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Premier Fast Moving Consumer Goods is an authorised distributor of Vitatech and Nutritech products. Vitatech offers vitamin, mineral and nutritional supplements for people of all ages - for general health and vitality. The Nutritech range includes a wide selection of gym supplements for sports men and women. If you are concerned that you may not be getting all the necessary vitamins and supplements from the food you consume, you can order from an extensive range of safe and effective supplements supplied by Premier Fast Moving Consumer Goods. Apart from vitamins and supplements, you will also find a wide variety of seasonings and marinades. Browse their online shop below.

Vitatech vitamins

No matter how healthy you eat, you may not always get the necessary nutrients that your body needs. To fill this micro-nutrient gap in your diet, Premier Fast Moving Consumer Goods stocks a comprehensive range of vitamins for your immune system, digestive system, reproductive system, brain, joints as well as skin.
Vitamins and supplements for the entire body
Made of the highest quality ingredients from around the world
For a healthy and happy life
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Products and Packages
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Premier Fast Moving Consumer Goods
Premier Fast Moving Consumer Goods
Vitamins, supplements & nutrition
Vitatech  Vitamin C Antioxidant and Immune Support  Tablets  image
Immune support and antioxidant. A daily wellness supplement to compliment your lifestyle and help fight against illnesses that range from the common cold to COVID 19.
Premier Fast Moving Consumer Goods
Premier Fast Moving Consumer Goods
Vitamins, supplements & nutrition
Vitatech Complete Shake Mix  Nutritional Immune Boosting Meal Replacement  Vanilla Flavour 400g X 6  image
A delicious & naturally gluten-free meal replacement powder for nutrition, digestive health & Immune support. It contains prebiotics, 25 vitamins & minerals while providing a boost in energy.
Premier Fast Moving Consumer Goods
Premier Fast Moving Consumer Goods
Vitamins, supplements & nutrition
Vitatech Fulvic Acid Antioxidant Antivial & anti-Inflammatory Supplement  Tablets  image
Carbohydrate-Derived Fulvic Acid (CHD-FA™) is a proven anti-inflammatory, antiviral, antibacterial, antifungal and antioxidant agent whilst also assisting with nutritional uptake. CHD-FA™ provides all the natural healing properties of Fulvic Acid, without the heavy metals and contaminants.

Nutritech Gym Supplements

Shop a wide selection of Nutritech gym supplements from Premier Fast Moving Consumer Goods. These products are designed by experts in the industry to get you results in a short period. Available supplements include Nutritech Whey Protein, Endurade Protein, Endurade Sport, Nuke Lite, Nuke Pump, Nuke Gforce, Gain Mass, Weight Loss, Lean Muscle, Performance, Gamers and more. This company’s team has many years of experience in sports nutrition and is always available to recommend the best products for you.
Safe and effective gym supplements
The right nutrients to boost your performance
A helpful team awaits you
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Products and Packages
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Nutritech Vaso-No3  Stimulant Free Pre-Workout Formula  Tropical Rain Flavour  image
An elite nitrate-based pre-workout designed to deliver mind-blowing pumps, expanding blood vessels and increasing blood flow to the muscles.VASO-NO3 contains no stimulants, no creatine and no banned substances, making this product safe for use by professional athletes.
Nutritech Nuke Keto Pre-Workout Ketone Energy Formula  Kiwi Strawberry Flavour 210g image
You’ve gone Keto, and just like the Saiyan, once you’ve powered up you never want to power down! You have changed the way your body harnesses energy body has evolved, adapted and With this in mind, Nutritech developed Nuke Keto, the next stage in pre-workout evolution for the next generation fat-adapted athlete.
Nutritech Nuke Original Extreme Pre-Workout Formula   Badland Blackcurrant Flavour  image
Nuke Original is the original pre-workout powders, engineered colourant free and with an extreme triple shot payload, 300mg, of Caffeine for increased energy and focus. Supporting this payload are Niacin, Beta-Alanine and Beetroot extract for increased blood flow, vascularity, muscle pump and endurance, and Creatine HCL, Taurine and Ashwagandha Root extract for cell volumization, strength and stamina.

Food & Groceries

Make your food taste better with Premier Fast Moving Consumer’s variety of spices, sauces as well as rubs and marinades. Other products available are stain removers, bleaches, carpet cleaners, petroleum jelly as well as cooking oils and sprays. For your convenience, you can shop their range of products here on Infobwana and delivery to your home/restaurant will be arranged. Since all items are sold at wholesale prices, quantities tend to be bulk volumes.
A variety of spices and sauces, as well as rubs and marinades
Made with carefully selected natural ingredients
Products for nutritious and delicious meals
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Products and Packages
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Steak & Chops Spice Seasoning Tamper Proof Grinders  50g X 12 image
Boost the flavour potential of your steak and pork chop recipes and try these tangy and aromatic Steak & Chops Spice Seasoning Glass Grinders that provide bold flavour with each twist. Walker Bay Steak & Chops Spice Seasoning has no added MSG, it is Preservative Free, Food Colouring Free, and is Flavouring Free
Thick & Creamy Mayonnaise  Canola Mayo Egg-Free & Dairy Free  740g X 6 image
The flavour you love, but healthy. B-well Thick & Creamy mayonnaise will excite your palate. Deliciously rich and savoury, this mayo is ideal for use in sauces, burgers and even chocolate cake. Locally made with lots of love, and NO eggs, gluten or dairy.
Chef Frying Oil  20litres  image
Chef Frying Oil 20litres
Edible Oil
B-well Foods
An elite frying oil specially formulated for extended frying life and various health benefits. With a frying performance that exceeds expectations, B-well CHEF is quickly becoming a popular name in the foodservice industry. This product is specially formulated with canola oil and has 5 times less saturated fat than palm oil. Along with excellent frying life, it also has a very high smoking point. sizzling in the frying pan, the versatility of B-wellTM Canola & Olive Oil makes it your perfect partner in the kitchen.

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