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G Fox Zambia image
G Fox Zambia
Specialist Clothing & Equipment
In order to manage workplace health and safety as well as enhance your corporate image, it is important to invest in the best clothing. G Fox Zambia stocks and supplies a wide range of specialist work and security wear, personal protective equipment (PPE), corporate wear, and outdoor wear. Committed to going an extra mile, G Fox Zambia ensures that it gives its customers great service, helpful advice and various options to choose from.
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G Fox Zambia
Safety footwear
Wearing appropriate protective footwear will prevent foot injuries at your workplace. You can shop a variety of high quality gumboots, safety boots and safety shoes from G Fox Zambia. You will find safety footwear with anti-slip surfaces, oil resistant soles and steel toe caps to keep you and your employees safe. All footwear conforms to the requirements of international safety standards, providing the best protection for your feet.
Link Mining Suppliers image
Link Mining Suppliers
Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
As an employer, you have a duty to provide personal protective equipment (PPE) at your workplace. Link Mining Suppliers offers an extensive range of high-quality safety gear to keep your employees safe during their operations. Products in stock include but not limited to work-wear (all colors), dust masks and respirators, safety boots, jackets, gloves as well as ear and eye protection.
City Clothing Factory image
City Clothing Factory
Specialist clothing
City Clothing Factory offers a range of protective wear, Defence Force uniforms, household and catering uniforms, security wear and accessories, dust respirators, hard hats and safety footwear. It specialises in the manufacture and supply of overalls, work suits, dust coats and chef's uniforms.
City Clothing Factory Ltd image
City Clothing Factory Ltd
Uniform wear
City Clothing Factory's primary business is the production of school uniforms. Boys' uniforms include safari suits as well as shirts and trousers. In addition, City Clothing Factory supplies school jerseys, ties and socks. Dresses come in various colours – grey, green, navy blue, light blue and maroon.
Buloz Fashion House
Uniforms and graduation gowns
Buloz Fashion House manufactures school and company uniforms. Using state-of-art machinery, this company is able to handle complex designs and produce products in large quantities with quick turn-around. Buloz Fashion House promises to produce uniforms that make your company or school stand out among your competition.
Polytex Investment Ltd
Corporate chitenge wear
Polytex Investment provides quality corporate branding services using quality textiles. Clients can add their logo, company name or slogan to their Chitenge fabric. These special designs are printed subtly the characters' head, party emblem and publicity logo are on the fabrics. This company aims to become a well known Chitenge brand that is widely available all over Zambia.
Popoka Enterprise
Fashion & Family
House of Fab
Bridal footwear
House of Fab offers you a wide selection of bridal shoes to match with your wedding dress. Their collection features elegant yet comfortable options for every style. Whether you choose timeless wedding heels, comfortable wedges, or dance floor-ready flats, your bridal shoes offer an opportunity to show off your personal style and have a little fun on your day.
KAI Active
Customised fitness gear
KAI Active will customise their existing range, adding corporate logos and colours, or they can work with teams to design their own fitness ranges. Work with KAI Active to tailor your sportswear to suit the needs of your school teams, corporate teams or sports teams.
Amalgamated Dress Zambia Ltd
Specialist clothing
Amalgamated dress offers durable and affordable protective clothing with a variety of fabric choices to choose from. The company supplies a full range of personal protective equipment (PPE), disposable, chemical protective clothing suits, flame-resistant and heat protective clothing as well as woven and anti-static clothing.
Tijem Enterprises Ltd
Specialist clothing
Whether you are in emergency services, mining industry or fire fighting, this company provides customised, complete and integrated solutions to meet the health and safety challenges and needs of each client. It also provides specialised clothing that helps individuals carry out their jobs safely and efficiently.
Premier Safety Zambia Ltd
Specialist clothing
This company is proud of its reputation for product quality and innovation. It currently holds a comprehensive range of over 3,000 high quality stock products. As well as safety clothing, these include head, eye, ear and hand protection. Premier Safety Zambia is also a leading supplier of signage - safety, general and corporate.
James North Zambia
Specialist clothing
With a comprehensive product line of safety equipment gear James North offers a complete range providing everything you need in one place with a variety of colours to choose from. Products include modern safety spectacles and goggles, work suits, boots, gloves, safety helmets, earplugs and muffs, overalls, aprons and dust coats.
Yashika Fashion Boutique
Lusaka +2
At Yashika Fashion Boutique, you will find a wide selection of casual, formal as well as sporting footwear for men and women. This boutique knows your style changes with your mood, so it ensures that it always has something special for you. Yashika’s team will provide you with an excellent shopping experience as your satisfaction matters a lot.
International Trade Network image
International Trade Network
Specialist clothing
International Trade Network are importers and distributors operating in the clothing and footwear sector. The products offered include safety boots, overalls, rainware, military boots, officers' shoes and office equipment including uniforms and work suits. The company takes pride in sourcing and importing a wide range of products.


Find manufacturers of clothing, uniforms, footwear, accessories and associated products
Including salon, medical, shirts, blouses, tops, aprons, chef, bar and housekeeping uniforms.
Manufacturers who stock and sell shoes and accessories for adults, kids and babies
Clothing for men and women, children’s clothes and baby wear: hoodies, tracksuits jackets, etc
Safety wear, protective clothing, uniforms, safety footwear and personal equipment

In this section you will find manufacturers of clothing, footwear and accessories, and associated products in Zambia. These companies mainly supply the trade and retailers. Clothing in this category includes school or work uniforms, footwear and related accessories. Find leading companies in Zambia who; manufacture school uniforms; who export textiles; manufacture towelling; manufacture industrial wear, protective wear, school uniforms and high fashion trousers; manufacture yarn, fabrics and garments. Despite the challenges Zambia can become industry leaders in fashion design, sourcing and manufacture, operating globally to deliver responsive, affordable solutions for the clothing industry in Zambia.

Fashion trends

To many people, clothing is more about current fashion trends within a culture. Clothing trends often change depending on the season, the popularity of designers and the attire of famous people. Wearing certain colours, brands and types of clothing allows an individual to affiliate him or herself with a particular group. Whether it is for employment, social gain, or whatever we are concerned with, most of us dress in accordance with goals and values.

Although clothing can be influential in a person’s life at any age, young people tend to be more influenced by fashion trends than older ones. Fashions inspired by past eras are often recycled into present trends.

Companies in Zambia that supply clothing on Infobwana

In this category, you will find companies in Zambia that make as well as supply various clothing. Some of the clothes you will find here include:

  • Casual and smart wear
  • Personal protective clothing (PPE)
  • Uniforms
  • Graduation gowns
  • Specialist clothing
  • Corporate chitenge wear
  • Customised fitment gear
  • Ethnic clothing