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Find all your electrical cable needs sockets, switches, security devices, lighting and more
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Al Mudarabah Investment Ltd image
Al Mudarabah Investment Ltd
Electrical supplies
Calling electricians in Kitwe. Al Mudarabah has quantities of electrical fixtures and fittings in many different sizes and types. Procurement officers and building contractors are also welcome, as this hardware shop can provide quotes as required.
Pioneer Power Techniques Ltd
Electrical supplies
This company stocks a huge selection of light bulbs, wires, breakers, coaxial cables, wall switch plates, cord grips, armoured connectors, electrical enclosures, medium volt splices and terminations, power connectors, lugs and more. At Pioneer Power, find the electrical equipment and components for a professional job every time.
M&F Packaging Industries
Electrical supplies
M&F Packaging Industries supplies quality electrical conduit fittings for the construction industry, food processing sector and dairy industries. It also provides rigid PVC conduit pipes and fittings to cover and protect exposed electric wires. The company also has a good stock of electrical cables, switches, and sockets.
M&E Trading and Construction Company Ltd
Industrial electrical equipment and accessories
M&E Trading and Construction supplies medium and low voltage switch gear from 550V AC to 330KV, power transformers up to 300MVA, AC and DC motors up to 25MVA, electrical instrumentation and vacuum circuit breaker retrofits. The company stocks a comprehensive range of spare parts to support the product range.
Digi Homes and Corporation is a one stop store offering high quality home appliances. The company focuses on making your life better by providing the world's best products for your daily use. Count on Digi Home for the highest level of service and appliances for your home.
KVA Power Solutions
Commercial and Industrial electrical supplies
KVA Power Solutions specialises in the supply of electrical cables, insulators, termination and joint kits, OHL hardware, transformers and RMU's, lighting, circuit breakers, motors and distribution boards. All electrical supplies sold are competitively priced to meet the needs of different budgets.
Torch Electronic Technology Company Ltd
Electrical and light supplies
Torch Electronic Technology is a wholesale distributor of CTORCH LED bulbs, candle lights, downlights (driver internal and external) and project lights. The company also supplies square and round panel lights, as well as a variety of energy saving lamps. Torch Electronic Technology offers high quality products at competitive prices.
Electrical supplies
ZALCO produces a wide range of high quality electric cables that include single core, multi strand and twin flex cables. The cables range from 1.5mm to 16mm and are packaged in 100m lengths. They also manufacture copper cathodes that are fully certified by the Zambia Bureau of Standards.
Neelkanth Cables Ltd
Electrical supplies
Neelkanth Cables Limited is set up to provide a complete solution for all cable requirements to domestic, industrial and government sector. The increasing demand for electricity as well as the policies of the government to boost power generation, infrastructure development and industrialisation.
Powerspeed Electrical Zambia Ltd
Electrical supplies
Powerspeed Electrical has been in operation since 1998 though originally known as MHL International Ltd, the name changed to Powerspeed Electrical (Zambia) Ltd in 2001. Quality products are imported from either the Powerspeed group in Zimbabwe or through Powerspeed's efficient buying house in South Africa.
Bestbuy Lighting
Electrical supplies
The Best Buy Lighting showroom is a one-stop shop for all kinds of electrical parts such as genuine Philips lights, control gear, Chint switches, sockets, fuse boxes, CBI and Chint circuit breakers, trunking enclosures, distribution point boxes, electrical cables and Chint enclosures.
Africab image
Electrical supplies and appliances
Go to Africab for all types of wires, cables, conductors, distribution boards, switch gears, PVC conduit pipes and trunking, drop out fuses, surge arrestors and insulators as well as metering and surveying equipment. The company also supplies a wide selection of appliances including cooling fans, water heaters, water pumps, air compressors, welding machines and motors.
Rugare Enterprises Ltd
Flow meters and accessories
Do you want to measure how much water is pumped from A to B? Or how much groundwater is extracted from a particular area? Rugare Enterprises offers a range of Flowmetrix SA and Eesiflo flowmeters. Their products have earned a reputation for superior quality, dependability, ease of use, durability and value for money.

Electrical supplies

Find all your electrical cable needs sockets, switches, security devices, lighting and more

Find all kinds of electrical supplies for the construction industry in Zambia. These products include raw materials for the installation of electrical systems in buildings and the wholesale supply of household electrical goods and items related to large scale developments. Find suppliers of heating units, all your electrical cable needs, ventilation and refrigeration, fans, sockets, switches, security devices supplying products like lamps and lighting, cable and trunking, ventilation and air circulation products, electrical fittings, electric showers, power distribution, electrical tools and accessories.

Electricity is the driving force behind virtually everything that we do today. Zambia is no exception. Nowadays, nothing is produced or consumed without the use of electricity. In this section, you’ll find Zambian businesses with everything you need for electrical applications, from beginning to end. From outlets, receptacles, switches and plates to conduits, fittings, wires, and fuses; as well as the tools and testing equipment needed to make it all work

Here are examples of electrical supplies?

  • Outlets
  • Switches
  • Boxes
  • Electrical fuses
  • Power strips
  • Extensions
  • Surge protectors
  • UPS
  • Raised floor systems.