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Related to people, key persons, funeral, emergency evacuation, loan defaulting insurance
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With the policy owner being an employer or organisation, this is a single contract that covers a group of employees. Providing life insurance cover to employees lets them know that they are a valuable part of a company – and so are their families. Prudential Life Zambia offers employer sponsored life plans and credit life assurance.
Focus Group
Life assurance
With a wide array of life assurance plans, Focus Life Assurance aims to secure the lives of their clients by giving them an opportunity to live life today while the company focuses on their future and that of their loved ones. This policy is designed to ensure that the client's family is provided for and educational needs are taken care of.
Veritas General Insurance Plc
Accident and miscellaneous insurance
Veritas General Insurance Plc offers accident and other business life insurance that covers and protects your business from potential losses related to employees and other individuals. The company has a wide range of policies that include employers' liability, public liability, group or personal accident and medical malpractice.

Business life insurance

Related to people, key persons, funeral, emergency evacuation, loan defaulting insurance

Business life insurance covers risks related to people - key persons and employees in general. Companies may offer a full range of such services or may specialise in a particular area. Typically these services include key person insurance cover to protect businesses against the loss or long term absence of key personnel, shareholder or partnership cover to provide a cash lump sum to buy a deceased or incapacitated person share of a business, and business health insurance for employees. In addition business, life cover may include funeral insurance, emergency evacuation insurance and insurance against loan defaults.

Find a life insurance policy in Zambia that is the cornerstone of a business's succession plan. When a business uses life insurance as the funding vehicle of a buy-sell agreement, the death benefits are used to purchase a deceased partner's share of the business from their estate. The established Zambia life insurance companies can draft such a policy to assist a business's succession plan.

Insure with a Zambian life insurance company to protect your business in Zambia, Life insurance can protect your family, business, business partner, and employees to ensure that your business continues operating and your loved ones remain financially stable in the event of your death.

Take a look at the various options you may have to ensure stability for your business.

  • Life insurance can provide your business partner with funds to buy out the business and allow your family access to necessary funds if you pass away.
  • Buying different life insurance policies for your business and your family alleviates financial concerns for both your family and your business partner in the event of your death.
  • As the owner of a business, you know that a lot of the day-to-day tasks depend on you. Would your spouse be able to support your family, and would your business partner know how to run the business, if you weren’t around anymore?
  • A life insurance policy can financially protect your family, business, business partners, and employees in the event of your death.

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