Laboratory businesses in Zambia

Find services provided in a variety of settings: clinics, hospitals, regional and national centres.
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Lube-X Technologies Ltd
Spectro Scientific laboratory equipment
Lube-X Technologies supplies Spectro Scientific laboratory equipment for fluid analysis. Their product offerings include spectrometers, lubricant degradation and contamination analyzers as well as particle analysis instruments. The analysis equipment is ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials) certified.
B Square Ltd
Laboratory chemicals & supplies
B Square Ltd offers high grade catalysts and chemicals for medical laboratories, and mining and agricultural industries. These chemicals include lime, carbon dioxide calcium phosphate, phosphoric acid, blue water, frothers, flocculants, anti-scalants, depressants, metal cleaners, degreasers, de-scalers, solvents and more. .
Levant Biotech Company Ltd
Laboratory equipment and supplies
Since its inception, Levant Biotech Company has grown to become one of Zambia’s leading distributors of laboratory equipment and consumables. The company only sources and supplies the highest quality, high value products and brands. Whatever you are looking for, you can be sure that their team will provide an exceptional service.
Concept Globe Ltd
Laboratory equipment and machinery
Concept Globe provides quality equipment to laboratories and hospitals within Zambia, from manufacturers such as Olympus, Beckman Coulter, Siemens, Roche, Hitachi, Erba, Tosoh, Mindray, Sysmex, Abbott and Bayer. Their units analyse chemistry, hematology, pathology, histology and immunology.
Concept Globe Ltd
Diagnostic reagents
Get accurate and reliable results in your laboratory tests with Concept Globe’s comprehensive portfolio of diagnostic reagents. This company is dedicated to quality and provides you with the highest quality diagnostic products for hospitals and all types of laboratories - reference, physician (POL) and veterinary. Products available include general chemistry reagents, immunoturbidimetric, haematology 3 and 5 parts, enzymes and standards, as well as calibrators, controls and ISE.
Chemsol Scientific Ltd image
Chemsol Scientific Ltd
Laboratory equipment
Chemsol Scientific supplies a full range of laboratory apparatus, instruments, Equipment such as measuring cylinders, thermometers, sterile glass rods, test tubes, petri dishes, beakers, pipette fillers and burners. Customers can also find various disposable products and diagnostic instruments. Chemsol caters to clients in the medical, pharmaceutical and educational industry.
Chemsol Scientific Ltd image
Chemsol Scientific Ltd
Laboratory chemicals & supplies
Chemsol Scientific offers industry-leading chemicals from top manufacturers. The company has a mission to provide effective laboratory chemicals. Technical proficiency, exceptional products and commitment to service are the basis of Chemsol’s excellent reputation.


Find services provided in a variety of settings: clinics, hospitals, regional and national centres.
Basic equipment includes beakers, Petri dishes, glass slides, microscopes and much more.
Distributors and manufacturers for education, industry, photography and cosmetic

This section gives you information where you can get details of ongoing experiments, research and blood tests. These laboratories include chemical and medical providing facilities. Listed here is the different laboratories found in Zambia and the equipment and supplies they offer. Laboratories serve patients and their doctors, other laboratories, clinics, hospitals, corporate groups, insurances, research and occupational health establishments. The range of routine specialized and referral services includes histology, cytology, haematology and coagulation, chemistry microbiology, molecular pathology. This category also includes suppliers of laboratory chemicals and supplies and laboratory equipment for the mining, chemical, and material processing industries in Zambia.

What is a laboratory?

A laboratory is that area where testing, research, innovations are tried, tested and validated before it reaches the market. It is the second house of lab technicians, researchers and scientists, where they perform experiments to develop new drugs, chemicals, study various types of living cells and DNA. They also perform other functions, such as quality control or the optimisation of certain processes prior to their industrial implementation.

Types of laboratories in Zambia

In Zambia, there are a variety of laboratory types, each of which is specifically designed and suited to the type of tests or research to be carried out, according to both the objective and needs of the technicians with scientific expertise they have.

Medical laboratories

Also known as clinical laboratories, medical laboratories are those that analyse various biological samples, such as blood or urine, to assist in the diagnosis, treatment and / or prevention of certain diseases.

In medical laboratories, the search for scientific knowledge is not usually the priority. They are usually powers linked to health services where science is applied to improve the quality of treatment for patients. Several specialisations within the medical laboratories, depending on their object of study. Examples include but are not limited to:

  • Microbiological analyses, for the detection of pathogens
  • Biochemical analyses, e.g. to monitor blood composition
  • Molecular diagnostics, such as analysis of patients’ DNA
  • Analysis of reproduction, typical in fertility clinics, for example controlling gametas such as spermatozoa.

Biosafety laboratories

In biological research, especially that dealing with bacteria and viruses, there is a need to work with pathogens that could pose a serious risk to public health if they leave the laboratory environment and come into contact with the rest of the population.

These laboratories or research sites are equipped and constructed for the specific purpose of avoiding the dangerous contamination that could occur in the course of research

Quality control laboratories

Here, products and materials are tested against conformity to specifications and the absence of impurities. These laboratories form an essential component within the production and the supply chain.