Depression the Way Out

Depression the Way Out

How to overcome depression by finding the root causes, and addressing those with a combination of diet, lifestyle, and cognitive behaviour therapy.
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Depression is an epidemic sweeping through society. One patient in three seeking medical help is plagued with depression. Dr. Nedley recognized this unfortunate trend in his patients committed to finding solutions to the problems that cause depression rather than just anesthetizing the symptoms with medication.

Through Dr. Nedley’s ongoing study of the latest scientific research related to diseases of the mind, combined with years of clinical experience, he compiled his remarkable findings in Depression: the Way Out.

In this outstanding book, he provides an insightful and in-depth comprehension of the body's physical, mental and spiritual functions. The information in this book is sure to bring understanding and hope to those in the grip of this dark disease.

Read about the 20-week turn around that has brought relief to many of Dr. Nedley's patients.

Check your symptoms in the self-test; are you depressed?

Learn which foods can help you have a better mood.

Find the causes of your depression, don’t just medicate the symptoms.

Understand the pros and cons of herbs, over-the-counter, and prescription medications.

…and much more.

This fully referenced volume is filled with over 200 full-color charts and illustrations. Order your copy and start down the road to recovery today!

Depression: the Way Out is also available as a part of the Complete Depression and Anxiety Recovery Program, which includes recommended resources to accompany this text.

Product titleDepression the Way Out
Publisher ‏ Neil Nedley; 1st edition (November 30, 2001)
Hardcover ‏ ‎ 266 pages
ISBN-13‎ 978-0966197945
Item Weight2.35 pounds
Dimensions10.24 x 8.2 x 0.93 inches

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