animal or pet transport may also be classified as a secure transport. Breakdown recovery companies are also a form of specialized secure transport