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Foam King Manufacturers Ltd image
Foam King Manufacturers Ltd
Wholesale furniture and furnishings
Lusaka +6
With a fully equipped facility, Foam King mainly manufactures a wide selection of quality bed bases and mattresses. However, the company also makes beautiful cushions, pillows, couches and bed sheets. Foam King Manufacturers caters for individuals and a broad spectrum of industries including furniture retailers, lodges and hotels.
Link Mining Suppliers image
Link Mining Suppliers
Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
As an employer, you have a duty to provide personal protective equipment (PPE) at your workplace. Link Mining Suppliers offers an extensive range of high-quality safety gear to keep your employees safe during their operations. Products in stock include but not limited to work-wear (all colors), dust masks and respirators, safety boots, jackets, gloves as well as ear and eye protection.
Go Vino Ltd image
Go Vino Ltd
Alcoholic beverages
Go Vino offers an extensive, carefully selected range of alcoholic beverages. Their wine brands include Noble Hill, Lynx, De Meye, Hoopenburg, Hillcrest Estate, Babylonstoren, Neil Joubert, Journeys End, Peter Falke, Cronier wines, Sarah’s Creek, Painted Wolf, Zandvliet and Longridge. They also supply MCC (SA Champagne).
Link Mining Suppliers image
Link Mining Suppliers
Tapes and packaging material
Link Mining Suppliers offers the best quality adhesive and non-adhesive tapes. Working with many manufacturers and suppliers, this company is able to offer you variety and best value. You will find samples in-store and their team is always ready to help you choose the best tape for your application.
Pro Angling image
Pro Angling
Household gas
Pro Angling distributes CADAC gas cylinders, cooker tops, handlites, utensil sets and cartridges. Gas cylinders in stock come in 3kg, 5kg, 7kg and 9kg dimensions. With a variety to choose from, cooking tops available provide unparalleled versatility. All products offered are designed for unequalled durability, portability and convenience.
Premier Scale Services image
Premier Scale Services
Weighing systems and measurement equipment
Premier Scale Services is a major supplier of a wide selection of industry-leading scales and measurement systems including weighbridges, counter scales, balance scales, kitchen scales, platform scales, platform bases, livestock weighers and moisture meters. The company also stocks a huge range of spare parts for its systems.
Premier Scale Services image
Premier Scale Services
Weighing systems servicing
All scales and measurement systems require maintenance, occasional repair and calibration to continue providing a high level of accuracy and functionality. For this reason, Premier Scale Services offers same day service as well as 24-hour emergency repair services to its clients.
Simmer Enterprises Ltd image
Simmer Enterprises Ltd
Calcium carbonate
Simmer Enterprises offers calcium carbonate which is used in a number of paint, paper, plastic and coating applications. It is a functional filler that has an ability to enhance paint performance. With its wide applications, calcium carbonate has become a suitable component in top coats, where high gloss and good gloss retention are demanded.
PolyKing Ltd image
PolyKing Ltd
PolyKing is leading manufacture of a wide array of plastic products including high density polyethylene (HDPE) and polyvinyl chloride (PVC) pipes. The company ensures that it uses the finest raw material for their product ranges to deliver quality that is never questioned and is guaranteed.
Fuel Systems Ltd image
Fuel Systems Ltd
Fluid-handling equipment
Fuel Systems products cater for diverse industries, focussing on the petroleum oil market. Their product range includes meters for delivery and receiving of bulk liquids, fuel dispensers for commercial and retail use, registers for various applications, flow meters, heavy duty and standard filtration units, nozzles, couplings and hoses.
Global Weighing Equipment image
Global Weighing Equipment
Weighing equipment
Lusaka +3
Global Weighing Equipment provides a comprehensive range of scales that withstand the challenges of rugged environments. It offers accurate and reliable industrial weighing solutions for such sectors as pharmaceutical, chemistry, food, vehicle and transport, and logistics, with offices in Lusaka and Kitwe.
Chamboniza Bedding image
Chamboniza Bedding
Wholesale furniture and furnishings
Lusaka +2
For retailers or lodge owners wanting to buy wholesale, Chamboniza Bedding is a major supplier of high quality bed sheets, mattresses, duvet inners, bathrobes, bed wraps and bedroom slippers. The company's team of staff is happy to assist its clients in finding the items they need.
ETG Cure Chem Zambia Ltd image
ETG Cure Chem Zambia Ltd
Industrial chemicals & gases
ETG Cure Chem Zambia is a leading industrial chemicals supplier, meeting the demand of various industries including detergent, textile, leather, cosmetic, paper, pulp and printing. ETG Cure Chem Zambia is committed to helping its clients meet their manufacturing requirements at all levels of the production process.
Zambezi Steel image
Zambezi Steel
Steel products
Zambezi Steel's core business is steel processing and merchanting. It is also a wholesaler and retailer of high-quality steel as well as downstream processors of steel products. The company stocks a comprehensive range of certified steel including universal beams and columns, IPE and IPE AA and angle irons.
Madina Sales image
Madina Sales
Textiles & Accessories
Madina Sales are textile wholesalers and retailers – supplying the Zambian market with up-to-date fabric designs at affordable prices. It also stocks upholstery and curtain material, Chitenge cloth, African prints, canvas and carport material. Customers include individuals, small tailoring businesses and large clothing manufacturers.
BSi Steel Zambia Ltd image
BSi Steel Zambia Ltd
Steel supply
BSi Steel Zambia supplies an extensive range of quality steel products including long products, flat products, tubing products and cold formed sections, as well as many related accessories. The company offers an array of steel services including cut to length, profile cutting, laser cutting and bending.
City Clothing Factory image
City Clothing Factory
Uniform wear
City Clothing Factory's primary business is the production of school uniforms. Boys' uniforms include safari suits as well as shirts and trousers. In addition, City Clothing Factory supplies school jerseys, ties and socks. Dresses come in various colours – grey, green, navy blue, light blue and maroon.
Sonar International Ltd image
Sonar International Ltd
Steel supply
Lusaka +2
Sonar International distributes high quality certified steel from South African mills ArcelorMittal, Highveld, Scaw and Cape Gate, as well as steel manufactured by Universal Mining in Kafue, Zambia. Steel can be cut or bent to customers' requirements. Roofing coils and roofing sheets are also available for distribution.
Espeka Zambia Ltd image
Espeka Zambia Ltd
Metal fabrication - domestic and commercial
Espeka fabricates stainless steel railings, window and door frames, steel structures, swing and sliding gates. The company also supplies and repairs roller shutters, retractable security doors, retractable windows, shade carports, garage doors, assorted gates and electric fencing both wall-top and free standing.
Umoyo Natural Health image
Umoyo Natural Health
Alkaline water
Lusaka +10
Umoyo’s Alkaine Water goes through a rigorous process of Filtration, Reverse Osmosis, Ozone Treatment and UV Light to make sure that it is PURE. Only then is it Alkalized, creating a great tasting water that is also amazing for your health. Umoyo’s Alkaline Water is safe for everyone to drink.
Kazuma Group image
Kazuma Group
Retail sales
Lusaka +5
Shop a wide selection of wines, spirits, beers, ciders and mixers from the ‘The Wine Shop’ - Kazuma’s subsidiary company United Brands’ chain of retail outlets. These shops have an extensive range of beverages. Seeing the huge variety of bottles can be a little bit overwhelming; but their knowledgeable staff are always available to assist should you need help finding the perfect drink.
City Clothing Factory image
City Clothing Factory
Specialist clothing
City Clothing Factory offers a range of protective wear, Defence Force uniforms, household and catering uniforms, security wear and accessories, dust respirators, hard hats and safety footwear. It specialises in the manufacture and supply of overalls, work suits, dust coats and chef's uniforms.
Katies International image
Katies International
Alcoholic beverages
Shop premium whiskeys, vodkas, brandies, rums, wines, gins as well as a variety of alcoholic cocktail mixes from Katies International, all at affordable prices. There is also a range of original mini alcohol bottles of Amarula, Jameson, Jack Daniels, Bugs, Gordons Gin, and more. This impressive assortment of alcoholic beverages can be purchased either in store or from their online store above. Katies also supply to restaurants, bars and hotels. You're invited to get in touch to discuss a bespoke package for your business.

