Uniform wear businesses in Zambia

Including salon, medical, shirts, blouses, tops, aprons, chef, bar and housekeeping uniforms.
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City Clothing Factory
Uniform wear
City Clothing Factory's primary business is the production of school uniforms. Boys' uniforms include safari suits as well as shirts and trousers. In addition, City Clothing Factory supplies school jerseys, ties and socks. Dresses come in various colours – grey, green, navy blue, light blue and maroon.
Buloz Fashion House
Uniforms and graduation gowns
Buloz Fashion House manufactures school and company uniforms. Using state-of-art machinery, this company is able to handle complex designs and produce products in large quantities with quick turn-around. Buloz Fashion House promises to produce uniforms that make your company or school stand out among your competition.

Uniform wear

Including salon, medical, shirts, blouses, tops, aprons, chef, bar and housekeeping uniforms.

In this section, you will find suppliers of clothing and trade uniforms. They supply schools, hospitals clinics, organisations and many other places with uniforms. This is done on a wholesale or retail basis. Check this section to see which companies supply specific trade uniforms. School uniforms are compulsory at Zambian schools. Without the proper uniform, the teachers have to exclude the children from class. The range of uniforms includes; salon wear, medical wear, suiting, shirts, blouses and tops, knitwear, aprons, chef wear, bar and banqueting and housekeeping uniforms. Find suppliers of formal, parade and dress uniforms including ties, epaulettes, whistles, shirts and more.

A uniform is a variety of clothing worn by members of an organization while participating in that organization's activity. Modern uniforms are most often worn by armed forces and paramilitary organizations such as police, emergency services, security guards, in some workplaces and schools and by inmates in prisons. Some companies require all of their workers to wear uniforms to help customers identify workers.

Uniforms serve as a distinctive feature among working individuals and uniforms set jobs apart from each other. These uniforms vary accordingly with respect to their titles, duties, and environments. Most jobs that require a uniform require them mainly for quick identification and to ensure physical protection and provide comfortable appropriate clothing to perform tasks.

Jobs with Uniforms

Soldiers - wear uniforms to increase identification with their fellow soldiers and their mission. Their uniforms also provide important protection and, sometimes, camouflage to help them do their jobs.

Firefighter - A firefighter’s uniform isn’t just for identification it also serves as a protective and safety mechanism against heat, flames, and smoke from fires.

Nurse - the nurses in clinics, hospitals, and nursing homes wear their respective uniforms

Military - military men have uniforms for its officers and employees that are mandatory to wear and often provided.

Doctor - the doctors that work in the clinic or performing hospital rounds usually sport a long white lab jacket

Housekeeping - the uniforms they wear vary depending on the environment of the housekeeper such as whether he/she works in a home or a hotel.

Chef - In addition to the hat, a chef may wear a white button-down chef top or jacket with white pants as well.

Pilot - Usually dressed in a crisp white shirt and black pants, pilots can easily be spotted in an airport.

Fast-food chains - Fast-food chains like Hungry Lion, Nando’s wear uniforms. These uniforms vary depending on the specific employer or company

There is a whole range of uniform requirements nationwide. Find the Zambia companies that manufacture or supply uniforms for all industries and services.