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Legal practitioners, immigration consultants, funeral directors and more. Find help here
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RockView Travel Tours image
RockView Travel Tours
Immigration services
With a team of highly skilled professionals, RockView Travel Tours delivers a comprehensive range of immigration services to individuals and corporations. They will work closely with you to fully understand and resolve your specific immigration challenges and ensure that your travel is as smooth as possible.
National Legal Aid Clinic for Women (NLACW) image
National Legal Aid Clinic for Women (NLACW) offers legal advice, legal assistance, internal/ in-house mediation (dispute resolution) and court annex mediation (dispute resolution) to vulnerable women and children on a pro bono basis. The organisation employs full time lawyers and also works with volunteer legal practitioners.
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Uniturtle Industries Zambia Ltd
St. Anns Funeral Homes
Lusaka +18
St. Ann's Funeral Homes provides services in a caring, professional, and honourable manner. It also offers international body transfers and transfer of body remains, funeral insurance through their Tontozo Funeral Scheme, funeral planning assistance as well as 24-hour body collection services. St. Ann's Funeral Homes is one of the leading funeral service providers in Zambia.
The nation has a deep reverence for burial rites and Leopards Hill Memorial Park is a response to the lack of dignified burial grounds. Leopards Hill Memorial Park is a landscaped environment including sections of irrigated lawns and 24 hour security-a fitting setting for the dignified interment of loved ones.
Simply Relocate Zambia
Immigration help
Their comprehensive visa and immigration services guide and support individual clients as well as corporations through the immigration process. Simply Relocate Zambia track and manage every single aspect ranging from visa applications, resident permits, foreigner's registration, visa renewals and exit permits.
Pasi Advocates
Legal practitioners
Pasi Advocates core practice areas include corporate advisory, litigation and dispute resolution, contracts, commercial transactions, employment related matters, real estate and conveyancing. This company also deals with legal compliance, mining related issues, intellectual property and debt recovery.
Ambassador St. Ann's Funeral Homes provides services in a caring, professional, and honourable manner. It also provides international body transfer and transfer of body remains, funeral planning assistance and 24 hour body collection and tombstones. St. Ann's Funeral Homes is one of the leading funeral service providers in Zambia.
Hom-Trends Innovations offers quality headstones and tombstones in granite stone. The company understands that when a loved one passes away, family and friends may wish to commemorate their lives in this way. Hom-Trends is committed to providing excellent customer service.
Dentons Eric Silwamba, Jalasi & Linyama Legal Practitioners maintains a solid foothold in the Zambian market, and continues to be a popular choice for many. Their key areas of focus include public law litigation, IP matters, commercial agreements and shareholder agreements.
Study Connect International
Immigration consultants
Study Connect International offers immigration services to individuals who wish to stay in the UK for school, work or to join their family. The organization has a team of experts that represents clients applying for a UK VISA. All verdicts regarding the granting of a VISA remain with the UK Government.
William Nyirenda & Company image
William Nyirenda & Company
Legal practitioners
William Nyirenda & Company provide comprehensive legal services. This firm exists to represent clients, advise them, and to be their advocates. Their professional team of advocates provide strong, consistent, client-focused, high-quality legal services designed to meet clients' commercial and business needs.
Corpus Globe Corporate Solutions Ltd
Immigration Services
Globally, immigration laws are always changing. This can make the process of applying for a Visa, work permit or residence permit challenging and complex. Corpus Globe Corporate Solutions (CGCSo) is here to offer you bespoke advice to help you and your business with all your immigration needs. So, whether you wish to secure a right for you, employees or family to work or live in Zambia, or want to set-up a business here, CGCSo has you covered.

Advisory services

Legal practitioners, immigration consultants, funeral directors and more. Find help here
Providing legal advice, settling terms of a purchase of a business, tax or estate planning
Facilitate immigration applications for visitors coming to Zambia for business, tourism
Get a funeral parlour to provide you with sensitive, professional support to organize a unique funeral

These are services where the practitioner develops findings, conclusions, and recommendations for client consideration and decision making. Here on Infobwana you will find a companies in Zambia that deliver a range of advisory services to businesses at various stages of their development. Some services offered include business consulting, immigration services, legal advice, project development, capital raising. Included in this category are funeral directors who can make all the arrangement for a well-organised burial programme.

In this competitive era of vast modernisation, maintaining your existence in the business industry is a tough task. In fact there is tough competition in every area, whether it be services, education, legal or business. In this world of prodigious opportunities and complexities, business organisations are looking forward to establishing new connections and are finding new ways for innovation.

Running a thriving business these days can be a challenging experience. The good news is that it doesn’t have to be that way. With adequate advisory services at every step, running a successful business can turn out to be a fruitful and exciting adventure.

Advisory services are provided with the goal to support undertakings and overcome weakness in specific areas like finance, business, legal etc. A range of business advisors are providing best-in-class services to help organisations perform efficiently.

Importance of advisory services

  • Advice on financial aspects – these are the backbone of every business organisation. Whether you want to invest in your previous infrastructure or looking to expand your venture, you need proper financial strategies to remain at the top. Some financial advisors are offering services like investment advisory services, accounting advisory services and numerous others.
  • Increase the profit - if your profits were good but are suddenly reducing, it's a good time to get assistance from business advisories. Business advisors will re-imagine your business structure and with their strong ideation they’ll help you to manage and re-organise strategies to thrust your business like never before.
  • Structure and effective business plan - advisory services will help you to prevent some crucial mistakes that your company often makes while trying to expand its venture. Expanding your venture is a major decision. In some cases, the urge to increase profits forces business owners to take early decisions which in-return brings huge losses and destruction. A proper planning is indispensable before taking such huge steps.
  • Identifying market growth - For business possessors it can be very fruitful, when their business thrives and they’re able to expand their business. But they lack somehow in identifying the market growth. The rigorous pace of the growing market is really volatile and business owners face difficulties to cope up with the changing needs and requirements. A reliable business advisory firm can help business organisations with formulated techniques and strategies to conquer the difficulties.
  • Technology-driven solutions – some businesses fail to take the advantages of technology and start losing their customers to others, who are more technologically advanced. Business advisors not only help you to cope with financial difficulties but also muster you for technological advancements to again hold the grasp and rule the market.