Eco Health

Eco Health

In Eco Health Sharon Platt-McDonald helps you discover a safer, more environmentally friendly modern lifestyle for you and your loved ones.
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Last Updated 16 Nov 2022

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Those who take her practical advice are sure to benefit in many different ways. God created the world and it’s our responsibility to maintain it; however, there is more to this than just our responsibility. God has made it so that our health is linked to a healthy world too. Discover how as Sharon Platt-McDonald, a health professional and an environmentally-conscious Christian, shows you the wonders of our Lord’s creation and how it shouts out His glory.

Product titleEco Health - Healthy Living in a Safe Environment
Item Format Paperback
Publisher Stanborough Press Limited
Page Count 128
Language English
Year Published 2012
Author Sharon Platt-McDonald
ISBN 9781907244100

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