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Groceries, clothing, household goods and industrial products - find suppliers here
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Suppliers of cooking, dining, electricals, electronics, furniture and furnishings.
Machinery, raw materials, goods or components used by industries to manufacture products
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Plugs, sockets, wiring, lighting products, generators, sound system equipment sold in bulk

Manufacturing in Zambia is in its infancy, despite efforts on the part of previous governments and various development agencies. Most consumer items are imported, and then acquired by wholesale companies who sell them to retailers. This is the typical supply chain in Zambia.

Consumer products manufactured and/or wholesaled include beverages and groceries - alcoholic beverages, non-alcoholic drinks, food and household products. Other items, in the clothing category, are fashion garments, specialist clothing, uniforms for schools and industry, and footwear and accessories such as shoes, handbags and belts.

Household and hospitality goods are another category manufactured in factories and/or sold wholesale - cooking and dining goods, electricals and electronics items, and furniture and furnishings.

You will also find companies that sell industrial products such chemicals and gases, industrial equipment, industrial tools and equipment, metal fabricated parts, and refrigeration and air conditioning units

Merchants buy, sell and distribute - not just locally but regionally and beyond - items such as leather and supporting accessories, textiles, paper and packaging, plastics, steel and timber.

Designed to assist companies in supply chain networks to find suppliers and customers, this Infobwana listing covers different sectors such as groceries, clothing, household goods and industrial products. The procurement process becomes a lot easier when you have access to relevant suppliers. Sellers of finished goods can attract export orders through Infobwana.