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This company is one of the leading general insurance companies in Zambia that covers a comprehensive range of business and personal general insurance classes including marine, aviation and incidental risks (but not life insurance cover). The corporation enjoys quality re-insurance support from the world's first, second, third and fifth largest re-insurers. Professional Insurance Corporation Zambia gives its customers the best package in line with their operations, structure and working environment.

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Great North Road, Lusaka
Head Office: Great North Road, Finsbury Park, Lusaka, Zambia
+260 211 366703, +260 211 366710, +260 956 659857
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Business general Insurance

Professional Insurance Corporation Zambia offers insurance cover for commercial property, business interruption, burglary and loss of money, glass, public liability, product liability, machinery, computers and other electronic equipment. With its vast experience, Professional Insurance identifies the risk associated with each business.
Wide array of insurance covers for businesses
Can tailor a specialised package
Professionally identifies various risks associated with a business
Business general Insurance - 0
Business general Insurance - 1
Business general Insurance - 2
Business general Insurance - 3

Business liability insurance

Accidents happen on site, off site, with employees and with customers. Professional Insurance Corporation offers this policy to protect businesses against claims for income loss, bodily injury and property damage. A wide range of insurance plans are offered. These can be customised through the addition of relevant options.
Policy to protect businesses against liability claims
Saves business owners the risk of having to pay expensive legal fees
Offers a wide range of insurance plans that can be customised
Business liability insurance - 0
Business liability insurance - 1
Business liability insurance - 2
Business liability insurance - 3

Agriculture insurance

Designed to suit the specific needs of farmers in Zambia, Pro-Agripak is a single, multiple-cover insurance policy. Professional Insurance offers this policy to ensure that farmers and their customers are protected when the unexpected happens.
A broad spectrum of agricultural insurance solutions
Gives advice on the covers offered
Provides a quick and efficient service
Agriculture insurance - 0
Agriculture insurance - 1
Agriculture insurance - 2
Agriculture insurance - 3

Marine insurance

This covers risk of loss or damage to cargo carried by road, rail, air or sea. Professional Insurance Corporation Zambia also offers this insurance package to overland transits with cross borders. For cargo transits within a country, goods in transit insurance is available.
Insurance packages for marine and goods in transit
One-off or open cover
Ideal for expatriates as well as importers and exporters
Marine insurance - 0
Marine insurance - 1
Marine insurance - 2
Marine insurance - 3

Personal general insurance

Professional Insurance Corporation Zambia offers this package to cover personal belongings against loss, theft or damage. This includes motor vehicles, houses and other possessions, and cover for individuals against various liabilities.
Cover for personal belongings, as well as other liabilities
Motor, property or passenger insurance
Sales, service and claims team is always ready to help customers
Personal general insurance - 0
Personal general insurance - 1
Personal general insurance - 2
Personal general insurance - 3

Personal accident insurance

Since accidents can cause injury, disability or death, Professional Insurance Corporation Zambia offers this policy to help customers and their families pay for income loss, expenses incurred during treatment, transportation and accommodation. In the event of death, funeral expenses are also covered.
Financial protection against injuries and death
Enables customers to focus on recovery without financial stress
Packages offer low-cost high-value benefits
Personal accident insurance - 0
Personal accident insurance - 1
Personal accident insurance - 2
Personal accident insurance - 3

Contact information

Great North Road, Lusaka
Head Office: Great North Road, Finsbury Park, Lusaka, Zambia
+260 211 366703, +260 211 366710, +260 956 659857

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