Lake Kariba

Siavonga, Zambia

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Lake Kariba is one of the world’s largest man-made reservoirs, stretching across Zambia and Zimbabwe. Spanning more than 5,000 square kilometres, it provides hydroelectric power to both countries along with a variety of recreational opportunities. Not only is Lake Kariba a natural resource, but it also serves as an important place of interest for tourists visiting the area. The lake is home to an abundance of wildlife such as hippopotamuses, crocodiles, and more than 350 species of fish. The surrounding region also features a diverse range of plants and animals. For visitors to explore the natural environment, Lake Kariba offers plenty of opportunity for adventure. From fishing trips to game drives and boat cruises, there are numerous ways to take in the beauty of the lake and its wildlife.

Natural resource

For those looking for a more relaxing stay, Lake Kariba also has several resorts and game lodges that offer all-inclusive packages. There are even luxury cruises available, allowing visitors to enjoy an exclusive experience on the lake. Many of these resorts provide outstanding amenities such as swimming pools, tennis courts, and other recreational
One of the world's largest man-made reservoirs
Remains a vibrant and sustainable natural resource
An action-packed adventure or a peaceful getaway
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Tourist attraction

Lake Kariba offers tourists a wide variety of accommodation options ranging from luxurious hotels and lodges to comfortable campsites. Visitors can choose from various types of conference venues, including large outdoor facilities as well as smaller, more intimate spaces. On the lake itself, there are many restaurants offering fresh fish dishes as well as traditional African cuisine. Many resorts feature boat trips for visitors to explore the lake and its beautiful surrounding scenery.
Options ranging from luxurious hotels and lodges to comfortable campsites.
Home to iconic species such as elephants, crocodiles, and hippos.
Hosts a variety of events and conferences throughout the year,
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Tourist attraction - 1
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Place of interest

Encased in the heartland of Southern Africa, Lake Kariba stands as a testament to both natural splendour and human ingenuity. As one of the world's largest man-made lakes, Lake Kariba's expansive waters span over an impressive 5,400 square kilometres. Its shimmering surface, a mirror to the vast African sky, is not only a vista of beauty but also an important hub for the region's fishing industry.
Natural splendour and human ingenuity, one of the world's largest man-made lakes
Serves as a major source of electricity generation
Abundant environment for various species of fish like kapenta and tilapia
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Kariba District, Southern Province, Siavonga, Zambia

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