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Enhance the skills and working capability of recruited candidates’ current job positions.
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TopFloor Zambia
Human Resource Recruitment and Selection
Finding the right person for the role is vital for your organisation's performance. TopFloor Zambia offers comprehensive solutions that provide you with the best candidates. Their services include - executive, project, contract and intern recruitment, board placements, recruitment campaigns, head - hunting for specialised positions.
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Reeds Advisory Services Ltd
Corporate training management
As a business grows, it is faced with the challenge of updating its employee’s skills and work practices. Reeds Advisory Services offers professional corporate training management services that are tailored to help businesses foster the attributes needed to grow and perform better through the advancement of employee skills and proficiencies.
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Mac Recruitment
Recruitment and Training
Recruitment and training services offered by Mac Recruitment are fully customisable, allowing solutions to be tailored specifically to each individual client. It offers executive searches, general recruitment, temp placement, training programs, psychometric testing and HR consulting (policies and procedures development and outsourcing).
Are you an employer and want to keep your staff skills and knowledge up to date? You can enroll your employee/s at one of ACCA Zambia's accredited learning institutions to develop the finance talent your business needs. When you invest in staff training, you will have a team that makes less mistakes, better financial decisions as well as develops control and accounting systems that are easy to follow to avoid revenue audits.
Recruitment Matters Zambia
Recruitment and Training
Recruitment Matters are an established recruitment agency delivering an unsurpassed level of professionalism and client service in recruitment. With handpicked specialist recruiters that have expertise in a wide range of sectors. They will identify, attract, recruit and retain the best talent on your behalf.
Career Prospects Ltd
Recruitment and Training
Career Prospects specialises in recruitment, HR management and staff development. The company helps organizations to understand and improve organizational efficiency and effectiveness. It also provides consulting services that are at the cutting edge of management practice in Zambia.
Brilliance Executive Management Consultancy - BEMCONSULT is a recruitment and training company that provides a professional and flexible service to employers across various sectors. Their programmes are designed to provide excellence in job execution, ensuring dramatic improvement in an organisation's performance and that of staff.
Venture Marketing
Capacity building trainings
Ndola +2
Under this service, Venture Marketing conducts corporate one-to-one coaching of staff. The company tackles productivity challenges by looking at key issues such as work-life balance, team building and staff talent management. Venture Marketing is gaining a reputation for the quality and effectiveness of its team of coaches and consultants.
PRI is a recruitment market leaders in the region, with established branches in many countries. This enables the company to provide the best possible recruitment services, as well as advice and employment mechanisms. PRI runs advertising campaigns, interview sessions and candidate selection programmes for clients.

Recruitment & Training

Enhance the skills and working capability of recruited candidates’ current job positions.

For professional recruitment services, human resource management) and all types of business training, check out these service providers. For other consultancy services take a look at our business consultants listing. Recruitment service companies provide human resource management, offering a comprehensive range of employment opportunities to job seekers across the private and public sectors. There are also companies in Zambia that provide training in management, sales, computer skills and customer services to client companies and individuals.

Recruitment involves attracting, recruiting and selecting the best people to provide all with the knowledge and skills to manage the recruitment process from start to finish.

The process begins with initial planning and design of the process, shortlisting applicants and conducting the interview through to the selection process and offering the right candidate for the role, all within a consistent and fair legal process.

  • Recruitment
  • Reviewing applicant CV’s
  • Telephone Interviews and following a structure
  • Planning before the face to face interview
  • The structure of the face to face interview
  • Working with a panel
  • 1st impressions, perception and rapport building
  • The importance of communication and the 3 V’s (Visual, Vocal, Verbal)
  • Questioning skills – Opening questions, Competency and Strength-based and technical questioning
  • Taking effective and accurate notes
  • Presenting your company and the role in a positive way – why should they work for you?
  • Selection
  • Interview panel de-brief “Wash up” session
  • Evaluating and scoring candidates
  • Making the right choice based on competence, behaviours and culture
  • Giving constructive feedback
  • Offer management

In an ever-tightening labour market, employee recruitment, training, and retention have never been more challenging for small and mid-size businesses. From creating a job ad to finding the right candidate to providing opportunities for employee development, the cost of hiring and training adds up.

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