Immigration consultants businesses in Zambia

Facilitate immigration applications for visitors coming to Zambia for business, tourism
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RockView Travel Tours
Immigration services
With a team of highly skilled professionals, RockView Travel Tours delivers a comprehensive range of immigration services to individuals and corporations. They will work closely with you to fully understand and resolve your specific immigration challenges and ensure that your travel is as smooth as possible.
Simply Relocate Zambia
Immigration help
Their comprehensive visa and immigration services guide and support individual clients as well as corporations through the immigration process. Simply Relocate Zambia track and manage every single aspect ranging from visa applications, resident permits, foreigner's registration, visa renewals and exit permits.
Study Connect International
Immigration consultants
Study Connect International offers immigration services to individuals who wish to stay in the UK for school, work or to join their family. The organization has a team of experts that represents clients applying for a UK VISA. All verdicts regarding the granting of a VISA remain with the UK Government.
Corpus Globe Corporate Solutions Ltd
Immigration Services
Globally, immigration laws are always changing. This can make the process of applying for a Visa, work permit or residence permit challenging and complex. Corpus Globe Corporate Solutions (CGCSo) is here to offer you bespoke advice to help you and your business with all your immigration needs. So, whether you wish to secure a right for you, employees or family to work or live in Zambia, or want to set-up a business here, CGCSo has you covered.

Immigration consultants

Facilitate immigration applications for visitors coming to Zambia for business, tourism

Immigration consultants facilitate immigration applications for visitors coming to Zambia for business, employment, tourism, or study. They offer their services to individuals and companies applying for visas, work permits, extensions, and changes in immigration status. They also offer advice on how to go about applying for residency and citizenship. Immigration consultants must be able to assist in the following areas. Aids in the issuance of visas for Zambians and expatriates to other countries, assists with appeals of any immigration and embassies cases, offers support in any other matters relating to immigration and passport matters, advises on worldwide passport and visa requirements, assists with an airport or border formalities for tourists and other visitors.

The Department of Immigration will only attend to applications lodged by:

  • Individual applicants (with the exception of Employment Permit);
  • Practising Lawyers representing applicants;
  • Practising Human Resource Employees of the employing company charged with the responsibility of handling immigration matters in the company;
  • Registered Immigration Consultants.

It is a serious offence to offer someone assistance with immigration matters if you do not fall under any of the four categories mentioned above.

This category lists registered immigration consultants operating in Zambia

Immigration consultants help people immigrate from one country to another for study, work, travel or business purpose. They provide legal services in the area of immigration law as permitted by legislation.

Some of the services offered by certified immigration consultants include: Offering assessments of their client's chances of being approved for a visa. Helping prepare clients' immigration applications and paperwork, or proofreading them to ensure they are accurate and error-free.