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Find suppliers of cement, concrete blocks, bricks, paving, stone, and all materials in the construction industry.
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Ola Zambia image
Ola Zambia
Building materials
Meet every need you have for your building project by shopping a wide variety of high-quality building materials and tools from Ola Zambia. Products available include but are not limited to floor tiles, roof tiles, wall tiles, mosaic tiles as well as doors and windows.
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Zambezi Steel
Light steel framing
Zambezi Steel's latest and most advanced technology has just arrived, this company manufactures a wide variety of LSF© light steel frames. This is the future of steel and provides a massive saving in cost and time when you are building. Light steel frames are designed to be super strong and light at the same time.
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Deniz Blocks
Building materials
Lusaka +12
Each day, Deniz Blocks manufactures 10,000 6' blocks, 8,000 8' blocks, 14,000 4' blocks and 550 square meters of paving stones. This makes it possible for the company to meet its clients' needs in a timely manner. Deniz provides transport if required, and loads the blocks as a complimentary service to all its clients.
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ETG Cure Chem Zambia Ltd
Paint chemicals
ETG Cure Chem Zambia is fast becoming a one stop shop for all architectural paint manufacturing chemical raw material requirements. The company has partnered with reputable and top of the range manufactures for binders, titanium dioxide, solvents and all other additives for both PVA and Alkyd paint manufacturing.
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Liener Investments
Waterproofing and floor finishing products
Liener Investments is an official distributor of Sika, Alcolin and Verni waterproofing, reinforcing, flooring and epoxy art (resin kits, pigments and powders) supplies in Zambia. By using Liener’s range of products, you are guaranteed of water tight and leak free results. They will stop water penetrating through your roof, preventing costly water damage to your building.
Uniturtle Industries Zambia Ltd image
Uniturtle Industries Zambia Ltd
Turtle Tiles & Bricks
Lusaka +18
Boasting over six different shapes, multiple configurations and various colour choices, your options at Turtle Tiles & Bricks are numerous. Their expertise ranges from heavy industrial applications, residential driveways, walkways, and backyards of all sizes. The team can install bricks and tiles in numerous locations.
Rimal Rock Company
Building materials
Contact or visit Rimal Rock Company for high-quality granite and flat stones, PVC ceiling, steelwork as well as tempered and frameless glass. With an expansive offering, Rimal Rock seeks to provide innovative and cost-effective solutions to builders, property owners, and designers. The company is always adapting to the ever-changing needs of its customers and markets.
Danish Concrete Hardener
Concrete hardener
Construction companies and property owners can count on Danish Concrete Hardener as they implement building projects. This product strengthens and protects surfaces as well as the whole building. It makes floors and walls resistant against hydrochloric acid, other chemicals, oil, fire and abrasion. It is also slip resistant. The hardener can be used in houses, driveways, factories, warehouses, dams, bridges, oil refineries, precast industry ... in fact anything with cement in it.
Azadi Investment Ltd
Ready Mixed Concrete
Are you looking for a company to cast concrete for you? Azadi Investment is the place for you. The company supplies high quality ready mixed concrete for various construction needs. Azadi has a state-of-the-art quality control laboratory to ensure that its concrete meets the required specifications. This company prides itself on the professional and timely delivery of its concrete.
Rainlands Timber
Open Monday to Friday 7am – 5pm. Rainlands Timber supplies only value-added timber products. It has kilning facilities and is certified to treat and dry timber for export.
Ashrafi Investments Ltd
Building materials
Ashrafi Investments Ltd manufactures and supplies wire nails, fence wire, barbed wire, brick force wire, binding wire, tying wire and a variety of paving bricks. The company is dedicated to providing quality building materials to contractors, residential builders and re-modellers, as well as the do-it-yourself enthusiast.
Ocean Ventures Ltd
Flooring solutions
Ocean Ventures offers a complete flooring service tailored to individual clients' requirements. The company is the exclusive distributor in Zambia for all EcoWood decking, Inovar wood flooring and vinyl floor tiles. It is also an appointed agent in Zambia for Van Dyck flooring.
OTK Ceiling Solutions
Building materials
This company manufactures its innovative OTK channels and light steel frames for ceilings and partitioning including wall angles, main and furring channels and corner beads. OTK Ceiling Solutions also supplies a full range of ceiling material that includes, but not limited to, PVC panels, screws, rhino light, boards and tape.
