Laboratory equipment businesses in Zambia

Basic equipment includes beakers, Petri dishes, glass slides, microscopes and much more.
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Lube-X Technologies Ltd
Spectro Scientific laboratory equipment
Lube-X Technologies supplies Spectro Scientific laboratory equipment for fluid analysis. Their product offerings include spectrometers, lubricant degradation and contamination analyzers as well as particle analysis instruments. The analysis equipment is ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials) certified.
Levant Biotech Company Ltd
Laboratory equipment and supplies
Since its inception, Levant Biotech Company has grown to become one of Zambia’s leading distributors of laboratory equipment and consumables. The company only sources and supplies the highest quality, high value products and brands. Whatever you are looking for, you can be sure that their team will provide an exceptional service.
Concept Globe Ltd
Laboratory equipment and machinery
Concept Globe provides quality equipment to laboratories and hospitals within Zambia, from manufacturers such as Olympus, Beckman Coulter, Siemens, Roche, Hitachi, Erba, Tosoh, Mindray, Sysmex, Abbott and Bayer. Their units analyse chemistry, hematology, pathology, histology and immunology.
Chemsol Scientific Ltd image
Chemsol Scientific Ltd
Laboratory equipment
Chemsol Scientific supplies a full range of laboratory apparatus, instruments, Equipment such as measuring cylinders, thermometers, sterile glass rods, test tubes, petri dishes, beakers, pipette fillers and burners. Customers can also find various disposable products and diagnostic instruments. Chemsol caters to clients in the medical, pharmaceutical and educational industry.

Laboratory equipment

Basic equipment includes beakers, Petri dishes, glass slides, microscopes and much more.

Find a company that offers a full range of laboratory equipment that will meet your needs here. Equipment designed for biological sample preparation, air contamination control and medical waste handling. Calibration equipment allows precision measurement and control in maintaining the integrity of measurement systems. There are technologies for nitrogen and protein determination from specialized suppliers. Basic equipment includes beakers, Petri dishes, glass slides, syringes, microscopes, Bunsen burners, flask and much more. Find leading suppliers of science equipment for schools, colleges and universities in Zambia carefully selected by scientists to make them relevant for science teachers and school lab technicians.

The different laboratory equipment used is Bunsen burner, microscopes, calorimeters, reagent bottles, beakers and many more. These tools are mainly used to perform an experiment or to take measurements and collect data.

Graduated cylinders and barrette are among the basic science laboratory equipment that is used for measuring purposes. Some of the complicated measuring equipment includes a volumenometer, beam balance, electronic balance and so on. PH meter is important measuring equipment to measure the acidity of different solutions.

Another type of equipment used in science laboratory includes the safety types of equipment that are critical to ensure safety for those performing different experiments. Eye goggles and safety gloves are some of the safety items that are used in science laboratories for performing experiments.

Apart from this science laboratory equipment, dissecting kits are used in the medical college laboratories to teach the students about dissection using small animals. Students and researchers even make use of Petri dishes in laboratories for culturing bacteria and mould in a controlled environment.

There are companies that you can confidently shop for them online because there are dozens of websites on the Internet that provide relevant information about them. You must first make a list of science laboratory equipment that you will need for your laboratory. It will become easy for you to buy the right equipment once you have made a list of the items. Before dealing with a supplier, ensure that the supplier holds good repute in the market.