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Life is full of risks. Veritas General Insurance Plc is a company specialised in offering a wide array of general insurance services to the public and the commercial sector. The company can also tailor make policies to suit individual clients' requirements upon request. Veritas General Insurance Plc prides itself in securing its clients' future by insuring their assets today. This company's policies include accident, agriculture, marine, commercial vehicle and property, and personal general insurance.

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Kabulonga Road, Lusaka
BRT6/60 Kapingila House Kabulonga Road, Kabulonga, Lusaka, Zambia
+260 211 266366, +260 211 266307, +260 972 685561, +260 968 409611
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Personal accident insurance

Individual personal accident is a policy which provides compensation in the event of injuries, disability or death caused solely by violent, accidental, external and visible events. Veritas General Insurance Plc offers comprehensive income protection solutions to guard against the sudden loss of income.
On permanent or total disablement
Temporary disability
On death – capital sum insured
Personal accident insurance - 0
Personal accident insurance - 1
Personal accident insurance - 2
Personal accident insurance - 3

Accident and miscellaneous insurance

Veritas General Insurance Plc offers accident and other business life insurance that covers and protects your business from potential losses related to employees and other individuals. The company has a wide range of policies that include employers' liability, public liability, group or personal accident and medical malpractice.
Wide range of policies available
Protecting your business and the things of value in it
Protect your business from financial constraints
Accident and miscellaneous insurance - 0
Accident and miscellaneous insurance - 1
Accident and miscellaneous insurance - 2
Accident and miscellaneous insurance - 3

Agriculture insurance

Veritas General Insurance Plc offers agricultural insurance that is geared to covering losses from adverse weather conditions, livestock disease and similar events that the Zambian farmer may face. The company's agricultural insurance policies include crop insurance, livestock insurance and their comprehensive 'agripak' package.
Affordable agricultural insurance premiums
Protect yourself from losses related to adverse weather
Packages cover other aspects of agricultural risks
Agriculture insurance - 0
Agriculture insurance - 1
Agriculture insurance - 2
Agriculture insurance - 3

Marine insurance

Veritas General Insurance Plc offers a flexible marine insurance policy for importers, exporters, vessel owners and operators. This includes inland marine and recreational marine activities. The company provides insurance cover for goods in transit, single inland transit, marine open cover and marine specific cover.
Ideal for importers and exporters (land, sea or air)
Includes cover for marine operations
Ensures complete protection and limited liability
Marine insurance - 0
Marine insurance - 1
Marine insurance - 2
Marine insurance - 3

Business insurance - general

Veritas General Insurance Plc understands you and your business and responds quickly by offering effective solutions to meet changing needs. The company provides commercial vehicle and property insurance that will meet the needs of your business. Whether you own a fleet of trucks or a single car, Veritas has you covered.
Wide array of policies to cover your business
Risk of loss related to business vehicles and property
Help preserve your property value
Business insurance - general - 0
Business insurance - general - 1
Business insurance - general - 2
Business insurance - general - 3

Personal property insurance

Realising that individuals work hard to acquire property, Veritas General Insurance Plc offers a wide range of personal general insurance products such as liability, property, home, and auto insurance to cover you from loss or damage. Veritas General Insurance will help minimise your financial burden if things go wrong.
Options to improve your cover
Voluntary and flexible options to help reduce your premium
Help minimise financial burden
Personal property insurance - 0
Personal property insurance - 1
Personal property insurance - 2
Personal property insurance - 3

Contact information

Kabulonga Road, Lusaka
BRT6/60 Kapingila House Kabulonga Road, Kabulonga, Lusaka, Zambia
+260 211 266366, +260 211 266307, +260 972 685561, +260 968 409611

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