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Since 2012 Dash & Cash Investments has been supplying quality wires and wire products for the construction, security, agriculture, engineering and mining sectors. The company also stocks a wide range of products and tools for builders and individuals constructing their own houses - from geysers, sinks and curtain rails to timber, cement, welding rods, wheelbarrows and plumbing tools. In addition it supplies steel products such as deformed bars, cold rolled sheet, angles flat bars and galvanised iron pipes.

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Alick Nkhata Road, Lusaka
10 Alick Nkhata Road, Lusaka, Zambia
+260 974 393929, +260 979 336797
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Construction materials

Dash & Cash has been serving the building community around Kalingalinga and Kabulonga since 2012. This company sells a huge range of building supplies including: sinks, sanitary ware, tiles, tile fix, wire, brick force wire, timber, cement, lime, plumbing tools, geysers, wheelbarrows, water tanks, PVA paint, switches and sockets.
Wires and wire products such as chicken wire, brick force and fencing
Timber, cement, lime, wheelbarrows, tanks, geysers, sinks and sanitary ware
Tiles, tile fix, PVA paint, polyethylene sheeting and electrical cables
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Plumbing fixtures & fittings

Dash & Cash Investments supplies an extensive range of plumbing products and fittings including poly pipes, reinforced hose pipes, sewer pipes and fittings, CPVC for both hot and cold water, water tanks ranging from 100 litres to 12000 litres, and PVC plumbing pipes (available in an assortment of sizes and fittings).
Authorised distributors of Afritanks and Lamasat tanks
Products meet domestic and commercial applications
Products combine durability, safety and performance
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Plumbing fixtures & fittings - 3

Steel supply

Dash & Cash Investments stocks a wide range of steel products for use in large residential and commercial buildings. The company's products include deformed bars, cold rolled sheets, angle flat bars, galvanised iron pipes, flat sheets, steel joists, steel studs and all sizes of steel beams and columns.
Reinforcement bars in all sizes
Conforce rolls and conforce plates
Window sections: F7, Fx7, R4B, RT6
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Contact information

Alick Nkhata Road, Lusaka
10 Alick Nkhata Road, Lusaka, Zambia
+260 974 393929, +260 979 336797

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