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Find land for purchase by Zambian nationals, companies, established residents and investors.
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Love The Land
Small holdings
Love the Land offers small holdings together with a land purchase plan enabling you to have your own land without the need for immediate payment, additional collateral or expensive borrowing - an opportunity to farm and at the same time create a legacy for your family. Plots for immediate occupation come as standard 2 Ha, with some boundary plots being +/- 2 Ha in size.
African Grey Insurance Company
Agricultural insurance services
African Grey Insurance offers innovative and tailor-made insurance solutions that cover farmers against financial losses faced due to various risks encountered in their farming activities. Customers can select from a wide selection of coverage levels and price options.
Madison General Insurance Company offers an agriculture package that is comprehensive in it cover. Specialist farm insurance cover across the agricultural industry. that can cover buildings and contents, large and small farms with a wide range of options for farm, household, livestock, employers public and product liability.
Luck One Enterprise and Property Ltd
Agricultural land & property
Working with agricultural specialists, this company specialises in the selling of land for various farming activities. Luck One Enterprise and Property also offers a wide selection of farm houses for sale or rent. Their team ensures that they offer expert advice, recommending a piece of land that meets your agricultural requirements.
Professional Insurance Corporation Zambia Plc
Agriculture insurance
Lusaka +15
Designed to suit the specific needs of farmers in Zambia, Pro-Agripak is a single, multiple-cover insurance policy. Professional Insurance offers this policy to ensure that farmers and their customers are protected when the unexpected happens.
Veritas General Insurance Plc
Agriculture insurance
Veritas General Insurance Plc offers agricultural insurance that is geared to covering losses from adverse weather conditions, livestock disease and similar events that the Zambian farmer may face. The company's agricultural insurance policies include crop insurance, livestock insurance and their comprehensive 'agripak' package.
Roma Park
Commercial & residential property investments
Developed by CPD Properties, a leading property and real estate agent, Roma Park is a corporate property development of international standards with long-term investment value. The company commissioned both Zambian and international architects to develop its design and construction.
Homenet Zambia
Farms, tourism sites and lodges
Lusaka +2
Focused on giving exclusive advantages to buyers and sellers, Homenet offers a wide selection of agricultural land, tourism sites, and lodges. The company ensures that it provides each client with professional support and guidance through their transactions. Homenet has the experience, knowledge, and expertise to deliver.
Pam Golding
Agricultural land & property
If you desire to buy or rent farmland, Pam Golding will assist you with managing your property investment. The company will conduct feasibility and viability studies on your behalf. Pam Golding serve to provide clients with the necessary professionalism and care which they deserve by ensuring the client enjoys a unique property experience.
Fairworld Properties
Agricultural and industrial property
Whether you are looking to buy, sell or lease agricultural land and property, Fairworld Properties are a professional, full-service real estate company specialising in the sale of commercial farms and industrial properties. The company takes pride in their ability to provide unparalleled customer service to a diverse clientele.
VDF Properties
Agricultural land & property
Search and choose from a wide selection of property as well as land for agricultural purposes. If you're a seller, you can also engage VDF Properties to help you. Their team will ensure the sale advances as swiftly and as efficiently as possible.
Seeff Properties Zambia
Agricultural land & property
Zambian farmland is becoming increasingly popular as an investment and Seeff Properties Zambia has an investment department with a professional team in the market specialising in the acquisition of farmland, other agricultural investments and information in areas such as tourist land areas like national parks.

Land & Property

Find land for purchase by Zambian nationals, companies, established residents and investors.
Land on sale for commercial or subsistence farming agricultural property for sale.
Establish land maps and boundaries for ownership, location and for government details of land
Livestock crop and farm property and equipment insurance. To protect from setbacks

These are categories for land and property information in Zambia. Land can be purchased only by Zambia nationals, companies, established residents and investors. Individuals holding an entry permit may also purchase land. Land may be leased for up to 99 years. Outlined here is a list of companies offering this and where you can find all the necessary information about land and property. As land is valuable it is necessary to find companies of the highest standards of quality and integrity in commercial and residential property transactional, management and advisory services.

Are you looking to buy land, a farm, a house or any other investment property? The process of buying in Zambia is very easy. However, proper procedures must be followed to avoid getting swindled and ensure potential loopholes are checked and clarified before purchase. Once the procedure is followed and everything is laid out by you the buyer and the seller in writing, your transaction will flow smoothly.

A few tips before buying land

Irrespective of your intentions, there is a lot to know before investing in land. As Infobwana, we have prepared this section to give you some of the things you need to know before buying property in Zambia.

  • Ask yourself why you are buying land - This is your intended use of the land
  • Location - When looking for land, you must develop a general idea of where you would like to make a purchase. Do some research to appreciate the location of the land.
  • Understand the land on the market – There is a difference between land that has never been developed and land which has been built over previously. The different land is subject to different planning requirements.
  • Growth potential – Is your land due to benefit from improved infrastructure development by the government? If yes, the developments will improve the value of the property.
  • Costs – Know the kind of expenses you expect to incur when buying land.
  • Zoning restrictions - restrictions of what can be built on each piece of property. These are very strict rules and regulations imposed by the Lusaka City Council. These rules regulate what a piece of land can be used for; either residential, commercial, or industrial.
  • Land survey – The land may look like it’s just an empty field but it’s crucial to engage a surveyor to carry out a thorough land survey. It is always best to be on the safe side and to seek professional advice.