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Vocational skills, create employment, entrepreneurship and life skills, guidance and counselling
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Money FM 93.7FM image
Money FM 93.7FM
Training services
Money FM offers special training on business and personal finance related issues. With a team of experts in various fields Money FM transforms your business and your life to maximise your potential.
Fay Designs image
Fay Designs
Design master class
Fay Designs' fashion designing department has embarked on a project of a fashion school to train and empower youths and women with various fashion skills and also connect them to other fashion designers in the country who are lacking skilled labor. They shall also retain some of them for their mass production plant which they intend to open in the next five (5) years for production for chain stores.
Muntu Air Partner image
Muntu Air Partner
Flight training
For supplemental flight training, Muntu Air is your partner! The company provides coaching in areas such as advanced manoeuvres, new aircraft transitions and emergency procedures. Its certified instructors also help prepare pilots for flight examinations and checkrides. The company is committed to delivering unparalleled expertise, safety and reliability, whilst fostering enduring partnerships with clients, pilots and other stakeholders.
Mange-tout Cooking School
Cooking classes
Specialising in various international cuisines including Indian, Italian, Lebanese and Chinese, Mange-tout Cooking School provides professional culinary tuition. Their classes are practical and are a lot of fun where you not only learn new skills, but get to meet people with similar interests.
Plan Store Paint and Sip
Skills training
Zambia is one of the world’s largest producers of copper but with little local manufacturing. The Foundation for the Realization of Economic Empowerment (F.R.E.E) trains women to make a wide selection of jewellery from copper wire and silver. You can shop their range of jewellery from their online store or partnering stores.
Travelport Zambia
Travel agency training
Travelport Zambia’s training services are tailored to give agents all the information about the travel industry including airline and ground transportation, hotels and resorts, cruises, tours and specialty travel. The company is committed to helping agents build their business and know how they can provide their services more effectively.
Nyamuka Zambia
Business skills training
With a team of highly trained consultants from various industry fields, Nyamuka Zambia offers practical and easy to implement business training that is designed to help entrepreneurs manage their businesses and conform to international standards in marketing, packaging and customer service.
Id Solar Solutions
Skills training
To maximize the productivity and avoid operating errors of solar systems, Id Solar Solutions offers quality practical and theoretical local training for its clients, sales agents and dealers. Id Solar Solutions has a mission to provide industry-leading technical training and expertise in renewable energy.
Ngoma Dolce Academy
Music academy
Ngoma Dolce Academy offers quality and professional lessons in singing and a wide range of instruments, including piano, guitar, strings and drums, recorder, flute, clarinet, saxophone and brass. The academy teaches both groups and individuals and the standard duration of each lesson is 40 minutes.
Buloz Fashion House
Fashion incubator
Buloz Fashion House has a team of professionals that teach courses on clothing manufacturing, machine and sewing skills, pattern drafting, garment cutting, garment assembly, dressmaking, fabric, design development, illustration and working drawings, flat drawing, block making, layering and cutting of fabrics.
Riverside Farm Institute
Skills training
Riverside Farm Institute is a Christian centre serving the needs of the community through a variety of ministries, with a well-stocked Christian bookshop and a world class wellness centre. It currently runs medical missionary outreach programmes, a lifestyle centre, a farm and several small-scale industries.
Makeni Islamic Society Trust
Vocational training
This college provides training in computer studies, tailoring, electrical technician, home economics and plumbing. Students graduate from the Vocational Training College with practical skills that are in demand within both the local community and further afield. These facilities draw Muslim students from around the country.
Olga's Italian Corner
Youth Community Training Centre
The Youth Community Training Centre (YCTC) is a professional training school for vulnerable teenagers of Livingstone. The school, built in 1999 by the NGO CeLIM and the Diocese of Livingstone, provides an alternative to poverty to hundreds of youth, offering vocational training.
Vera's Salon & Spa
Beauty training school
Vera's Salon & Spa offers professional training through nail and beauty courses. Students learn techniques in makeup application, manicure, pedicure, and artificial nail application. The courses are taught in a friendly environment in either small groups or on an individual basis. Learners of all the different ages are welcome.
Apart from giving snake-related presentations, providing visual material, educational information and advice on request, “Snakes Alive Zambia” offers 3 basic training courses designed to give understanding and skills. They are developed and packaged in accordance with the South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA) and are currently under scrutiny by the Zambian Technical, Education & Entrepreneurial Training Authority (TEVETA) for accreditation.
Zirbo Zambia Ltd
Audio/Video Consultancy
Zirbo Zambia possesses vast experience in the supply and installation of high-tech equipment for the showbiz industry. The company has great passion for building all things needed in a place that is designed to engage audiences. If your team can’t use their technology, the company offers training and support.
Chengelo School image
Chengelo School
Chengelo’s outdoor centre, Ndubaluba, provides experiential learning where students absorb key life lessons through exciting and challenging outdoor activities and reflecting on these experiences. Activities include mountain climbing, kayaking, rock climbing, orienteering, adventure racing and bush survival.
VenYou Zambia
Health promotion training
Specialised health training for individuals in the health and corporate sector. Venyou Zambia is committed to providing trainees with up-to-date information through innovative and multi-modal training strategies. With a wealth of expertise, VenYou makes sure your training needs are not just met, but exceeded.
The Centre for Zero Waste & Development in Africa (CZWDA) aims to empower women, youth and other citizens in innovative recycling skills and facilitate the creation of green jobs in waste management. At the same time, the organisation educates on reducing waste, re-using goods, composting and recycling of items, in an effort to improve total waste management and build sustainable and more resilient communities.
Living Water Global Cooperative offers skills training across the following sectors and in conformity with the Cooperative and Societies Act: Agriculture, Retail and Trade, Construction and Engineering, Real Estate and Property, Art, Design and Textiles, Mining, Oil and Natural Resources, Credit and Finance, Healthcare, and Tourism and Hospitality.
Central Driving School image
Central Driving School
Driver instructor training
Central Driving School offers exceptional driver instructor training. Courses are tailored to enable successful instructors to fully understand and master the skills they need to impart in their students. This school focuses on creating safe and confident instructors with its Road Transport and Safety Agency (RTSA) approved training courses.

