Canoeing businesses in Zambia

Canoeing safari on the Zambezi spotting of birds and wildlife in inflatable crafts passing islands
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Kayak the Zambezi
Take the challenge with Kayak the Zambezi offering unique, well run and professional adventures on the Zambezi River. The company also offers a variety of kayak schools, multi-days trips, tandem kayaking, paddler logistics and kayak rental. The experienced instructors are able to take people with absolutely no experience.
Makora Quest
Makora quest canoe safaris offers safaris that take you through narrow channels on the mighty Zambezi River. This a great opportunity for game viewing with a choice of trips that include a half day, full day, multi day and the amazing overnight experience. The company has experienced guides.
The Upper Zambezi River has stunning vegetation such as ebonies, water berries, palms and a tremendous variety of acacia and albizia. SafPar provides the best way to explore the upper river, its islands and channels. The rapids are small and at their peak are only classed as grade two, which is the second easiest grade.
Mawimbi Bush Camp
Canoeing and fishing
Kafue National Park
At Mawimbi Bush Camp, canoeing through an amazing variety of habitats and breathtaking scenery is the main adventure offered. It is sometimes fast and exciting through near-rapid rushing waters and sometimes lazy and leisurely on the meandering river. You can also fish using the lure or the fly.


Canoeing safari on the Zambezi spotting of birds and wildlife in inflatable crafts passing islands

When in Livingstone enjoy cruising down the Zambezi River in the Upper Zambezi in a canoe, spotting a variety of birds and wildlife while passing picturesque islands - this is a canoeing safari on the Zambezi a relaxing yet exhilarating experience must-do activities when on holiday in Zambia

A canoe safari is a leisurely way to experience the river for those who do not want to take on the rapids during a white water rafting trip. A canoe trip allows visitors to see a gentler side of the river and enjoy fantastic game viewing.

The Zambezi River is generally referred to in two sections as the Upper Zambezi and the Lower Zambezi, broken by the vast Victoria Falls and Lake Kariba. Visitors can choose to do a canoeing safari either above or below Victoria Falls. Each experience has its own unique, as the vegetation and wildlife experience is different.

Paddle against the powerful current and drift past many scenic islands. Stop to watch hippos snort and yawn in the shallows. Set out to explore the quieter side channels and see the areas diverse birdlife or chance a crocodile lazing in the sun on a sand bank.

The Lower Zambezi several hundred kilometres downstream below the Victoria Falls and Lake Kariba, the river changes its character. From a raging, powerful force, it becomes languid and spreads out along a vast floodplain. There are many scenic islands and national parks and nature reserves line both sides of the banks. Here many visitors do multi day canoeing safaris.