M&F Packaging Industries
Building materials
M&F Packaging Industries supplies building products at very competitive prices. The company's product range includes flush doors, tile fix, brick force, con force wire, air vents, PVA paint and black polyethylene sheeting for waterproofing and moisture prevention in building construction.
Bimbe Trading Company Ltd
Paint manufacturing
Under the brand name Tuffstuff Coatings, Bimbe Trading manufactures and supplies a wide selection of interior, exterior and industrial paints. There is also a variety of primers for pre-coating where imperfections on the surface might cause poor adhesion with the paints – made for steel, concrete and wood.
As well as being one of the leading suppliers of paints in Zambia, Colourite Chemicals offers a range of adhesive products, conforce, brick force and electric wires. The company provides delivery services to customers' premises, and has a well-trained team that helps customers select products to suit their requirements.
Acil Investments Ltd
Building supplies
Lusaka +2
Acil Investments specialises in high quality blocks in standard sizes of 4’’, 6’’and 8’’ that are often used in up stair construction. Coming in different designs, this company also offers pavers, kerbstones and interlocking blocks. All products go through strict quality control procedures.
Tigris Trading Ltd
Building materials
Tigris Trading is an official supplier and installer of high quality roofing underlays, waterproofing and foundations, as well as cladding. This company has taken pride in serving Zambia's contractors and communities with the finest in both residential and commercial building materials, and staff are friendly and ready to assist.
Heritage Stone
Building materials
Heritage Stone supplies high quality products which are suitable for use within both commercial and domestic applications. The company offers a selection of colours, block types and finishes. All products manufactured go through various quality control procedures to ensure that products offered stand the test of time.
Mart Solutions
Building materials
As a major supplier of Chryso's range of admixtures and additives for Concrete and ABE Construction Chemicals, Mart Solutions offers top quality solutions that effectively fulfill all construction needs. The company prides itself in being able to work closely with its clients in an effort to create tailor-made solutions.
Vickmore Zambia Ltd
Building materials
Vickmore Zambia provides quality building materials for small one-off projects as well as for construction companies looking for bulk quantities for larger property developments. The company supplies high-quality concrete bricks, a variety of paving and step stones, and concrete stones from 5mm to 19mm.
Conmach Machinery Pty Ltd
Blocks. bricks and paving making machinary
Conmach Machinery can manufacture and supply high quality concrete blocks, pavings and kerb stones, specialising in interlocking blocks. These modern concrete product manufacturing equipment use the latest technology and can be run by highly trained employees.
Stonecites Ltd
Building materials
Stonecites stocks and supplies granite, cafe stone, caesarstone and other natural stone products. The company also offers concrete blocks, cement and stone aggregate of various sizes as construction and mining consumables. Stonecites is committed to providing on-time delivery and quality products that meet their clients' needs.

Construction materials

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Find suppliers of cement, concrete blocks, bricks, paving, stone, and all materials in the construction industry.

Construction materials in Zambia are available from a wide range of manufacturers and suppliers. These are the products needed in the construction sector and building trade, for the construction of property in Zambia such as homes, office blocks and manufacturing units. Construction materials are available for small one-off purchases as well as construction companies looking for bulk quantities for larger property developments. Construction materials include specialised products such as membranes and hardeners, as well as regular items like cement, concrete block, bricks, paving stones and brick kerbs.

Find suppliers in Zambia for children's playing sand, driveway stone, black soil, soak away stones, landscaping gravel, back-filling gravel, slab quarry and stone, quarry for pavers, 5mm stones for block making, building and plastering sand, river sand and much more.

Order your 4”, 6” or 8” blocks from reliable block makers who can guarantee quality. Concrete kerbstone, pavers of different designs and colours for all your driveway work.

In addition, you can find everything you need for painting jobs - from undercoat to topcoat enamel to water-based in a range of colours, as well as crack filler. In short, all things related to painting.

For ceilings, find suppliers for ceiling board in various designs, plasterboard, and ceiling paint. Find suppliers in Zambia for all your construction materials.