Skills training

Vocational skills, create employment, entrepreneurship and life skills, guidance and counselling

Technical and vocational institutions in Zambia fall under the Technical Education, Vocational and Entrepreneurship Training Authority (TEVETA). Many of these institutions in Zambia prepare trainees for work-based manual or practical activities related to a specific trade, occupation or vocation. Skills training exist in sectors such as retail, tourism and information technology, the traditional crafts industry and others. The overall objective is to increase equitable access to skills training to enhance human capacity for sustainable national development. Many of these are government-driven while others are privately established. Their focus is to provide students with relevant skills that will add value to their lives.

All formal institutions offering skills training in Zambia are accredited to TEVETA and provide up-to-date academic, career and technical education programmes. Their goal is to deliver high-quality training with a focus on achieving excellence and to provide their students with skills that enable them to move forward in their careers, achieve employment or gain skills for their own personal benefits. Courses are developed by technicians who really know their stuff and can be customised to suit group enrolments or individual training needs.

Zambian skills training institutions are committed to producing competent artisans who possess the skills that are required in today’s modern industries. They develop artisans to enter their industry with the confidence knowing that they are able to make a difference in their workplace. Each individual receives training and support to help them achieve their career goals and aspirations. Training is well structured and hands on to enable students to have practical knowledge and skills in areas of their specialisation. Institutions also integrate their training with entrepreneurship and small scale business enterprise management skills to enable the students to start and manage their own businesses.

Objectives of Zambian skills training institutions

  • To provide professional vocational skills
  • To create employment opportunities for young people
  • To provide entrepreneurship and life skills
  • To provide career guidance and counselling to young people to join the labour market

Some training programmes offered in Zambia

  • Carpentry
  • Bricklaying
  • Plumbing
  • Welding
  • Auto repair
  • Tailoring and design
  • Basic computer applications
  • Handcraft production
  • Art and craft